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    Dannes if the 50's were so great why did they get replaced with 20mm? They were barely adequate,even the F86 pilots bitched about them and they had 6 centrally mounted. Ya I know the US had issues making a copy of the hispano,logistics etc. The fact remains the fire power was limited. US naval tests showed 1 20mm was about equivalent to 3x 50's,imagine a P47 with 6 hispanos,I never understood why the Ruskies didnt arm their 47 with their 20mm guns,they had a 20 that was a browning copy and didnt weigh much more than a 50.

    Because Jet Combat was different than Prop Combat and it took the airforce a long while to figure it out. Plus I never said .50's were great. Just pointing out that they were different .50's than you assumed them to be.

    F8Fs had a habit of loosing wing tips.

    Not quite. They reasoned that if the wing tips were explosively separated, it'd help the pilot survive a high G or high speed structural failure. But just like the slats on the 109 (and later American jets), they had trouble getting both sides to deploy at the same time.

    Plus they had a few go off on the ground, and one took a guy's head off.

    It was fixed very quickly soon after the F8F-1 was put in service.

    What could go wrong with explosive wingtip fasteners? Not to mention 4x50 cals were a wee bit underguned for the purpose.That said it did climb like a scared angel,just couldnt follow anything down hill. Still an amazing bird,Biggest engine in smallest possible frame,hmmm sort of like a hotrod.

    Spaz seems to think the Germans used a high pressure injection like in modern cars,hardly but it was a direct injection and was only pressurized from the holding tank to the engine and this nonsense about the oil cooler,well I think he played AW/AH too much!

    4 x AN/M3 .50 cals, shooting at 1200 rounds per minute, rather than 850 on the AN/M2. Plus it was designed to intercept and catch Japanese Kamikazis, which were slow and vulnerable to all kinds of fire.

    It all depends on what metrics you choose. The 109 certainly is a contender for the title if longevity and impact on the war is considered. It certainly was the most produced fighter of the war and the greatest aces of all time flew 109s. Without the 109 Germany would have lost the war in 1940. In pure performance the 262 was the best fighter of the war by a mile. Impact on the war I'd say Spitfire since it allowed Britain to survive in 1940... Yet without the 109 Britain wouldn't have needed the Spitfire so... It all comes down to the metrics and criteria.

    And yet the Spitfire was used worldwide longer than the 109... (P-51's and Corsairs longer still...)

    Apples and Oranges. Where as the Brits developed their dogfighters into better dogfighters, the Germans developed their dogfighters into interceptors, and the Americans developed their dogfighters into long range escorts.

    But everyone forgets that the Americans and British had wonder weapons, too. P-51H's, P-47M's and N's, P-80's, Meteors, , Spit 18's, Spit 21's, Tempests, Sea Furys, Spitefuls...

    Yeah... I don't get it.

    Basically people were selling their computer's run time and getting paid in a currency that doesn't actually exist. The more powerful your computer, the more fake money you got paid.

    But when people thought that the fake money was valuable, people did it so much that it affected the price of computer components. Now that the fake money is only a fraction as valuable as before, the price of computer components is dropping.

    Yeah... What's the return on investment?

    Depends on how much the cryptocurrency is worth. These days, not so much. 2 years ago, however, cryptocurrency was worth so much that the 1000 series of nVidia Graphics Card, despite being 50% the cost to manufacture of the previous generation of cards rose in price to at least double that. At least.

    These days with everyone and their mom having their own separate cryptocurrency, the fact that a LOT of the currencies go bust, and a LOT of them get totally hacked and made worthless, "mining" has lost its appeal. For the most part.

    The new Robin Hood. It actually started off pretty well. It seemed like a new take on the story with a heavy portion of Zorro mixed in. The bad guy actually seemed interesting and deep... And then it gave up the ghost by claiming the Catholic Church and its Cardinals and Bishops was working with the Muslims to give them control over England. What the fuck?

    Newish movie: Happy Death Day 2 U. The sequel to Happy Death Day.

    Happy Death Day was about a mean and bitchy sorority girl getting stuck in a groundhog's day time loop as someone murders her over and over again, and she has to figure out who it is.

    Happy Death Day 2 U has the same cast of characters, and setting. Basically it turns out that one of the ancillary characters from the first was messing around with a Quantum Mechanics Field Generator, and started the time fuckery. But trying to fix it all by fixing the generator causes further fuckery. It sounds repetitive, but it's not. It works and is very funny at times. Great movie.

    Which level of Hell is that?

    All of them.

    They still laugh at those tried & true classic cheeto & tiny hands jokes so they must be somewhat mirthfullllll

    They're not actually laughing. They see other people laughing and they are attempting to copy the behavior. Watch them real close. Listen, too. They don't know how to laugh. When they try to imitate it, they "laugh" at all the wrong things, and sound like robots attempting to make the sound.