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    It doesn't matter if a bill comes due if the collector has no means of collecting. As for the rest of it... you could have said the same 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 30 years ago and so on... it has been repeated by experts and parrots who think repeating things make them experts. It is akin to standing on the corner with a "the world will end tomorrow" sign.

    I'm for reducing government spending and increased fiscal responsibility. I just think it's laughable when people try to claim the world will end if it doesn't happen.

    Doesn't have the means? How pathetically naive.

    Perhaps you are unaware that the majority of Americans pay so much in taxes, that they have to REQUEST to get some money back? What do you think would happen if the Government, which is indebted to roughly 50% of the population, said, "No, you're not getting your money back."

    And that's only one way. They've trialed other ways, like bail ins, or bank levies...

    What's happening in Compton? I like right next to it and have never heard one thing about anything financially wrong there.

    Long story short, the city owed a lot of money in pensions to city employees that it didn't have. They had to declare bankruptcy and those pensioners received cents on the dollar.

    You don't seem to have a firm grasp of economics, geographical separation or military capabilities.

    How's this for economics. If we seized every single cent of the US economy to pay off the unfunded liabilities, ignoring the diminishing returns of doing so, it would take over 10 years to pay it off.

    If we instead decided to spend every single cent of Local, State, and Federal Government Revenue on unfunded liabilities, meaning all Soldiers are fired, all Politicians are fired, all Social Security is cut off, all Medicare is cut off, all welfare is cut off, no more roads are repaired, all FUTURE liabilities are cut off and frozen... It would take almost 34 years to pay off.

    Greece failed at a Liability to Economy ratio of about 700%.

    Portugal crumbled at a Liability to Economy ratio of about 600%.

    American stands at a ratio of 1,100%.

    The bill is coming due. And I'm not saying that facetiously. Programs like Social Security and Medicare will be absolutely broke in under 10 years.

    The bill is coming due.

    No, it's not imploding. The very odd thing about modern American is that this is the result of prosperity. The better things get, the more it gets offset by people claiming it's not really better. The lack of real adversity spawns created hardship. Boredom is to blame. Boredom caused because there's no need for many to do anything other than wonder what to do.

    Yes, it is imploding. As nice as the current prosperity is, the unfunded liabilities stand at $210,000,000,000,000 and growing. Let me give you some comparisons for that. The unfunded liabilities is 10X the size of the TOTAL American Economy. The unfunded liablilities is 34X the size of ALL government revenue. If we liquidated the entirety of ALL American assets (including property [like land, cars, and personal belongings] and money), we'd still end up $60,000,000,000,000 short, or roughly 1/3rd short.

    This bill is coming due. And soon. Especially since unfunded liabilities are increasing FASTER than the current economic prosperity. And American governments are starting to collapse. Like Compton, California. Like Chicago. Like Illinois.

    He missed the deadline for deciding which cases to review (October 1st). There is no deadline for hearing cases.

    Ah! Excellent. The way they talked about the deadline, they made it sound like he'd be sitting on his hands until the next term started.

    No, the Democrats still believe in Judicial Supremacy. Even with the court slightly tilted in conservative favor previously, the supreme court still intentionally ignored many important cases, leaving standing rulings from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    the thing is, it is difficult to win a battle against those who buy ink by the barrel.

    Some people like chumps dirt bag side and trash talk, some of us who might back him are completely put off by the shit show and degradation of the dignity of the office of potus.

    It is possible to do the job well and not act like a teenaged guttersnipe.

    Anyone who thinks that the office of POTUS is dignified is demonstrating that they've never even cracked a fucking history book once in their lives.