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    A guy tried to rob a student 10+ years back, but the student had one of those cheap samurai swords. The kid practically cut the robber's arm off. The robber died, not from blood loss, but the surprise of actually being attacked by a sword.

    As for the different kinds of swords, they were meant for different kinds of fighting. For example, the Long Swords of Europe were meant for locking blades, and then fighting in and out of the blade lock. The Viking Swords were meant for chopping shields, armor and skulls. The Samurai Sword was meant for quick slashing attacks and NEVER sword locking. The Rapier was meant as a light backup weapon to early firearms. The saber was meant for hitting people from horse back and NOT getting your sword ripped out of your hands in the process.

    Part of the argument here is trying to analyze ancient weapons by modern materials. Yes, Samurai Swords were of what we consider to be a higher quality steel, but if a Samurai locked swords with a Euro Long Sword, the European guy is going to win. If that European guy is on a horse and hits someone with his long sword, he's probably going to get the sword stuck and may even break his arm in the process.

    Nice, those are going to be slick when you get done. Damn good files, you should see what they do to steel. Can you do anything with x52 and higher grade steel?

    Looking up X52, it probably wouldn't be worth the shipping. It's just high grade pipes, right? There's not much I imagine I could use it for except fabricating new burners for my propane forge. Or some other stuff like that.

    Finished the grind on those 2 previous knives, plus completely ground and finished a third. Wanted to get the 4th finished, too, but these things are ultra hard. It took me 2 and half hours of hard work to finish the third one completely.

    Our federal government has caused the problem that currently exists: 35 years ago you could pay for your college education with the proceeds from a minimum wage job.

    THEN, came the mantra that EVERYBODY should be able to go to college.... Which meant tons of easy money flooding the system, and college prices rose at 2-3x the rate of inflation ever since. Now, a typical college degree at a 4 year school exceeds the price of a home, and kids graduate with useless degrees and huge debt. Thank you dumbass liberals

    450% the rate of inflation. 800% without taking into account inflation.

    It was a significant increase. The D with the paddles was climbing 700fpm at 30k.

    Nothing else would fly higher.

    Yes, at very high altitudes, the P-47 had better climb rates. But it still took a moderate amount of time to get there.

    With the curtiss prop

    A tiny bit of increased prop efficiency doesn't magic a gigantic climb rate into place. Like others have said, a gigantic turbocharger comes with trade offs. And the P-47 was practically built around that turbocharger.

    They even experimented with similar turbochargers in the F4U. And while it (F4U-3) had spectacular high alt performance (30K+), the weight and their penalties at lower alts wasn't worth it against the Japanese.

    I know everyone's heard you could buy those after the war for $5K a pop. It's true according to my Dad. He had a friend that owned one. Put a little jump seat in the back and gave my Dad a ride over White Rock lake in Dallas.

    You could buy them for maybe a thousand, maybe a little more.

    2 things happened:

    First, as Korea rolled around, they wanted to use the P-51H's they made at the end of the war to send off as CAS planes. But the P-51H's had been given out to the Air National Guard units, and were beat to hell.

    But they still had fields and fields and fields of pristine, but dusty, P-51D's. So they got out the swiffer, and used those instead of the H model.

    Still, the vast majority sat un-purchased. Most were scrapped for the metal.


    Rough grind done on 2 out of 4 of those ready. Fuck me these are hard. Really shredded my grinding belt. Usually takes 4-5 full knives to work one down. My belt was almost blank after 2.

    I'm re-tempering the 2 I haven't done to make them a little bit softer (and fix a warp in one of them).



    Should have gotten a pic, but they're flat on the bottom.