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    Real world you rarely need the A6's range, and when you do the 18E can get there with a reduced bomb load. Single bag is the 18E's normal bomb-truck load.

    Here on it's way to Syria back in '17...

    There I'm going to disagree with you.

    Against goat farmers, the current F-18's are fine. But against anyone sporting surface to surface missiles, or exocets, or something similar, the F-18 range is so short that the aircraft carrier is nothing but a big floating target. (I hold the same opinion for the marine escort carriers.)

    It's why they are STILL discussing how to bring back Phoenix Missiles or some new platform / new missile to give the ranged defense they need. And if they have extra distance between the enemy and the carrier, then the A-6 is perfect to bring back. Or at least an updated copy.

    New knives! New coal! New!

    Finally finished my 4 mini-chef's knives.

    2 mini chef's knives with Wa style handles.

    The handles may seem big, but they are so comfortable in the hand. Also, these knives are the thinnest at the edge I have made yet.

    2 more mini chef's knives with my new style comfortable handles:

    All of these knives are in the 4->5" range. It might seem small, but honestly given my own pair of mini-chef's knife and full size chef's knife in my kitchen, I reach for the mini chef's knife twice as often as the big one.

    Lastly, I found a source for decent priced smithing coal! I've been using anthracite / hard coal up to this point. Anthracite is more energy dense, but significantly harder to start burning, keep burning, and keep the fire pot clean. Smithing Coal / Bituminous is softer, easier to burn, burns at a lower temperature, burns WAY dirtier but runs a cleaner fire pot. It is so much easier to burn that I discovered that I need to turn off the blower between heats to keep from burning it all up too quick.

    Anyway, I forged out 3 new of the fighting knives / Navy Mark 1's I did earlier.

    I also picked up some of Brownell's Oxpho-Blue compound. So for these, I plan on running steel fittings rather than brass, and bluing the entire thing.

    They've already been caught fixing the polls. For example in Texas they showed that Biden was 2 points behind Trump. But they gave the Democrats a +1 advantage in the poll.

    Problem is that Democrats are at a -8 advantage in Texas. So even with a +9 skewing of results towards democrats, JOE BIDEN IS STILL LOSING.

    Ben Shapiro said it best.

    For any Healthcare System, you can only have 2 out of the following 3 aspects;

    1.) Good HealthCare.

    2.) Available HealthCare

    3.) Cheap HealthCare.

    Any attempts to compromise for even middle ground of having all 3 leads to failing all 3. See: Great Britain.

    Interesting thing is.... we know the dems are gonna try to steal the election with fake ballots and recounts. The SC eventually has to step in. Her being dead is near as good as getting another justice on our side. It would have been 5 to 4 ... if we get one in it will be 6 to three... if we don't it will be 5 to three.


    Now that is a good point.

    Entirely possible, even likely. They're neither republican nor conservative. They're liberal statists, just not official members of the democrat party.

    Like I said. Nominate a woman. MAKE them spike a woman candidate. And if it was me, I'd remove any Republican senator that votes "No" from the republican ticket. Make them reprint the ballots for their home state this close to the election.

    I'm a mutt. My maternal grandfather was a mutt. My maternal grandmother was royal british / unroyal welsh. My paternal grandfather was straight german. My paternal grandmother was pure american. I don't know what my REAL paternal grandfather was. (Dad's mom got around...)