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    It was a significant increase. The D with the paddles was climbing 700fpm at 30k.

    Nothing else would fly higher.

    Yes, at very high altitudes, the P-47 had better climb rates. But it still took a moderate amount of time to get there.

    With the curtiss prop

    A tiny bit of increased prop efficiency doesn't magic a gigantic climb rate into place. Like others have said, a gigantic turbocharger comes with trade offs. And the P-47 was practically built around that turbocharger.

    They even experimented with similar turbochargers in the F4U. And while it (F4U-3) had spectacular high alt performance (30K+), the weight and their penalties at lower alts wasn't worth it against the Japanese.

    I know everyone's heard you could buy those after the war for $5K a pop. It's true according to my Dad. He had a friend that owned one. Put a little jump seat in the back and gave my Dad a ride over White Rock lake in Dallas.

    You could buy them for maybe a thousand, maybe a little more.

    2 things happened:

    First, as Korea rolled around, they wanted to use the P-51H's they made at the end of the war to send off as CAS planes. But the P-51H's had been given out to the Air National Guard units, and were beat to hell.

    But they still had fields and fields and fields of pristine, but dusty, P-51D's. So they got out the swiffer, and used those instead of the H model.

    Still, the vast majority sat un-purchased. Most were scrapped for the metal.


    Rough grind done on 2 out of 4 of those ready. Fuck me these are hard. Really shredded my grinding belt. Usually takes 4-5 full knives to work one down. My belt was almost blank after 2.

    I'm re-tempering the 2 I haven't done to make them a little bit softer (and fix a warp in one of them).



    Should have gotten a pic, but they're flat on the bottom.

    I caught a few movies on the HBO weekend.

    John Wick 3. Good one, as expected.

    Bad Times at El Royale. I knew it would be weird going in, and I almost abandoned it, but it was worth watching through til the end.

    Godzilla: King of Monsters. Not too much meat, but if Godzilla fights the other monsters, then you don't need too much meat.

    Hellboy. The new one, a reboot. It got panned, but I actually liked it. While the prosthetic make up for the main character was bad, everything else was great. One big difference: the original coddled up to the PG-13 rating, this one does all it can to earn the Hard R rating. MORE violence, gore, monster chopping, people chopping, and cursing. All missing from the original.

    Mortal Engines. A little light and predictable, but entertaining. Basically in the wildlands, City States have emerged from some sort of cataclysmic event. But the Cities are GIANT tanks that scavenge and "eat" other Tank Cities in order to survive. But the biggest City (London), decides to break through the wall between the wildlands, and the green environmentalist zone to get their resources.

    Kin. This is a weird one, and came out of left field. Basically an orphan kid and his adoptive brother find a future-tech laser rifle, and must escape from his family, from mobsters who want the gun, and from two future soldiers who are trying to find the rifle. BIG twist at the end, with the movie setting up a very different sequel. If it gets greenlit.

    More fuel for the Cheeto impeachment fire.

    Lev Parnas, the Soviet-born businessman who played a central role in the campaign to pressure Ukraine to investigate political rivals of President Trump, completed his break with the White House on Wednesday, asserting for the first time in public that the president was fully aware of the efforts to dig up damaging information on his behalf.

    Convicted Liar attempts to get CONGRESS (not the judicial system) to lessen his impending NEW judicial punishments for NEW crimes he committed.

    Take a WILD guess if the Perjurer is telling the truth.