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    Okay, watching Run hide Fight today.

    I'm sure it's been mentioned in this thread before, but "WInd River" with Jeremy Renner and the younger Olsen chick from the Marvel Movies, is absolutely excellent. Probably one of my top 50 right now.

    edit- so okay, maybe I'm not watching Run Hide Fight. It's not out on any of the Streaming services, nor on any of the Torrent/Newsgroups/etc options. I take it you just caught it on a pre screening that wasn't going to be left online Danes...I'll be watching for it too, and I'll buy it once it's out as I doubt any of the streaming services would allow such alt right terrorist associated content on their precious little boo boo servers.

    They basically made the YT Vid private the moment their post-film discussion ended. I still had like 5 minutes to go to catch up to live when that happened (but I had finished the movie).

    It's on Daily Wire (I think):

    You've got to be a premium subscriber. They said they plan on picking up more movies like this one, those movies practically blacklisted by Hollywood.…l-new-film-run-hide-fight

    It was spectacular!


    One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I originally put it off on the side of my monitor, but it was so good that it drew me in and practically forced me to watch the whole thing full screen.

    I caught the tail end of the pre-screening, and the Daily Wire were talking about building their own VOD service. I don't think they were being sarcastic, and I'll keep my eye out, but this is one movie I'll be buying directly.

    Demographic change marches on. This country is going to look different by the time Jared runs in 2024.

    Well maybe a Zuckerberg/Kushner ticket. Both self-made entrepreneurs!

    Considering that one of the last things that Trump got through is that Illegals aren't counted in the Census, I think not.

    You keep using the word "fact." It does not mean what you think it means.

    Educate yourself on the difference between Fact and Opinion. Then maybe you'll graduate from "Amateur Americanologist" status.

    Its called the right to refuse service, same was as your ISP or Insurance can cut you off when and whenever they choose.

    Thats life.

    No. Section 230 gives these companies immunity from Civil Lawsuits and Criminal Prosecutions for the things done on their website AS LONG AS they act in a neutral manner. I.E. The moment they start banning conservatives and NOT liberals, then they can be sued by the Movie Studios when someone uploads John Wick 3 to Youtube, AND can be criminally prosecuted for copyright infringement as well.

    Isolated incidents by a few people.

    They did not trash or burn anything, unlike the people mobs that burned places down, destroyed businesses and murdered people - and were praised and enable by media, mayors and governors.

    Not even CLOSE to the same thing.

    Notice how it ISN'T sedition to attack and burn a Federal Courthouse for 100+ days, but to freely walk into the Capital is "insurrection."

    If liberals didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.

    Maybe but the problem is that those types are so indoctrinated they will blame other things when it happens. It will probably still be pinned on "bad orange man".

    I just wrote a facebook post (I know, I know...) about how the Revolutionary War happened not because King George violated the citizens of the colonies, but because he refused to listen to the complaints of those violations, and how this is exactly like the current movement to deplatform Trump and all of his allies.

    The response I got?

    "Fuck that, do it again!"

    Let's pretend this isn't about politics at all. Let's pretend there is an asteroid heading for Idaho and Iton needs to skip town.

    Fear not, there are easily 10-20 families on this board alone that will take you and yours in as refugees.

    Don't worry about this sort of thing. Sheesh.

    Not here. I'm right on the border of Philadelphia Political Annexation.

    he lives on earth just to troll you & you gotta admire his dedication

    The problem is that Trolling requires him consciously knowing he is wrong, but saying it anyway.

    But he doesn't know he's wrong. He's got a mental illness. He isn't aware of reality and the world around him.