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    well this ain't gonna go well !

    California water regulators voted Tuesday to restrict water access for thousands of Central Valley farmers as the state endures a severe drought.

    The California State Water Board unanimously agreed to issue an emergency order that bans some farmers from diverting water from rivers and streams in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river watersheds to irrigate their crops.…s-water-access/index.html

    weird omen??

    A wall of ice at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Tennessee collapsed and injured three guests

    PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. -- A wall of ice at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Tennessee collapsed and injured three guests, the museum’s owners said.

    Those harmed were taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

    The ship-shaped museum closed after the collapse but reopened for those with tickets on Tuesday, according to a post. The owners said the affected area has been blocked off, and they estimate it will take at least four weeks for the iceberg wall to be rebuilt.…-tennessee-hurts-79246224


    Brooklyn cemetery staff 'tried to shove coffin into grave that was too small in front of horrified and crying family at funeral

    Having to watch the casket manhandled, damaged, opened and then placed on the grass as a backhoe is brought in to lengthen the grave while the casket is being replaced is unimaginable, and something no family should have to endure, they wrote in the suit.

    The lawsuit, first obtained by New York Daily News, claims employees twisted and turned Oppenheimer's coffin to get it to fit into the plot they had dug up on June 24, until the coffin ultimately opened revealing that Oppenheimer's hands were no longer crossed.

    The sound of scraping filled the air,' the lawsuit reads, and 'after what felt like an eternity, the coffin got stuck,' at which point the cemetery employees allegedly 'pulled the coffin from all sides, causing sounds of scratching and scraping.'


    Winning gold at the Tokyo Olympics: priceless. Cost of the actual medal: $810.

    Winning an Olympic gold medal can be priceless for athletes competing on the world's biggest stage, but the medal's actual cost might surprise you.

    First off, the 556-gram medal costs less than you think because it isn't entirely made of gold and hasn't been for more than a century. According to Olympic records, the only time gold medals were purely made of gold was during the St. Louis games in 1904 and the London games in 1908.…70-45e6-80f6-b728304e61d4

    LOL at Red Lobster...

    *two tables down some loud wife*

    "DISGUSTING how can ANYONE eat SHELLFISH!" (while she stuffs her pie hole with cheesy bread etc).

    Red Lobster. LOL

    Black fine dinning for first dates.

    You can play classic arcade games in Cincinnati at Wondercade Cincy

    Wondercade Cincy, a classic-style arcade, will be holding its grand opening this weekend (June 19-20) at its location in Westwood.

    It initially opened in mid-March to only private parties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, co-owner Leslie Mattie Rich said, but Wondercade is now officially opening to the general public.

    The arcade features seven pinball machines, foosball and bubble hockey. There are also three cocktail style tables and over 40 upright cabinets for arcade games and a projector wall for games like Smash Brothers and Mario Kart.

    The arcade is located at 3143 Harrison Ave. and will be open from 5 to 11 p.m. Saturday and 2 to 9 p.m. Sunday.…innati-arcade/7719480002/

    This is exciting news!

    The facility will have state-of-the-art veterinary medical equipment and offer on site learning for medical students.

    CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Texas State Aquarium is continuing its decades long partnership with the Port of Corpus Christi as they broke ground on a new Wildlife Rescue Center on Thursday.

    Dozens gathered for the historic event.

    The 20,000 square foot facility will be built on the aquarium's campus. It'll have state-of-the-art veterinary medical equipment and offer on site learning for medical students.

    Also, for the first time, the wildlife rescue facility will be opened to the public! The current facility is not. Once open, it'll allow visitors to see first-hand treatment and rehabilitation efforts.

    We'll be able to show all the incredible conservation and wildlife work that's going on and the guests will be able to see it, so if there are turtles during a cold stunning, guests will be able to see a lot of that rehabilitation work and really connect them to South Texas conservation," Jessie Gilbert, the Chief Operating Officer at the TSA said.

    It's one of the most visited attractions in the state of Texas and this animal rescue facility is gonna give the public an opportunity to physically see what's going on," Charlie Zahn with the Port of CC said.

    Would make a cool vacation trip!!…47-460d-a297-e063d8fa26ea

    SAN DIEGO — The Filipino American Friendship Festival is this Saturday, July 31. The first-ever in San Diego, it's a day to recognize the Filipino community and learn the history. Speakers like Mayor Todd Gloria, singers, and performers will be there.

    Filipino American Friendship Day is an actual holiday where [we] celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Manila because at one time the Philippines was a territory of the United States," said Joann Fields, Director of the Filipino Resource Center and the Asian American Pacific Islander initiative in San Diego.

    Fields said she put this event together to bring people together.

    "If you didn't know, there's over 200,000 Filipinos that reside in San Diego," said Fields.

    This is a great thing. Sounds like it will be alot of fun and good times. :)…b0-468c-a7a0-a70d0157a04b

    What is a Kava Bar? A Great Place to Relax and Be Social

    Kava Bars are popping up all over the US— with over 180 locations— and for a good reason, they are a great place to hang out socially, connect, and talk with others while enjoying the all-natural, alcohol-free relaxing effects of a kava drink.

    Find a kava bar near you using the interactive map below or our list by city and state at the bottom of the page.

    Whether you live in NYC, Miami, or even Montana there could be a kava bar close by, and if not, just wait, the number of locations has grown by 300% in the last three years and one could be coming to you soon. You'll see why Florida is known as the Kava Capital of the USA, with over 75 kava bars in Florida alone!

    (BUMP).......DAMN MAN!

    Who you callin a gypsy!? You mother F'er!

    Bug experts are dropping the common name of a destructive insect because it's considered an ethnic slur: the gypsy moth.

    The Entomological Society of America, which oversees the common names of bugs, is getting rid of the common name of that critter and the lesser-known gypsy ant. The group this week announced that for the first time it changed a common name of an insect because it was offensive. In the past it's only reassigned names that weren’t scientifically accurate.

    "It’s an ethnic slur to begin with that’s been rejected by the Romani people a long time ago,’’ said society president Michelle S. Smith. "Second, nobody wants to be associated with a harmful invasive pest."…erts-new-name-gypsy-moths

    about Russians.........

    A RUSSIAN WOMAN was crushed to death by six giant karaoke screens as she celebrated her 35th birthday in a nightclub.

    Horrifying CCTV footage shows Tatiana Pokhorenko on the dance floor seconds before the 440lb scaffold fell on her from above.…ed-death-karaoke-screens/

    Woman, 35, crushed to death by six karaoke screens as she celebrates her birthday in Russia nightclub

    Woman, 35, crushed to death by six karaoke screens as she celebrates her birthday in Russia nightclub

    Freaking weird!!! Take a look!

    A new type of mind-bending visual illusion makes people see dazzling rays that aren't really there at all.

    The newly discovered illusion, nicknamed the "scintillating starburst," is made up of a simple pattern of concentric wreaths on a plain white background. However, almost everyone who looks at it can see bright rays, or beams, emanating from the center of the design, like sunlight bursting through clouds.

    *** The viewer sees these non-existent rays, because the brain "connects the dots" between certain points in the wreaths. ***…g-starburst-illusion.html

    This should be interesting.

    I wonder what else they might find there, other than that ship?!

    A team of scientists has announced an expedition to find the remains of Ernest Shackleton's long-lost ship, the Endurance, below the dark and icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean.

    Shackleton and his crew abandoned the ship in 1915 after it was crushed by ice. The Endurance now lies somewhere at the bottom of the Weddell Sea, a large bay in the western Antarctic. Its exact location remains unknown, but a new expedition plans to find it.

    The Endurance22 expedition, slated to begin in February 2022, will navigate the treacherous southern waters, slamming through miles of pack ice in search of locations for state-of-the-art submarines to scan the ocean floor. .....…search-for-endurance.html