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    I like mrfish. I wish he'd stick around and just find something else to talk about.

    I don't think there's an audience here for the ant-Semitism. I really find it way overboard and I don't want to be associated with it in any way. I know of others who feel that way too.

    People here can speak up though if they don't like something. They can confront it and make it known if something is not appreciated here.

    This is a small group and most of us have known each other for a long time. It seems to me that if someone is asked to cool it down then they would want to pull back - just for the sake of the friends that are asking that of them. I'd like to think that people have the common decency to respect the others here in at least some way after all these years.

    Still, there's not much that I am ever going to do as a moderator about someone posting what they want - short of spamming o=r breaking the simple rules that we've always had. I might say some shot about it though.

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    how can those guys get through these with a straight face? LOL

    I'm speaking of this forum

    in my mind people who post lefty shit are not the same as ones posting ridiculous racism rants.

    But people can place others on ignore. They can just not respond and they can also let it be known that it's not appreciated.

    I don't mind jokes or even racism to a certain extent. What I mind is what mrfish was spouting. Especially since he rarely participates in this forum and then reappears to spout a bunch of shit all over the place.

    That's just me.

    By the way, that was just the login page.

    Yeah, I did have it restored but I messed up the database and everything was duplicated. I need someone who knows how to unfuck that. Someone who knows how to remove duplicate database entries.

    I did read about how to do it. It should not be that difficult for someone who knows how to run queries and root them out. The entries are easily separated because they have date codes and post numbers. I just don't feel comfortable doing it myself.

    This is what the forum looked like about halfway through 2009. It was opened in about August of 2008

    You can search for other pages, but these static pages are just archives. If you click links you'll just see the original registration page.

    I thought it was funny seeing the "Did Norway Surrender?'" thread. Remember that one? lol. And some of those names on that page.

    I need to restore the original site some day. We have most everything going back to the very beginning. Just for nostalgia. I've always been sentimental and love stuff like that. in 2009


    Well, I mean, you definitely did change. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Yeah, this place does have minimal moderation. Topix did too, though not in the same way. Some people want nothing more than to be as trashy as they can get away with. They'll openly fantasize about pedo stuff or terrorist acts or even worse stuff if you tolerate it. Allowing that sort of stuff to go unchecked will repell normal reasonalble people. That's what happened here. Well that's part of it anyway.

    We've always had the basic rules that prevent any porn, or anything illegal like that.

    The thing that worked was that people wanted it to work.

    I know that for me, the last straw was when I realized that I could not bring new people over. It's just not going to happen, and that really got me. Upset me a lot.

    No one's fault. It's just the way it turned out.

    AH went into the shitter because of moderation. The moderation and rules here are just about as perfect as any place that ever was. About as fair as can possibly be.

    This place is a good example of why moderating is necessary. Unmoderated forums inevitably degenerate. Speaking of which, I wish Topix was still a thing. Just imagine a shithole forum like this for every town in Amurica. It was great.

    it is moderated. A few simple rules.

    I relied on community self moderation and good people that wanted to be here. it lasted a LONG time.

    this place was great because a bunch of people with a common interest came over here from AH.

    I think that if this place had been traditionally moderated, it would have declined faster.

    The problem with moderation is that rules have to be subjectively interpreted and enforced. And the people that moderate forums are usually people who should never moderate forums.

    I think the key to this place working for so long started with me. being absolutely fair and unbiased.

    Maybe I changed too.

    mrfish , I have always liked you. I was not thinking about you when I made my comments. I've felt this way for a long time. I left about a year ago. That being said, I really do not like the hatred. never did.

    Why....this is an upSTANDING place! Near schools and churches too

    This place used to be great. better than great. We had some very intelligent, good people who contributed interesting things. Some people still do, but the noise level is much higher now.

    yeah, we always had the banter but it was mostly fun.

    Over time we lost some good people because of some of the shit that goes on here. Me included. I don't really want to be associated with some of the shit that's being said here.

    But free speech is free speech.

    I stated in one of my very first posts after opening the place. This forum will be what you guys make it. What we make it. Look at it now.

    There are still a lot of people here I like. In fact, I pretty much like everyone here. I'm just not into the racism and the hate and the drubbings that any new people have to endure. So I choose not to be here much anymore.

    The place will slowly die of attrition. It's rare that anyone new joins these days, and even more rare that they stick around.


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    "pause for effect"