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    This is good... drives up wages. Were you not just complaining shitty wages?

    The British people WERE complaining about that, have been for decades, but we are only three generations removed from a birth based class society.

    Keeping poor people poor has been a traditional part of British conservatism forever, which occasional ruffles though the pockets of the middle class when they felt too many people had too much money. They say the opposite, but the actions over the last 80 odd years are obvious.

    Its one of the reasons I hate that picture of Thatcher and Reagan so much, while on the surface there ideals may be similar but the American approach to conversation and the British approach are very different.

    Remember, these are the people YOU SHOT AT.

    People buoyed by a gigantic welfare state aren't motivated to work? Color me shocked! SHOCKED!

    No, really. This is shocked face.

    No the point is we now have far more jobs than working age people, and it's hammering the low paid job sector. With the million plus (could be as high as 2.5 million) who left due to Brexit, and the ageing population now heading into retirement, opportunities are at the best for a long time.

    The main issue is sectors facing collapse due to labour shortages, shops and smaller physical industries are at the point where they cannot run operations safely.

    Truckers, healthcare and utilities are the main concern.

    The UK ran on foreign labour to a large extent, and the native populace are not going to work for less money when they can just as easily get a job with better money, hours and bennies.

    It's amazing, the government apparently never had a plan for this.

    Hadn't thought of it before, UK being one of the few oil producing eurostates, they stand to make some coin this winter. Maybe they hit the Russian pipe ?

    Ironic thing is that our energy prices are sky high, like 4k+ dollars in your money a year to heat a small home or more a year. Thanks to the energy carte....companies.

    Small companies that eat more energy are having it even worse, some are going to have to close as they cannot afford 11k a month in energy.

    Privatization failure once again.

    You just fight in your wars and pay your taxes and leave the thinking to us eh.

    Yall are too dumb, throwing money at companies to drill for oil that is so deep and difficult that its not worth it.

    "Burn 4 barrels to make 2, slap your flag on it and call it revenue"

    There is a logic to it, but only if you do your budgets in the short term and ignore debt like a good American.

    Why not just charge in your 3 day battery beforehand at your free power charging points provided by the government thanks to excess power from nuclear power plants?

    Oh wait its America with hamstrug battery tech "for safety" and fossil fuel lobby because the USA is a shithole.

    Workers: We are on strike! The pay is not high enough

    Employers: *Excuses*

    Conservatives: If you don't like it! Find another job!

    Workers: Ok! We fill find another job!

    Conservatives: Wait....what? In my day you stayed in a job FOR LIFE!

    Daily Mail: BREAKING! Labour Crisis at critical levels, unfilled jobs DOUBLE!


    Long story short. It appears that Putin plans to annex 4 regions of Ukraine into Russia very soon. He thens says that he will use nukes to defend if anybody tries to attack or take back those territories because those attacks will be attackes on Russian soil. He says he is not bluffing and I don't think he is.

    China won't allow it, its why what is going on there is happening, they want pro Putin Xi out and someone else in.

    UK Boomers:

    Boomer A: Raised in poverty, assigned goverment housing, brought said goverment housing for a song, sold it for a fortune when the house prices shot up when aformentioned housing stock was not replenised, got free education up to degree level from the goverment and got a good job, married and had 2-3 kids. Oddly right wing, wants to dismantle the same system that raised them up, while also complaining about how nothing works anymore (failure of privitization etc).

    Boomer B: Raised in poverty, assigned goverment housing, brought said goverment housing for a song, sold it for a fortune when the house prices shot up, moved to Spain, lives the good life. Still supports Brexit for some reason, large numbers deported back to the UK as their money has run out, they fucked up the paperwork or need medical care.

    Boomer C: Raised in poverty, assigned goverment housing, could not afford to buy it from the goverment, worked 12 hour days in manual labour jobs for a pittence, still working beyond retirement age, drives a taxi for a living, Angry.

    They only thing they hate more than young folk is each other.

    Imagine going back to 1978 with todays information

    "Ukranians are fighting Russians with Migs using American missles, along with German, British and a fuck ton of other nations gear."


    "The world is building increasingly more complex weapons, half of which don't work right"

    "Well then thats a waste of mon...."

    "China is a superpower, its still communist but makes money making everything for non-communist nations"

    "....That makes no sense either"

    "America lost to farmers again."

    "I don't even want to know!"

    "We kinda gave up on that whole space thing."

    "I brought a new TV for that shit god dammit"

    "Ozzy Osbourne and Kieth Richards are somehow still alive."


    I got yelled online at for posting a pic of my buddy from Austins overheated Jeep being pulled out of a ditch by his wifes Hilux.

    His dad poked the bees nest by commenting his Jeep was about as reliable as his high school grades. My Buddy is 47