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    If a young person never ventures to elevate themselves beyond "average" in 20-30 years they don't deserve to own a home. They are just lazy and complacent, better to rent or stay in mum's basement.

    Yeah but our social mobilty is crap. And even if you move up you will be treated like a pariah.

    Friend of mine made millions in London thanks to be shrewd, unfortunately when he moved to a nice area and buy a nice house, his neighbours would not talk to him, only when they extended the property years later did the neighbours decide they were worthy enough to engage in conversation. Fucking insane.

    Why do you need a mortgage?

    Because assuming a young person earning the average salary never took a holiday and lives frugally it could take 20-30 years to save up enough cash to buy a place.

    It depends where you live of course, but there are places were people work were even they never paid rent they would die before they earn enough to buy a home under a hour away from work.

    Its that bad.

    My hometown is the worst, people trying to sell £500,000 homes where people earn maybe £30,000 a year, and you see the "for sale" signs outside these homes for years.

    Seeing homes rot away un-occupied so they get stripped out and re-done or demolished is the most insane thing tho.

    The USA could not beat Iran because it does not know how.

    First you come in and take charge, you make them part of your nation, then you slowly destroy their culture and replace it with a version of your own, don’t forget to cause many deaths by sheer mis-management and “pacifying the locals”. Then you build a little infrastructure while looting the nation of its riches, the about 150 years later you abandon the nation, hand bits of power over to opposing groups and run off back to your home nation.

    The if anyone questions you about it just say “Well they should be thankful for the railways we built”. Then you charge that person £4.50 to walk around a museum of said nations looted treasures.

    That's the right way to do, putting boots on the ground or hitting them with bombs and missiles just seems immoral.

    1: Opinion

    2: China is a capitalists wet dream, its not going anywhere, it will always remain an important trade partner unless something changes

    3: People won't pay the prices for home-made stuff any more, we have been trying this in the UK/Europe for decades, people don't spend more than they have to on a single item, that way they can by more shit they don't need overall.

    4: America is not energy independent? How does that work?

    5: Again links into 3, another issue we have had over here, domestic farming gets so expensive the product will skyrocket in price, you will end up with a massively subsided, tax or otherwise, farming sector.

    6: Fair points, no one wants to build small affordable homes over here either, its very bizarre. They would rather build 25% larger than average and then sell it for 75% over its actual value, or just leave it sat unsold on the market for YEARS on the basis of a sunk cost fallacy (used to work in property, saw it all the time).

    Most of the western worlds issues could be solved by people “cutting their cloth accordingly”, not buying shit they don’t need, not living in debt and being willing to purchase a quality product for a fair price.

    I was concerned when my credit card bill got a bit high during the 2008 crisis when our hours got cut, a co-worker asked me about it and then LAUGHED at me saying that was not big enough debt to “worry about”, any debt (other than a mortgage) in my book is a bad thing. People are insane.

    Hell if I did not need a decent credit rating to qualify for a good mortgage i would not even have a credit card.

    Millennial problems

    Boomers like to treat us like kids, but some of us are already divorced, bald and in bed by 10.