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    Demands of the protests:

    *Immediate end to Homelessness

    *A more progressive tax system with more brackets

    *Minimum salary raised to 1300 euros after tax

    *Favour small bussinesses in villages and city centers (no more construction of large commercial zones around large cities that kill small businesses) and free parking in city centers

    *An initiative for thermal insulation

    *The "big ones" (McDonalds, Google, Amazon, Carrefour[a supermarket chain in France]) pay big while the "small ones" pay small.

    *Socializing and improving pensions

    *No more gas taxes

    *No pension under 1200€

    *Every elected representative shall have the median salary. Their travel expenses will be carefully watched and reimbursed if justified. They shall have right to meal vouchers and and paid vacations

    *Adjust salaries, pensions and benefits to compensate for inflation

    *Protect French industry: Forbid outsourcing. To protect our industry is to protect our know-how and our jobs.

    *No more "detached jobs". It's not normal that someone who works in French territory does not benefit from the same salary and the same rights. Any person authorized to work in French territory must be equal to a French worker and their employer must pay him the same as he would a French worker.

    *Secure jobs: Limit the ammount of CCDs [work contracts that are over and must be renewed after a given time] for large companies. We want more CDIs [contracts that don't have a set duration]

    *End CICE(…ubsidies/cice-tax-credit/). Utilise the money to create a French industry for hydrogen-powered cars (which are truly eco-friendly, unlike electric cars)

    *End to austerity. No payment on interests on debt that is declared illegitimate. Pay the debt not by taking money from the poor and the "less poor" but by cracking on the 80 billion in evaded tax.

    *Address the causes of forced migration

    *Treat our asylum-seekers well. We owe them housing, security, food as well as education for minors. Work with the UN to open housing camps in the world where asylum-seekers can wait the results of their petition.

    *Deport rejected asylum seekers back to their country of origin

    *A real policy of integration must be put in place. To live in France implies becoming French

    *Minimum salary fixed at 15000€

    *Create jobs for the unemployed

    *Increase disability benefits

    *Rent controls. More moderate-income housing (mainly for students and low wage workers)

    *Forbid the sale of goods belonging to France (such as airports)

    *Give adequate "means" [i.e. funding and support] to the judiciary, the police, the gendarmerie and the army. Make overtime fully paid or compensate.

    *The entirety of the money made from toll booths must be spent in the upkeep of the highways and roads as well as highway safety

    *Since the price of gas and electricity has only increased since they were privatized, we want them to become public and and for prices to lower significantly

    *No more closing of "petites lignes" [The "petites lignes" are the trains stations that are not beneficial enough and will be closed soon. That means people living in the countryside won't have trains anymore.], post offices, schools and maternity wards

    *We must treat our elderly well. Forbid the exploitation of aged people. "Gray gold" is over, it's time for the age of "gray wellbeing"

    *No more than 25 students per class from elementary to graduation

    *Significant funding to mental health

    *Introduce popular referendum to the constitution. Create a website that's legible and efficient, cared for by an independent control organization where people can introduce their own proposals for laws. If their proposals gains more than 700,000 signatures then it must be discussed, completed and ammended by the National Assembly [french congress] which will have the obligation of, in exactly a year, put it up for vote by the entirety of French people.

    *Return to a 7 year mandate for the President (Election of deputees two years after the election of the president can send positive or negative feedback to the president concerning their policy. This will allow the people to let their voice be heard. [they want midterm elections]

    *Set retirement age to 60 years for all physical labour jobs (such as construction and abattoir workers), right to retire at 55.

    *As a 6 year old cannot take care of themselves, continue the PAJEMPLOI subsidies system until they have 10 years.

    *Favorize transport of freight by train

    *No witholding tax

    I have to use Internet explorer for work stuff, it freezes opening outlook e-mail, another Microsoft product.

    All this effort to make stable operating systems and suddenly everything has to be web based and you have a new point of failure.

    Mozzila can a memory eating pain.

    Chrome is a snitch.

    Pick your posion.

    Kind of like what colleges did when they changed the student loan plans.


    I like our system, you pay fees and then it gets deducted from your pay as a small percentage when you earn over a certain threshold, if you do not earn enough then you do not pay it back, statistically its a win.

    Of course, had the goverment not defunded universites and allowed them to charge to make up for it then this would never have been nessesary.

    The goverment saves a small bit of money, poorer people are hit, Universities loose out on possibly talented students.

    Just a load of angry virgins who think they are some kind of neoconservative from their parents basement claiming unemployment.

    Reddit is chock full of them.

    Just to have a look, my goodness I was impressed, the level of tech on display was better than top level models of some other cars.

    The Roaster could go from Edinburgh to London and a good portion of the way back on a single charge.

    I seem to recall one of you guys has one? Whats it like to live with? We have a pretty big selection of electric and hybrid options here, but only Tesla seems to offer something truely sporty.

    Anything the left disagreed with.

    More money for the NHS if we left europe.

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    And that was just the start.