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    I used to think our 21-26inch or so TV was the biggest thing ever, it was massive, fake wood siding and took two people to move.

    The remote was rubber buttons with a metal case, it was IR which was cool, the VCR however only had a remote on a cable.

    I am a Socialist and I am content to see another Socialist goverment in the UK in the next ten years as the conservatives attempt to tax the nation to death and the british corperate sector continues to expand beyond profitabilty. I laugh as major players open massive megastores when there is not enough folk to staff or shop in the existing store 500 yards down the road to keep it profitable.

    I was born to live in this time and this country.

    That is extremely lucky.

    • I live in more luxury than royalty had 150 years ago.
    • I can sit in a chair in the sky and move at 600 mph.
    • I can buy produce from sources worldwide.
    • I can touch something on the wall and change my lighting or the temperature in my home.
    • I am immune to typhus, smallpox, and a host of other diseases that killed millions.
    • I can listen to a symphony at any whim.
    • I have in my hand a device where I can read more than was contained a few decades ago in all the libraries in the world, some of it actually true.

    If that’s not lucky IDK what is.

    Something funny I heard, "your complaining about slow wi-fi on a plane? Your on the internet IN THE SKY...."oh buts its slow!".....I mean.... your basically a Greek myth right now!"

    My mortgage is £205 a month. In a major city. Just under 13 percent of my take home pay as a coffee monkey.

    I am however, a massive outlier, it was a steal and drive 15 mins and a parking space costs more than my place.

    Im not in the best area, but not the worst, but they are building a shit ton of middleclass suburbs around me and improving the social housing by tearing down the commieblocks.

    I think its estimated my home value has increased 10k in a year. Nice.

    And if the market crashes tommrow and the rates skyrocket then I can still afford my little corner of brick and mortar.

    The British ones are also mad.

    You are a 42 year old accoutant from Watford, you live in a nice three bed semi in the good part of town. Ruining your entire life by punching a debt collector over a £20 parking fine is really going to bring down the system.

    I love these nutcases.

    "I don't need a license officer, I am not driving, I am my vessel"

    "I don't need to pay taxes as I am not a "person" of this goverment"

    "I am not trespassing, I am a freeman on the land and I am roaming"

    Europe has now closed the trade gap, the UK is no longer a significant factor for Europe.

    Well done to our "Conservative" government for making it cheaper for our former trading partners to import whiskey from Wyoming or Steel from China than to buy it from us.

    Well done you jumped up, Eton mess, out of touch crony captalist fucks.

    The violence and damage done by Christchurch shooter in New Zealand was compounded by filming and disseminating on social media, messaging services and internet platforms. A collective goal for the international community must be to prevent the use of internet to propagate terrorist and violent extremism without compromising fundamental freedoms. Use the assistance and roles of public/private corporations in cooperation. It is clearly a role in the World Economic Forum in helping the agenda forward.

    The UK does this with Sectarian violence/terrorism in Ireland, to prevent the "oxygen of publicity" (A term they invented to justify covering up Islamic terrorism despite doing it for decades RE: Ireland).

    Its another thing that pisses off the Irish, I think one year in the mid 2000s something like 150-200 people were killed if I remember rightly, and people still drop off pipe bombs outside schools and such.

    China sends its children to western universities, leapfrogs tech gaps every 5 years.

    Russia drinks vodka and throws outdated tanks and random counties next door to make themselves feel big, like a drunken husband beating his wife to make himself feel tough.

    Did you know Boroda, when China brought your shitheap of a carrier, they had to REDESIGN it to fix the Soviet bullshit before re-launching it.

    An actual communist nation, had to rebuild Soviet shit as it was so bad. Its like your dad gifting you a car and instead of a seat its had a railway spike and a pile of natty lite cans.