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    Let's wait for Vlad to annex part of Germany, else turn their gas off, will be awesome, as all of Nato (absent the US) would be powerless to halt them

    If they out their aircraft carrier anywhere near us we will sink the tow ship!

    Proboly sold all the planes off by now.

    France expended EVERY cruise missile in its arsenal in about 30 minutes the night in 2011 when we thumped Libya. Does the UK even have ONE functional aircraft carrier right now? Does Germany still have its air force grounded?

    Lazs and MNN could hold them off for a few days

    I doubt the entire cruise missile arsenal was present on the forces they deployed somehow.

    Ships don't have infinate storage and you don't commit large forces to US led operations if you can avoid it.

    We'll just have to kick off our civil war by first nuking everyone else. Then we can fight in peace.

    Everyone knows given the chance Americans always kill other Americans first.

    When the European Army, Russia, China and the UK are committing forces to Peacekeeping in the upcoming US civil war I suspect you all will change your tune.

    MREs, blankets and protection will be more important than your flag.

    I suspect China will want to leave a few bases behind too, for the best, will be a good springboard into South America for them. Gonna have to re-examine those borders anway.

    Oh man. They were best buds.

    Its pretty scary, Trump made it clear he knew what Epstein was about 18 odd years ago, yet let him use Mar-a-lago where shit has supposdently gone down, before banning him over that real estate scuffle.

    Pretty crazy.

    Now whats REALLY interesting is that there was allegedly film of Trump with underage girls YEARS before Epstein hit the fan.

    Perhaps this is related.…ikileaks-insurance-files/

    Hitler didn't rise to power because Germans are blood thirsty conquerors. He rose to power because the Globalists tried to destroy Germany through the Treaty of Versailles.

    Germany destroyed itself, twice, by assuming other nations would ignore it when it started shooting.

    For some reason.

    The fact that Germany was allowed to exist at all after two world wars is a wonder in terms of history.

    I saw that too. Like WTF is someone fuckstain that killed a disabled girl doing out on "day leave". I could see if it was a nonviolent offense but WTF?

    Where's Jeros or beet1e when we need a butler's help?

    Hes was days from release so I guess its to get them used to being back in the world.

    Also he was held in a D prison

    Category D - open prisons

    These prisons have minimal security and allow eligible prisoners to spend most of their day away from the prison on licence to carry out work, education or for other resettlement purposes. Open prisons only house prisoners that have been risk-assessed and deemed suitable for open conditions.

    Problem is despite his words he is still trying to depose the Tories in key seats, that is what is going to be the game changer.

    Hence they offered to make him a Lord out of desperation.

    For our American friends reading this, its like a sudden liberatian upstart party saying they wont fight against the Repubs, but in reality only pull of out Wyoming and go hard on Texas. And then Trump offers to make whoever the party leader is a congressman for life to win them over.

    The silence on both the left and right is telling.

    Its getting some attention here due to the Prince Andrew issue.

    Many believe he is not dead either.

    Mar-a-Lago is at the centre of a lot of the Epstein stuff so it would seem its in no ones best interests to have it all out in the open. know....justice.

    The Conspiracy community has been banging on about Epstein for years….stopped clock I guess.

    "Ey up chaps these Shermans are pretty diamond as it goes, problem is that lack the minerals in the old gun department, never gonna defeat the Jerrys with those peashooters!"

    "Hold my warm beer, I've got an idea!"


    but the concept of angled armour seems to have escaped British tank designers

    Things were often produced in a hurry in quite difficult conditions.

    My grandmother worked in a factory during WW2, a German bomber came in low enough to machine gun the glass roof out (there was an AA gun on the roof so that was likely the target).

    Now after this they of course went back to work, probably the same day, rain pouring in through the smashed glass roof as they stood on pallets as uninsulated electrical cables lay on the ground below.

    And people (boomers mainly) complain today that the wireless internet in a shop is slow.

    Hitler: "Things are going well....we should invade Russia and make plans to nuke the US."

    Aide: "Perhaps we should consolidate our power for now....."

    Hitler: "Also I want big fucking rocket bombs, also bombs with jet engines yeah!"

    What American authors, thinkers and what not fail to remember is that if America collapsed, it would be a free for all for all other nations to attempt land grabs begin peacekeeping operations on the US continent.…-list-HUNDREDS-seats.html

    Brexit party go to war on the Tories, pro deal Brexiteers will vote Tory, hard brexit wanters will vote brexit party.

    Now a post election agreement between the two parties seems unlikely , it opens the door for a lib d/labour/SNP coalition to take power.

    The right just threw away the election and they know it.

    All because the Tory corporate slaves would not back a no deal brexit.