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    Why the fuck should I pay so much extra for something because our elected "conservative" leaders failed to negotiate a decent trade deal with the EU, I will just consume less, I know our glorious leaders what us to stimulate the economy but I guess I cannot afford it it now despite a good income.


    And then they have the gall to want to increase taxes using the excuse of Covid, when those of use who have been around over 20 years know they just have been putting it up forever anyway, the dress it up saying they have lowered taxes in one area, only to tax you more in another so you are worse off.

    The Socialists were not this bad, the fucking MARXISTS where not this bad, they would never throw votes away by piling this shit on the working man, to this degree at least.

    Westminster is going lose Northern Ireland and Scotland unless they reverse course soon.

    The guy with bison horns and furs and tats who was photographed standing behind Pelosi's throne was Antifa. He was photographed at an Antifa rally in June....wearing his full regalia. You can bet he had some compadres there with him...

    He was also spotted at a BLM even with a sign that says "Q sent me"

    As much as I would love to shit on him for being another MAGA twat, he allegedly has schizophrenia, which makes it all kinda sad.

    This murdered woman was unarmed. Do you imagine she will not be avenged? Foreigners opinions mean squat.

    So? If she made herself a threat, she made herself a threat.

    "avenged" Lol, what you gonna do? After tonight I doubt the MAGA chuds could even cook an egg.

    I saw a couple pics of secret service pointing there guns at protesters looking in the window. Every one of them had their finger ON the trigger. That's an outstanding way to have an "accidental" discharge. Shows very poor training.

    They ain't Walmart rent-a-cops, I think if anyone knows what they are doing it's the Secret service

    Within the ranks of the Remainers like Jeros


    Just because I am angry at what happend with Brexit does not mean I voted against it.

    They seem to forget that the UK has the fifth (or thereabouts) largest economy in the world, and that the EU has a trade surplus of some 75 billion euros with the UK, which they can ill afford to lose. They needed a deal with us more than we needed a deal with them, but they would not admit it, until one minute to midnight on the doomsday clock, and they could see that Britain would walk away if the only deal on offer was a bad one.

    Our primary export is services, our primary import from Europe is physical goods, surely you see an issue here? Without UK trade the Euros would have to go the yanks or internal banks for their financial services, without EU imports we would be fucked, they are over a quarter of our food supply after all. Also it was a bad deal, for us, because Boris caved on the matters he said he would not, fishing, oversight etc. We are still going to be EU directives on certain matters, so what even is the point?

    UK Goverment wrote:

    EU legislation which applied directly or indirectly to the UK before 11.00 p.m. on 31 December 2020 has been retained in UK law as a form of domestic legislation known as ‘retained EU legislation’. This is set out in sections 2 and 3 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (c. 16). Section 4 of the 2018 Act ensures that any remaining EU rights and obligations, including directly effective rights within EU treaties, continue to be recognised and available in domestic law after exit.

    This is unacceptable, they have codifed EU law into UK law and we both know we will never see it gone.

    I don't believe Scotland would leave the UK to rejoin the EU. For one thing, a referendum on that will not be held for at least 30 years, and because in 2014 Scotland voted to remain part of the UK.

    That was pre-brexit, westminster managed to scare Scotland into thinking they would be out of the EU if they went independant, that is kinda a moot point now. The Scottish parliment has voted in favor of a 2nd referendum, and majority public support is behind it, its just a matter of setting a date.

    So it's not as bad as Jeros says? You know he's all doom and gloom and people are going to starve to death and all that. And you're being overrun by cheap immigrant labor. Which I believe he's a few years late on that one.

    The doom and gloom is the referance to people did get a Brexit, but not the one people wanted, this is going to cause problems down the road unless people calm down and be happy they got any sort of Brexit at all.

    I don't know who believed that "all the UK had to do" hypothesis

    A lot of people who fucking voted for it by the looks of it, did you miss the people marching in London with the "No Deal" Placards? Have you spoken to a working class tory voter lately?

    Beeters you really seem to come of us some Waitrose shopper who has a good grounding on the basics of how our country works but seems to fall short of what is actully going on "on the ground" don't you live abroad?

    In the canary islands or spain or something.

    That's where the UK blew it. According to some on this board, all the UK had to do is announce complete independance from the EU and all was done. No negotiation was necessasary.

    This would have driven up prices for products, mainly food, this is a silver bullet that instantly ends any UK governments chance of re-election, you can drive up mortgage rates, fuel tax, utilities you name it, the moment the price of bread goes up the papers, right and left, run with it and people get real mad.

    However Covid handling and the constant lockdowns (we just entered into another) may have already sunk the Tories anyway, if their voters bleating are to believed.

    As I have said before, the governments belief was that the EU would just bend over, give us everything we had before on our terms and still let us be as independent as we wanted. When the EU were like “why the fuck would we do that?” then the government got very confused and MPs started to quit or attempted to get each other fired. Hence why it took so long to get to where we are.

    Also there has been some people making off with lots of taxpayers money through what appear to be shell companies recently, so I guess that is the next thing we need to deal with.

    Of course, about half the country are now pissing and moaning.

    More than half.

    The people wanted reduced immigration, they wanted boatloads of migrants to stop coming across the channal, they wanted the the UK to trade on its own terms, they wanted complete independance of the legal systems of the EU, they wanted a fully independant UK.

    All of this has been lost in the name of over 1200 pages of comprosmise.

    Oh and people are making a big dead of this…H-citizenship-Brexit.html

    Juding from what Im seeing on twitter and facebook, looks like this is going to be the new face of the right for the working man:

    But don't worry, Jeros. You've got Nicola No-deal looking after you! :laughing

    Amen, we will leave the UK and rejoin the EU, and we will take the oil and fish with us. I knew it was a good idea to spread my eggs between the EU and the UK.


    well peckerhead how many years before that hmm ... or how about the fact that the leftist EU made you take the low cost labor killing good jobs. Get fucked you sniveling cunt.

    The leftist EU did not MAKE us do shit, we were not even in Schengen, we decided to take these people, and now we are taking MORE after Brexit.

    10 years you ignorant twat.


    Conservative does not mean the same thing in england as it does here.


    This, conservatism here generally Monarchist, pro tax, enforcement of traditional British society (class structure), and bizzarly government control which is ironic as they claim to love the Queen so as the true "head of state"

    You need to remember, these are the people who shot at you over snowballs.

    At least David Cameron paid lip service to the concept of social mobility.

    When you understand the Tories you understand why they put Boris in charge, Boris has been on panel TV shows for years playing the Buffon and bring the butt of jokes he just did not understand.

    They are going to destroy that guy when the time is right.