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    Now, you also have to look at the millennial mindset in all of this. Video games move beyond mere entertainment, they become a chosen social medium, where all of their closest friends aren't people that they go out and party with, or go hunting together, or even work with. They become someone on the other end of a Ventrilo, Teamspeak, or Discord connection. It's not a relationship with any actual human connection, where any person sees the true, gritty person that may actually be someone's a disassociated sort of version, where yeah, someone might be talking about personal problems, or successes, or anything of that sort, but it's all at arm's reach, so that in a sort of propholactic way, It doesn't really matter to the gamer. So, it becomes the ideal social interaction. Now, in this sense, things like statistics, or game performance, now have become a way of really impacting a person's social standing within a group. for example, Colleges and Universities are now adopting E-sports as another branch of their club activities; This is the impact that gaming has had on this generation. To this end, you now see where cheating at games such as WoT has become not only a big topic, but has a large draw. Yeah, 50k games is ridiculous. But there's many with that many, even higher, battle counts. And remember, WoT is going on something like 10 years online. It's ancient by video game standards.

    Its more Gen Z now, us millienals are at or entering the soul crushing 70 hour managementment job, divorce, 2nd mortgage and health problems stage now.

    Fuck. My Exs Kid is almost 18.

    How hard could it be to run twitter? It's already built. He was probably being conservative when he let almost half the employees go.

    You would be suprised, IT requires a ton of people with specialist knowlage, you fire ONE person you think you don't need and then your systems are down and your losing millions per hour. Its repeated time and time and time again in the industry.

    Great work for the emergancy agencies tho. "yeah its 2am, we can come now for 4mil or in the morning for 2mil, no we have no competitors in this state.....see you in half an hour then".

    I enjoyed the Soviet top brass (well dirty copper, i doubt they can afford brass) referring to each other as "Comrade". They cannot decide if they want to dump the past or lionise it out of blind patriotism.

    Fracking is such a bad idea on so many levels.

    Underground the rocks are under stess, called sheer stress, rocks are to a degree porus, when a fluid into forced into those pores you lower the strength of the rock to withstand sheer stress and move it on whats called the "failure envelope", the rock then "fails" and all that force is released. This is what can happen in earthquakes, a layer or area of rock fails due to water being forced around by the constantly moving nature of geology.

    You can also, with the right equipment do this artificially, unfortunately the above is pretty much what happens in fracking, your pumping, with extreme force, fluid into rock, and sadly you need to target areas of high stress for a good yield.

    The Soviets actually did this for experiments on earthquake measurement. Creating small artificial ones rather than waiting for a natural one.

    And on top of that there are issues with unwanted gas release and fouling of aquifers.

    All in all its a pretty bad idea anywhere not remote.

    Cannot stand Farage, put all this effort into pushing Brexit, heading the UKIP party.

    While also being heavily invested in Europe and talking about moving to Europe if "Brexit turns out to be a disaster".

    Also leaving the party the moment Brexit was confirmed, which was the catalyst for the balkanisation of the British right.

    When talks about the red wall being "lost" it means the Labour (Marxist Social Democrats) have taken it back (hence the term "red wall").

    He blames the Tories, quite rightly, be he cannot even begin to fathom he own part in all this.

    Absolute Turd.

    Frigate Admiral Makarov has hit been hit and possibly sunk, damage to another vessel in Sevastopol Bay also.

    Russia is losing a lot of ships for a land war.

    We are getting some traffic circles in our town recently and the city council was discussing whether they should put a statue in one.

    I got up to the public comment lectern and suggested, “ We could probably get a Robert E Lee or a Stonewall Jackson statue at a deeply reduced cost”

    ROUNDABOUTS, they are called ROUNDABOUTS!

    As a Brit I can assure you that you won't like what happens when the powers that be lose the supply of cheap labour.

    They will just force a section of society down to fill that role, personally I think that was always the plan.