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    Yeah well,

    As a species, we rarely solve problems in advance. Once Lloyd's gets hit with a billion dollar claim due to debris....if such indemnification actually exists...will be the dawn of committed orbital sanitation.

    That's why dominance of extra-planetary territory is so critical. Otherwise we'll have another Paris Accord complicating exploration and exploitation of e.t. assets.

    This is likely. Have you heard that SpaceX wants to establish “its own legal regime” on Mars for human settlements? The space law expert says this is a “dubious prospect,” but he still warns that Earth must take such claims seriously.

    Attentive beta users of satellite Internet Starlink found in a boring legal agreement to connect to the operator's services a clause recognizing Mars as a free planet, which is not subject to regulation by any earthly government.

    I think this is the first, but not the last, such statement from private space companies.

    Later, government space agencies will likely start proposing (or enacting) their own laws.

    Just toss them toward the Sun. What are they gonna do, crash into Mars or Venus?

    Such a solution will require more energy than solutions that can be offered today. So this is hardly a good idea. Otherwise, they would have done this for a long time.

    Although, if you think Mars is between the Earth and the Sun ...

    Howe Industries has unveiled a solar-powered steam rocket engine to power the CubeSats microsatellites. With only two moving parts, the ThermaSat motor uses a thermal condenser to instantly convert distilled water into superheated steam.

    And there are quite a few such projects that will make the use of satellites safer for orbit.

    What's more interesting to me is how the previous shards will be cleaned up?

    Now scientists are actively discussing the problem of space debris in near-earth orbit. A plan has already been developed to remove debris from orbit. But he has not yet entered the active phase. We also know about plans to launch a large number of new satellites. Most of these will be microsatellites. Over time, these satellites will require maintenance, refuelling or disposal.
    Here we can bring the view of the Earth's orbit to a condition called Kessler Syndrome.
    A concept called the Dyson sphere has also been proposed long ago.
    It is a large, unified structure in near-Earth orbit, which includes all kinds of communication, observations, as well as ways to use the energy of the parent star and much more.
    How long do you think it will take to move from orbital pollution to efficient use?
    And do you think the Dyson sphere is an efficient use of the orbit?
    Or would it be better for humanity to simply find a way not to leave debris around the planet?