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    First off, he didn’t unite the right, there was and is, literally a never Trump movement. What did his walk into N Korea mean to me? So what? He replaced NAFTA with another agreement that does the same shit. The Middle East moves was us bribing countries to be nice to Israel. Again what does that have to do with Joe American? He made NATO pay - why are we even in NATO?

    Stopped BS at the border, guy he was running on granting amnesty in 2020. Bio weapon to stop Trump? Who is they? If I don’t like Trump, your first assumption is that I think sone other Republican could do it better? I don’t support the system, much less a party, much less a candidate. I think you are probably taking all the things he says he did at face value. You’re confusing campaign rhetoric for fact. A deep dive into any of those topics destroys them.

    You like Trump because he made you feel less powerless. You felt like someone was speaking for you for once. Like the system wasn’t out of control and set against you. Like the working class normal White American had a voice for once.

    Have you not seen all of the "never trumpers" fail fucking miserably? Literally all of them.

    Actually if you take a deep dive Into his accomplishments you'd be quite surprised at what he was able to pull off.

    Trump Administration Accomplishments – The White House

    You are simply making up this false narrative because you have decided you don't like the guy for whatever reason. When you actually look at the "Facts" he did a lot of incredible things. It's clearly obvious that he's not an establishment candidate because he did a lot of things to build up America not destroy it.

    I like Trump because he has the founding fathers spirit of traditional capitalistic perspective for the US and wants people to be successful. Middle class Americans had much more of a voice under Trump and look what Twitter and Facebook decided to do, ban them. So he even created his own site to get around that like a true business competition. There are sites like which use to be TheDonald, more video sites like bitchute, rumble, odysee ect that have given more people a voice. The left HATES Trump for this. You've seriously got it all wrong.

    You might not believe in a system but that is simply not how the world works. You gotta deal with what it is and it's sure as hell much better under Trump than anyone else in the establishment and worse the democrat party. Just look at fucking Portland. Why would you ever want the democrats to turn the entire country into that? You might not understand, but when things start to turn to shit around you like when I lived in Portland 2 years ago, you will understand that policies and leadership actually do matter.

    Yeah, the left has a show for their people too. They obsess on Trump and Russia. The GOP has been assigned China and Biden, or still Obama in some cases, or Clinton.

    Bring back the American Spirit means nothing. It's just a slogan. He got nothing done. He handed the reins to Kushner and tweeted for 4 years. Feelings. Who cares. Actions.

    Spirit actually means a lot. Action? Like reducing taxes, not selling out to the UN and Paris accord, making Nato pay more, 3 peace treaties in the middle east. Mending relations with North and South Korea, walking into North Korea. Having North and South Korea at the Olympics. Reducing regulations, we saw a great roaring economy. Got rid of NAFTA, More jobs than ever. Stopped the BS on the border. Worked to have companies come back to America. All while being ruthlesses attacked every day by the MSM. They literally had to release a bio weapon to cull his 4 year statistical figures and use it to try to make him look bad. That's how fucked up these people are.

    I think you are vastly mistaken.

    What you think Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz would have done all that? LoL.

    You're falling for the show, guy.

    What show? Lol. They literally think he committed an insurrection on the capitol. Even a guy who youd think is a perfect regular joe republican candidate wouldnt have been as good as Trump on brining conservatives together and bringing the american spirit back in the fold.

    Does this look like the face of a man who doesnt care?

    Don't forget the American spirit he brought back to the people which was probably one of the most important things he did. His rallies brought Americans together like never before. I've never seen the establishment hate someone so much for turning on them. That's how I knew he was genuine and I can see it when he speaks.

    so many idiots just don't understand the value of Trump and what he is really fighting. Now we are stuck with an idiot dementia patient sellout and they want to continue to talk shit about Trump supporters. It's simply fascinating the level of ignorance on display by Trump haters.

    Hell no the constitution wouldn't be passed today. First they'd never allow the second amendment. They are pushing the UN agenda 30 agenda now. It comes no where close to the constitution. You see, back then we had leaders who wanted freedom from government feudalism. Now we have leaders who embrace it and treat us like cattle because they believe they are superior humans over the rest.

    The one amendment that should have never been passed, is the 17th amendment which allows individuals to vote for Senator rather than the representatives. Now all they gotta do is corrupt the largest cities/counties and boom, that's your Senator. Before representatives voted for Senator which normally meant that smaller populated rural areas had better representation of who became Senator. The democrats of course controlled congress in 1913 and the presidency under Woodrow Wilson. Guess what was also passed later in 1913? The Federal Reserve. This is partially why you have senators who have stayed in their positions for 40 years. Rural areas don't have representation for their senators anymore.

    Oregon itself is beautiful but the long winter of rain and cloudiness can get to you. Especially when it gets dark at 4pm.

    Unfortunately the state is ran by a governor who screws its own people. The CAT tax they just put on businesses there who make over a million in revenue (nothing) are now getting hosed. The water irregagation situation, and her lack of doing anything about rampant homelessness and drug use. The real issue is that Multnomah County is so big that it steals the votes from Troutdale and Gresham which are more conservative. With the mail in voting fraud Republicans will never win again. They are completely fucked.

    Wife and I had to leave Portland because it was ran by 12 year olds who didn't know how to clean up their room. Just the worst homeless zombies and craziest tent/RV cities I've ever seen. It was so bad. The whole mask thing really pissed me off. I'd have to watch 10 year olds playing indoor tennis in the summer in 95 degree stale heat. It really enraged me. The wife and I decided that most people there are just sheep and have submitted to destruction of their own city and rivers to the slow motion zombie apocalypse. What a mess.

    Really loved Hood River and a few other towns out there. It's just unfortunate the state is ran by complete fucking morons.

    You morons and geezers and moronic geezers will say or do literally anything to advance your agenda of giving away all of the money and all of the power to a handful of billionaires who are accountable to no one. You dipshits are literally royalists. You desperately want to be ruled over by a "strong man".

    Wait, which side is using Soros money, Bill Gates, Bezos, Klous Scwabs, among many other extremely wealthy "filanthropist" money to meet in Davos and discuss the world government takeover. I'll wait.

    That's the thing about commies. ALL the freedom loving, WORKING people could move to FLA and cede the other 49 to the commies (which they would turn into a really large Venezuela in short order)

    Would they be happy? Fuck no. They would just stare at that map of the former US and seethe at that little peninsula in the bottom right corner, and expend maximum effort to bring it into the fold. They NEVER EVER stop trying to spread their religion, NEVER EVER want to 'reach across the aisle' which is why they will eventually win

    Exactly what would happen. My issue is the Republicans are just too damn nice and trying to play by "rules" that the left doesnt play by for their "morality" or some shit. Conservatives need to start physically kicking some ass. Like legit scaring and hurting the piss out of these people trying to sexualize kids. Fear and pain is the only thing that will stop these people.

    Yes, if it had a 10-key number pad on the right. I still gotta work.

    Same thing I was thinking. Strange no 10 key. I guess because its a "gaming" keyboard.... but I don't get it. Damn kids these days.

    I bought a mechanical keyboard recently, and I am very unimpressed with it. Sure, the keys click a little bit, and are smooth, but they actually activate at the slightest touch. Big PITA in my opinion.

    I am having the same freaking issue. The amount of times I have hit backspace is x10 what it use to be. I wonder if sensitivity can be adjusted? I'm totally with you there.

    annnnnd just like that, its none other than the FBI proving my point that they are disingenuous and not acting in good faith. Then they wonder why their credibility is in shambles.

    I'll give you an example. I could say. "The government was using means to silence people on reddit and ban their accounts for speaking out about certain subjects".

    You could say. That's a "conspiracy theory because you don't have any real proof, even though you believe it, that doesn't make it true".

    In this case, both arguments are rationally correct.

    Now, when I post this from Elon Musk saying the government was actively involved in silencing reddit accounts. It is no longer a "theory".

    If you came back and said that I am still pushing a conspiracy theory, you would not be acting with logical reasoning or good faith and therefore be the one using emotional psychological blockers to not accept the reality of the argument.

    This is particularly why I don't like Democrats, and what I find the problem with debating them is.

    The thing about conspiracy theories and the people who are devoted to em? The people who believe and spread the word can never figure out why no one else is as pumped up about that stuff as they are.

    So what if the 'facts' are not 100% accurate? there are dozens more almost accurate facts to prove the theory. Most do not see the point..I mean spending hours. To most? at best the theories are a huge maybe. Add in a healthy dose of 'what is the difference' and well... a lot of things.


    There is difference between saying something vague that is a theory vs doing research on an individual circumstance and coming to a conclusion from that research, then having that conclusion be construed as a "conspiracy theory" in the terms of discrediting it by using a vague theory. While it still may be a theory, the term "conspiracy theory" is a term designed to instantly discredit research that goes against the communities popular mainstream knowledge of it. Therefore the term becomes a psychological (emotional) meaning, not a scientific one.

    Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
    45th President of the United States of America

    This was the real announcement. Not sure exactly why he did both at the same time, maybe to get the media to cover his NFT and market the hell out of it for him, while throwing the slight in there for his Internet Bill of Rights campaign.

    BTW: Superman the movie came out exactly 44 years to the day of this NFT release.

    Also: 1700 days = Q proof Q = 17

    You could say there was some thought put into this

    Agreed though the Russian government has never been an alley of the American or even it's own people. There are tens of millions of dead people and great misery inflicted on the world thanks to their behavior over the last hundred years. Unfortunately now the American government has a lot more in common than ever with the Russian and Chinese gov than it ever did before.

    They actually helped us win the revolutionary War and gifted us Alaska. Before the soviets took over after they killed the Czar, they were actually pro American ideals and helped us In a few battles.