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    You want to get back to somewhat normal, wear a mask and get the jab. The less Petrie dishes around the better.

    Show some empathy for those ICU workers who have been on the Front Line for 18 months.

    How is a mask not a literal Petrie dish? Why aren't there biohazard locations for throwing away masks? How many masks are flooding the oceans wrapping around little baby seals? Why don't you care about little baby seals being wrapped with Petrie dish masks?

    Have yall seen the vids of people in camps in Australia? Shit is nuts. They all thought I was crazy on the AH BBs. Seems everyday I'm a little less crazy and lot more researched than they are. I know the dudes in Australia who play AH probably aren't mocking me anymore.

    We are very close to war in America against the government.

    Watch and share this video. This guy has put it all on the line. Not with weapons, but with speech. This is a true hero who is tired of the bullshit going on in the military, and he is completely right.

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    Banning of accounts, book banning on websites, cannot go against their narrative.

    Using neighbors as tattle tails.

    Trying to ban guns from citizens.

    Massive levels of state propaganda against citizens.

    Psychological subversion and manipulation

    Attacking businesses not towing the narrative.

    The list goes on. The only thing they really don't have is a powerful Furher like Hitler who controls the military. That's one good thing.

    The teacher called back and denied doing or saying anything like that. She said she's never had a problem with our daughter. The wife explained in great detail how she will never have a problem with her. And that staff better be playing by the same rules that apply to the children regardless of their vacc status.

    The wife then called a friend with a daughter in our daughter's class. The child recalled the incident exactly the same as our daughter. So the teacher flat out lied to my wife. I have a feeling round 2 is coming up very soon.

    What you should do is take your daughter to a really cool spy gadget store. Perhaps it would be a fun experience. Then set her up a secret camera. Straight project Veritas that teacher and see if she does anything wild. If so, email it to as many parents as you can, along with the school board and whoever. Boom! Dunsky.

    Anyone who disregards George Soros who already admitted in an interview that destroying America will be his greatest accomplishment is obviously part of his evil crusade. He already admitted to destroying economies using currency manipulation and is the one funding Antifa and the global one world slave government. Secondly, why does every clown agent refer to being "anti-Semitic for attacking George soros and the Rothschilds for their actions? They certainly don't represent all Jews, infact Goerge Soros sold out his own jewish family the Nazis. Lynn De Rothchild was working hand in hand with Hillary Clinton. In multiple emails that were released. There is obviously a clear connection there. Why do the liberals LOVE their fascist banking cartels so much? I love how they always try to connect Trump with Epstein but not Bill and Hillary Clinton who actually went to the island, along with all of the scientist he was working with and Bill Gates connections. Why don't they ever talk about the scientist he was working with? You see how they cover up, hide, and project it all on Trump? They only want you to think he's only associated with Trump. That's how you know how corrupt and sick these people are. Trump was merely a Spy, he even wrote a tweet about it. He took down Espstien, exposed him, exposed the island, took down Ghislane, provided evidence in court against him, (no liberals did that).

    Remember, Epstein Island was only a conspiracy theory 10 years ago. Now exposed like never before. Only Q talked about Rachel Chandler. Why don't the liberals want to talk about her?

    That's what parents are for Violator.

    Majority of parents are both working now and because of that, most kids only have about 4 hours with their parents a day, outside of the weekends. on top of that, most parents do not posses all of these skills or have the ability to consistently train them. Many are practicing sports which don't mean much in the real world. Once the 2000s kids start having kids, they won't have many of the skills I talked about and Therefore won't be able to pass them down. I think these skills would be far more beneficial to be taught in schools to train them on a regular basis where the parents don't have the skills or the luxury or time.

    Guaranteed this is a much larger issue and no doubt the school knew about it. This guy (and the school and larger school system) deserves all of the wrath that is coming to them for trying to indoctrinate children and turning them into political radical pawns. Along with the child abuse of prolonged dirty mask wearing blocking oxygen and breathing massive amounts of CO2 back into their lungs. Of course this is happening on a much larger scale and it's time for parents to bring hell.

    The entire education system needs a revamp. There are some good things about sitting in a desk and learning on a white board, but it shouldn't be the only practice. They do not teach outdoor survival. They do not teach cooking your own meals on a regular basis and really learning nutrition. They do not teach practical applications like plumbing, woodworking, painting, design, engine maintenance, foundation building, fishing, hunting and animal knowledge, and other creative building activities with your hands. School does not teach you how to maintain a functional life. It teaches you how to sit at a desk and remember things with your mind and write them out. Again, not a bad thing. But should not be the ONLY thing. I would say that the current school system far advantages the girl, and of course it's proven statistically that they perform better in school in reading and writing. Boys were not meant to sit still in desks all day long. We come from thousands of years of hunting and building, you do none of that in school today.

    I'm just curious when we are allowed to threaten

    Out of 1.4 million. Go panic somewhere else.

    I like to say it like this. Just imagine having 600 dollars in your bank. Compare that with having 1.4M dollars.

    That's a huge freaking margin wouldn't you say?