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    So the left pic in the meme that shows Greta and Arnold, and the right shows Arnold in an assumed diesel powered hummer.

    When were the pics taken? Greta, 2019 or better probably. Arnold got the first H1 off the assy line in 1992...

    So... was he getting into a diesel hummer after seeing Greta as the meme would seem to suggest?

    It simply means he's another "do as I say" jackass. Cause I'm pretty sure that pic of him with the H2 isn't from 92...

    Police uncover treasure hiding in a WWI bomb inside Lansing home

    Jake Vigna 2 hrs ago


    LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - When was the last time you searched your home for hidden items? Given the circumstances of the last year and a half, that may have been very recently. If so, what did you find? Probably a few old photos or maybe a family heirloom right?

    Police found the non-live bomb in a Lansing home.© Provided by Lansing WILX-TV Police found the non-live bomb in a Lansing home.

    Police uncover treasure hiding in a WWI bomb inside Lansing home (

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    I let my best friend borrow my custom .270 years ago for a hunting trip. I was sitting in our local bar when he returned and he saw my truck so he swung in. Now he was a real smartass so he walks in with it slung over his shoulder. And he plants it next to me leaning it up against the bar. There were maybe 2 other people in the bar. I tell him he's a jackass as I grab it to take it to my truck. Instinctively I grabbed the bolt and opened it. A 130gr Remington corelock went end for end thru the air and onto the floor. I didn't bother stopping to pick it up. Just told him not to ever ask to borrow any of my guns again.

    I'm still confused as to why live rounds were needed. And if they were really needed for whatever reason, a live weapon should not have left the armour's sight. She shares fault as does the person who picked it up and handed it to the dumb fuck that pulled the trigger. He owns the lion's share of the blame, zero doubt about that. And if it's true he pointed and pulled the trigger because he was pissed, probably another avenue of liability there. At the very least he needs to be sued out of existence.

    The oven will give you the best bacon. That's how we used to make it at the restaurant I worked at

    We line the baking sheet with tinfoil and just a shot of cooking spray. After the bacon is done let the sheet cool till the bacon grease cools down. Then just remove the tinfoil. Easiest clean up there is for cooking bacon ever.