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    What they did in VA was a year long study to identify 'underserved' areas, then they created a pecking order, and each area (many different counties) had to compete against each other to vie for the available funds, after it was determined what it would cost... This this has been ongoing for a few years


    In other news:

    ABINGDON—Governor Ralph Northam today announced that Virginia plans to invest $700 million in American Rescue Plan funding to expedite the deployment of last-mile broadband infrastructure to unserved areas and close the digital divide within the next three years. This proposal will accelerate the Governor’s 10-year goal for achieving universal internet access from 2028 to 2024, with the majority of connections obligated within the next 18 months. In May, Governor Northam and General Assembly leaders released a joint statement outlining shared priorities for allocating the $4.3 billion in federal funds available to the Commonwealth from the American Rescue Plan.

    We are planning on submitting Multiple VATI applications this year to try and bring universal coverage to the County.

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    It's about $9 billion a year shoveled into that hole before Covid. This would be a $51 billion infusion not including covid school funding. Here is the burbs every kid gets a hotspot and chromebook free.

    Funny thing if you go to rural parts of Texas the Democrat halls are still standing.. sorta along with faded signs that haven't been touched in decades.

    Sounds like you are enjoying the Cox situation. This should make it more fun. The activists behind rural broadband don't give a fuck about your connection speed. It's about increasing government's share of broadband distribution as much as possible since it's a "public utility".

    Can't say how much Federal money is in this

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    The Virginia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI) extends broadband service to currently unserved areas. VATI prepares communities to build, utilize, and capitalize on telecommunications infrastructure with the goal of creating strong, competitive communities.

    For broadband planning information and resources, visit

    I have unlimited cell data, it's cheaper than my internet-only Comcast bill by a longshot. Ping times are the same. I get sub 50ms in the middle of paintball fields.

    The Biden admin is pitching this as their version of the Rural Electrification Act, by lying about the numbers without broadband and ignoring the fact that the real number has always been rapidly shrinking without their interference. It's also an obsolete concept with 5G coming.

    I have unlimited data ALSO. However, I don't watch tv nor play video games on my PHONE. I need to use its hot spot, which gets choked off at 30 gigs. We pay $65 for an additional 90 gigs we use via a jet pack. Even then, we have to watch everything on low res, and our download speed it's about 4.5 meg. Any large downloads have to be done elsewhere and then somehow brought back to the house. It's better than nothing, but it isn't passable high speed, and wife can't do her job from the house.

    I had a long running fight with our County commissioners about this, when they allowed Cox cable to have exclusive rights to our County some 15 years ago, they should have told them they had a decade or two to have everything strung up of course they didn't. Trump recognized this problem in 2016--because rural voters are largely Republicans the Democrats have never given a fuck about them.

    Anyhow, since they've been forcing schools to operate remotely, it's become a big deal, as so many homes have zero access to enough bandwidth to have zoom meeting. There's a bunch of covid money that is apparently contributing (being matched by the cable company) to rural hi speed

    Running a wire to you is one of the dumbest investments the public could possibly make. It is far more cost effective to add cell towers, but there's no glamour in that and doesn't "create enough jobs".

    Well, it would revitalize the Asian midget porn industry. Anyhow, the consumer cost per gig is tons more for cell vs any sort of land based provider. I expect the same argument happened with electricity and telephone

    $1 trillion bill. Less than $50 billion of it is for roads last I checked. They're spending twice that on Rural Broadband, which is the least necessary thing in America to expand given that it is well served already and the gov's prior attempts at fed and state levels tanked and were sold off for pennies on the dollar to private industry. The latter part is what it's really about. The sell off to private industry friends.

    Harrumph. MY internet consists of a 25' fiberglass pole strapped to my chimney, with an omni-directional antenna on top, which in turn feeds a cell phone booster that gives us 4G in about a 10' x 10' area. They're saying we MIGHT get cable in a year or so. In the city? They've (even public housing) gone from DSL to cable to fiber to the front door

    Deaths AREN'T going up. Britain is a month ahead of the US on the delta thing, and THEIR deaths haven't gone up. They're even talking vaccines intended for children and giving them to poor shithole countries