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    or possibly take off your half dozen masks and let the hamster spinning that wheel get some air. He’s overheating .

    Like I said. "You are the mouth that causes snores."

    I just went over 10 pages of my posts where I spoke of masks dating back to when I first came back here a year ago. I haven't been able to find a single one that said you should or should have to wear a mask outside. In fact. Quite the contrary.

    You should be happy when I agree with yo on something. It typically means you like the proverbial blind squirrel managed to finally get something right and find a lone acorn.

    If I had to guess. I'd say there was a nest near by

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    Forest backroads offering shortcuts through farmland and lake valleys.

    I rarely take highways anywhere if I can help it. And most of the time I can help it. I usually find that when you take into consideration highway traffic and that most of the time highways are rarely a direct line to where I am going. Taking a highway over going back roads only saves me on average about 5-10 minutes on 90% of my trips of an hour or less. And I get to see all the nice scenery and pass through all sorts of cool little towns.

    Many words do not intelligence make.

    False prophet worshiper, I am responding to individual posts. If you think that was many words. you should stick to your Dick and Jane books. They seem to be the only thing you and Razer have no trouble comprehending.

    I seem to remember You being religious. JayyyZUS is gonna fuck you up when he sees you.

    Last I checked he wasnt into that whole false idol thing.

    If there is nothing to hide, why fight it. To me that makes me think that "Hey maybe there is something really fucked up here". Now if Biden had been in Trumps shoes, if they wanted an audit let em. Was the election stolen, possibly, lets see what an actual audit turns up.

    How is the audit progressing so far?

    Ok. the same argument could be made for the 2016 election. Yet that was fought tooth and toenail too

    Does that mean you believe illegal ballots were counted?

    Perhaps some. But not enough to likely make a difference. And those illegal ballots likely went both ways, Just as I showed on the thread that had the claims of more votes than registered voters. The worst counties in the worst states mostly went to Trump. Not Biden.

    I do not believe in mail in ballots unless you are out of the country or completely incapacitated and I believe that you should have to prove you are legally eligible to vote.

    And again I think that voter fraud that does take place almost assuredly takes place on both sides. It would be absurd to think otherwise. And while I dont think any process is going to be fool proof I think everything that can realistically be done, should be done to minimize it.

    Since none of the courts have ever heard the evidence how can someone say it's been refuted?

    Democrats are certainly worried about something in AZ. I say we find out and if it's found that everything was on the up and up then no harm.

    Since you typically have to show some sort of credible legal standing or some degree of credible evidence for a court case to move forward. and lawyers tend to put forth the information that provides the best chance for a case to move forward. A better question might be that if there was so much credible evidence then why is it that even Trumps own appointed judges and what is now definitively right leaning SCOTUS even as recent as April 19th keep tossing the cases?

    If these cases had merit. Or there were all this credible evidence as is claimed. One would expect that the given the leanings of the SCOTUS that they, or the Trump appointed Judges would let the cases proceed so that all this alleged evidence would be seen by the courts. But that isnt what we are seeing. And its not even close.

    So either ALL the lawyers bringing forth all these cases totally and completely suck.

    Orrr the cases have no merit and/or the evidence isnt all its hopped up to be.

    Go along to get along... it's the Homo Housepainter way.

    Nope. You obviously dont know me, or have not been paying attention, as that is the one thing I have never been. If I was the go along to get along I would be consistently taking sides with one side or the other on every subject regardless of what was the truth or facts were...much like you do. Instead I am likely to go against whichever side I believe to be wrong regardless of party affiliation.

    I buy into realism. Not pathetic fantasy. UNLIKE you and the mouth that causes snores (Bronk).

    When the accusations were made against Trump with the whole "Russian Collusion" nonsense I called it nonsense and said it should still be looked into. This time I also said Its nonsense but should be looked into. In both cases there doesnt seem to be any credible evidence of anything significant enough to change the outcome. STILL It all needs to be looked at to be able to prevent even small actions by unscrupulous characters.

    I also SUPPORT the changes in election laws such as what has taken place in GA..

    So how is that going along to get along?

    The election was stolen, plain and simple. If you can't see that you are either blinded by your leftism or just plain simple.

    It wasnt stolen it was lost. Shit, I've been able to easily piss on most of the alleged evidence put forth there with relative ease. This election was no more stolen from Trump than Trump stole the election in 2016.

    If you dont see that you are simply a blinded idiot that believes in fairy tales, or You willingly worship at the alter of a false prophet and are willing to accept whatever the orange skinned beast feeds you as blindly as a rag headed mooslam with explosives strapped to his body believes that blowing himself up will get him 100 virgins.

    You are believing what you WANT to believe just like a religious zealot. and just like that Mooslam. You willingly do more to hurt your cause with your antics then help it.

    We know the election was stolen regardless of what this audit finds. There are a lot of idiots in this country, even 80 million, but most of those are too lazy to vote.

    Bullshit. there still is no credible evidence of enough fraud to overturn the election.

    Haveing a bunch of unqualified idiots with scanners looking for bamboo infused paper or online youtube comedians falsely going claiming addresses dont exist that do, wont change it.

    I voted FOR Trump. He lost. Its time to move on or it wont go any better in 2022 because continuing with this utter nonsense is going to do more hurt the republicans than help in spite of the Dems best efforts to fuck themselves with their critical race bullshit

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