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    Trump was commenting on research being done at Sianai involving putting UV light through catheters inserted into the chest cavities of intubated patients to disinfect the upper respiratory tract.

    He probably shouldn't have been commenting on it at all given that his familiarity with the concept was passing at best.

    Hence I intentionally did mention the notion of using light. I know light in various forms is used all the time in internal medicine.

    When I worked at the hospital I called out once saying i had to take off because one of my ancestors died. When the Dept manager asked me the next day what happened and how they died I smiled and said "I dont know. it was like 100 years ago" It was THEN that he realized what I had said when I called out. He just shook his head and said he should have known.

    I've also called out sick saying Im taking a sick of work day


    That I was suffering from a bad case of "BASSitous"

    MIT study.

    Wrong. There is no such MIT study that makes any such mortality claim that you state. Likely you got it from some internet MEME

    Unless you can actually prove otherwise.

    Provide the study and quotes to back your claim

    Actually, an MIT study released recently says you and the CDC were wrong.


    Actually..,.No. It would seem you are the one who is wrong.

    I can find no such MIT study of which you claim. the best I can find is an MIT study on distancing indoors And also supports mask use

    “inadequacy of the Six-Foot Rule in mitigating indoor airborne disease transmission.”


    “Our study highlights the fact that efficient mask use provides an extremely effective means of
    limiting indoor transmission of COVID-19, in that masks mitigate both short-range transmission from respiratory flows and long-range airborne transmission,”

    Here is your actual study


    And here is an article by cnet which covered the study.…t-than-social-distancing/

    I saw that interview. Trump was asking about the possibility of injecting a substance into the body that would be deadly to the virus...

    Yes. He was stupidly suggesting the absurd possibility of injecting a disinfectant.

    The 0:23 mark

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    Lol how would the businesses have failed if there had been no lockdowns even if the pandemic spread like wildfire? Every age category has a better than 99.9% survival rate.

    Sorghum you're a fucking dumbass.

    While we may be approaching that number. The 99.9% claim is a false claim overall. I defy you to provide the credible data that shows that that isnt just some internet MEME

    The survival rate has not been the same as the flu for known cases.

    In fact the current case fatality rate for known cases in the US is 1.6%. Far more than the .1% of your/ claim

    If you want that 99.9 percent survival rate you claim. Move to Singapore or Burundi. But be warned. Each of those places have strict mask requirements when outside your home in place

    Bleach DOES kill the virus. I looked it up.

    You might want to reconsider the path you have taken. It dead ends in a dark and thorny wilderness.

    Trump suggested injecting disinfectants. He claimed later he was being sarcastic. Its obvious he wasnt.

    Milo pointed out that Fauci and all the scientists told Trump that the wuflu would go away when the weather got hot.


    Bullshit usual. IF Trump said that he was likely hearing only what he wanted to hear.

    March 27, 2020

    "If the new coronavirus behaves like a typical virus the warm and humid American summers could help drive it underground until winter.

    But, Anthony Fauci, MD, direct or of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said Thursday: “Don’t count on it.”....…summer-driving-virus-away

    March 30, 2020

    "One popular ray of hope: warm weather. After all, the seasonal flu and milder strains in the coronavirus family tend to spike in winter and dwindle in spring.

    Will the novel coronavirus also work that way? Experts say don’t get your hopes up.

    What experts are saying

    New research out of Europe suggests the pandemic may not simply vanish in the summer months, and medical experts say the virus is too new, and it’s too early in the season, to determine how it’s affected by weather and climate."…virus-fade-in-summer-heat

    April 9, 2020

    "Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious disease expert, says don't assume the coronavirus will fade during warm weather.

    Fauci told ABC's "Good Morning America" there's a precedent with other infections like influenza that "when the virus gets warmer that the virus goes down in its ability to replicate, to spread.

    But Fauci added "having said that, one should not assume that we are going to be rescued by a change in the weather. You must assume that the virus will continue to do its thing. If we get some help from the weather, so be it, fine. But I don't think we need to assume that."…nal-update-fauci/6089537/

    He did say It was possible to start returning to normal in the summer IF people did the things they needed to do to prevent a resurgence.

    "Just two weeks to flatten the curve". A year+ later it's still ongoing. Absent the recommendation of the CDC that stupid shit wouldn't have happened

    The CDC only made the recommendations. It did its job. It is your local politicians that provided, or in some cases didnt provide the mandate.

    Sorry, but the science says it still wasnt stupid. Or at least not as stupid as the people that deny it. Usually because of their political stance. Not the science...which is stupid.

    But again. The government has the longstanding authority to regulate business and how they operate. And even without the government doing so. Businesses are free to have such requirements both of their employees and their customers

    The CDC recommendations on The Dietary Guidelines for Americans advises that adults who choose to drink should do so in moderation—defined as up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men. However, the guidelines do not recommend that people start drinking for any reason.

    Quite a few obviously ignore those recommendations and do not see them as restrictions to your rights

    In fact the CDC has recommendations on an entire host of things that largely get ignored.

    As far as what states and companies follow. reread what I said above.

    If your employer wants you to wear this outfit for whatever reason. You either wear it, or work someplace else

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    OhEmGee. You seriously don’t know? When the CDC bloviates, local businesses and governments rush to insure compliance to avoid possible litigation. My company is basing their draconian mask policies on CDC recommendations. Half of us said ‘fuck it’ and stopped wearing them, not a peep.

    You seriously don’t get that or are you just being obtuse again?

    The CDC has done nothing to restrict your rights. All the CDC has done is issue its recommendations. Recommendations for you (in public), or your state, or employer to follow or not. they arent bound by these CDC recommendations.

    Its your state and local politicians and in some cases, businesses who have "restricted your rights".

    Though that claim really doesnt apply except when you are out in public on the street or on your own private property. When states mandate business restrictions, they have the full authority to do so. And even without a state or government mandate, businesses have the right to do what they want, and this isn't the only thing they do.

    Your company if it so chooses can also mandate what, and what type clothing and equipment you wear which can exceed even state regulations

    Do you complain about having to wear a shirt and shoes into a restaurant? There is not a single state that has that as a law. Yet businesses often require it anyway

    Proof of what? that this specific group didnt attack anyone at this specific moment? There are many videos that show other groups including buffalo head as part of a group doing otherwise. They were NOT "invited" in.The moment they entered they were trespassing. the cops here were likely simply trying to rationalize with the group in order to try and prevent it getting uglier

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    If Biden has his way the CDC will restrict your rights. You won't be a free citizen without a covid vaccination. I draw the line at this.

    How is the CDC as an entity, specifically restricting your rights?