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    The idiots and irrational thinking among you wouldn't get so lucky

    Iron. You are about as capable of seeing the truth as a blind man with a hood on his head is in seeing the top of Mount Everest at night. You.. like The Senile only see what you want to see.

    Lazs is only scary to very small children and sickly old mice. His days of intimidating or scaring anyone over the age of say...6 months have long since left him.

    And for the record twit. I don't cut and paste entire articles. only the pertinent portions of them and I include the links if you want to read the rest. YOU are the one who only posts things that you like. Typically from an opinion piece. Just like the news networks you watch. And you have proved more than once that your speed reading "comprehension" claim at best leaves a lot to be desired.

    Believe it or not. UNLIKE clowns like Lazs The Delusional Senile My entire life doesn't revolve around what goes on here.

    I do have other things to do. ANND I figured I'd wait till some of the sky screaming and bullshit claims to abate a bit. Sometimes when children throw temper tantrums its best to just shut the door and ignore them till they calm down some what.

    Fuck'n weaklings acting like screaming, whining, and crying Democrats. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Dont be overly shocked if your Rumpelstiltskin like antics end up costing the senate too.

    BTW...Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

    Actually, I DO , Sluggish. I grew up during that era, and I liked their music. But in retrospect, it isn't as good as it was cracked up to be.

    People of various eras often feel their was the best music when compared to what followed.

    "They dont make songs like that anymore" Probably dates back almost to when cave men beat on their chests and groaned and grunted

    98% of the Beatles catalog is throw away songs written for little girls and made popular by top 40 radio stations.

    Fucking. Junk.

    While you are certainly entitled to your own tastes and opinion.

    The vast majority of the civilized planet disagrees with you. And that would include performers who claim to have been heavily influenced by the Beatles. Such as Dave Grohl of Nirvana, Joe Walsh, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Billy Joel,Bruce Springsteen, Cheap Trick, Oasis, Paul Weller,and Pink Floyd

    The Beatles have sold more than 600 MILLION records world wide. To put that into context. That is more world wide sales than Led Zeppelin (300 million), the Rolling Stones (240 million),

    and Jimi Hendrix (30 million) combined.

    the point just flew right past the housepainter. The point is that the masks are killing thousands of small business . I am an unwilling participant in that. No.... I am not gonna eat out in a porous tent when it is 40 degrees out. I am going shopping as little as possible because it has become a depressing event. We are killing an entire generation so far as business and schooling and addictions and depression.


    THIs has to be one of your more stupid statements. Which is a pretty tough feat considering the number of outright stupid statements you make.

    MASKS are not killing businesses. The business lockdowns (which I do not support) are.

    You must either not be fully awake yet and/or not had your coffee.

    I didnt say that at all. That entire assertion is as ridiculous as it is to compare Amazon and success of regular stores over masks. Amazon was already doing better than many stores even before the virus.

    And the comparison between the two unless is apples and oranges.

    This is true. Typically as I have asserted many times it takes at least 18 months. The good news is something is being rolled out in record time. And we will have multiple vaccines which is important for reasons I'll explain later

    The bad news is that out of sheer necessity, corners had to be cut. Phase 3 trials for example have been shortened from 1-3 years to only a couple of months. The length of trials are important because that is how they determine length of effectiveness, safety, and short term side effects. It is in this case, also why they dont know if once you have been vaccinated whether or not you can still transmit the virus.

    So what we have is everyone taking the vaccine is going to be in essence a rolling together of phase 3 and 4. Phase 4 is where then typically monitor the longer term effectiveness, side effects and is also where they compare it to those other multiple vaccines I mentioned.

    Vaccines have an overall success rate of about 33%. In this case the success rate will likely be somewhat higher as two of the lessor reasons for failure wont be an issue. Namely funding and participation

    I don't think anyone will be forced to get it. But life could become difficult if places will only admit people who have had it. I will have it because

    • it is demonstrated to be safe


    Just as there is no way to prove how effective it will be for a given length of time but for time to tell.

    That is the only way we will ultimately know how safe it is or how many, if any problems are developed from it years down the road.

    Until then it will likely be believed to be safe for most people (nothing is 100%) and likely will ultimately be shown to be safe, at least in the short term. they can model things all they want. But even the most advanced weather models sometimes get things wrong. Because at the end of the day. Reality rules. And there is no substitute for time

    Saw a half dozen otw from from NC yesterday, including an 8 pointer

    My wife often has to drive around groups of that many just leaving our neighborhood when she heads to work in the morning as even when they do move they only do so at a leisurely stroll. Half the time you can pretty much just walk right past them and they just look at you.

    The following picture came about as I left the house to go pick up some Chink chow one night. The walkway I took to the driveway where the car was parked took me to within no more than 15-20 yards of them. I didnt notice them till I backed out of the driveway and my headlights hit them.

    You can see how worried they were

    Im hearing that there have been an unusually large number of triplets that were born this year. With so many people deciding to grow their own COVID vegetable gardens. There has been no shortage of food for them.

    My brother in law sometimes has to shoo them off his lawn so my sister in law can get into her car because she is afraid of them. Even then they dont exactly run away but more like give him a dirty look and just kinda amble on at a leisurely pace to the next yard

    Wish I could find the picture the preceded this one. The one on the far left is looking at my brother in law who just did exactly that as we were driving by. Thats his house on the left. You can see the side door open

    Maybe you're pregnant.

    Post infection immunity vs vaccines and the length of their effectiveness and even long term effects.

    These are questions the answers wont be definitively known for years. Though the arguments over each will likely start long before that.

    While fairly rare. There have been several known and confirmed cases of people having been infected in the past, being re infected.

    As for vaccines and mask wearing. They dont yet know if you are vaccinated if you can still transmit the virus itself or not…-can-transmit-virus-after

    As for being vaccinated. While I am not of the anti Vaccination variety for they typical children vaccination. For adults. Do what you want just like for the flu vaccine. But dont complain if you get something.

    Me personally. I dont get the flu vaccine, I've had the flu exactly twice (so far). I had the Hong Kong flu when I was a kid. and I had it again a couple of months after finishing Chem when my immune system was still suppressed from those cocktails. I joke that Ive lived and worked around total filth enough in 59 years to build my immunity level for just this moment.

    My overall notion for this vaccines is the same as the adage "never buy or fly in the model "A" of anything. I may eventually get it. But just like when I buy a newer version of Windows. I wait for several fixes first.

    Funny how when you talk good covers Metallica is involved

    Hadnt heard that cover version of Whiskey in the Jar Before. Pretty good one at that.

    This song is probably technically one of the most covered songs in history considering it dates back 400 years.…story/origins-whiskey-jar

    There are a few other versions I like including this one which has a bit of a long winded but interesting intro.

    I like music thatis performed well and can certainly enjoy covers as much as I can the original artists. In a few cases I actually like the cover version BETTER then the original.

    The following is such a case in point. a version I not only like better. But I like very much better than the original.