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    Wife had this on the other day. It was just starting when I walked into the room to ask her something. I had no intention on watching this as I had something else to do.

    I ended up staying and watching the entire thing

    Pretty cool.

    My dogs follow me into the kitchen whenever I go in there to see what good food I'm going to get to share with them. My golden. as soon as he see's me take out the peanut butter jar, turns around and walks away. He's played this game too many times to trust me.

    Neither dog will take peanut butter from me by hand. So. What i do is I take a big blob of it and put it on a piece of bread. they look and stare at ti for a while but eventually neither can resist and they will eat it. and if they get it butter side up it sticks to the roof of their mouth and there bread forms a barrier between their tongues and the peanut butter. Now if you REALLY want to keep them busy...and you laughing for a while. Put the peanut butter on a slice of rye bread and give it to them butter side up.

    This song brings back a specific memory that in turn reminds me of sooooo many other memories. My departed best friend Jimmy, Laura, Helen, Cindy (A chick I couldnt remember for the life of me her name till this very moment) Cindy LOVED this song. Us hanging out down at "The Brook" (now a soccer park) drinking quarts of Colt 45. Cindy and Helen in their halter tops and cutoff jeans singing this song...... Yea..good times.

    Huh. I don't believe I've touted the drug as a miracle cure. I'm responding to it being banned in several states. I didn't see a single thing mentioned that backs the notion of banning the drug.

    I'd also point out that the source you link deliberately ignores observational data and cites studies that are different that recommended treatments including zinc while dismissing those effects because some of the patients were "most likely taking zinc supplements". This isn't a comparative analysis. That should be readily apparent.

    So... stick to your insistence that the studies cited are more relevant than all the observational data and field experience. Differences be damned. It's almost like science.

    Observational studies are less meaningful for the reasons given. Were you not comprehending what the man was saying?

    As is pointed out in the video at around the 2:30 mark. If you give something to younger, already more healthy people with less underlying conditions. You can expect to see safer and more healthy results. Such studies are often mentioned in having a "High risk of bias"

    The problem with observational studies is they arent random and depending on how the study is done it can be slanted and even manipulated to achieve a specific result. Much like polling.

    Now I am NOT saying that is what all those observational studies were doing intentionally. But it is clear for example, that in at least one study (the one he cited at the 3:00 mark) the results were almost predictable based on how it was done. Randomized studies largely remove that possibility and paint a more balanced, and thus accurate picture.

    Observational studies are fine and to a certain degree and are certainly useful in noticing things that might need to be further looking into by randomized studies. I believe that is to a certain extent what he was referring to when speaking of the two.

    As far as zinc is concerned he mentions at 6:41that "there was no difference of effect among the 24% that reported zinc supplementation" which means that almost a quarter of that study were also taking zinc (not most likely) and no difference was recorded between hydro along and hydro with zinc.

    He also says that he isnt going to say that hydro has no effect. just that if it does. the effect is very small.

    Lastly, Also in reference to the Zinc additive. Note the date of the video. Many of the Hydro Plus Zinc studies were still being conducted and some to date still arent concluded. there is one that isnt set to conclude till December. However the most recent study I have been able to find is from an article dated Aug 7 that states

    "There is extremely limited evidence of poor quality that treatment of hospitalised COVID-19 patients with a combination of zinc, HCQ and AZT is associated with increased odds of being discharged home and reduced odds of death or being transferred to a hospice, compared with treatment with HCQ and AZT combined."

    If you can show me actual recent peer reviewed studies that arent merely claims from a political hack appearing on a news network that show otherwise. I'll be happy to look at and investigate them.

    The claim of me having TDS is laughable. Why would i defend him if I hated him and had TDS . I've probably defended him more often than I have been critical of him.

    HYDRO is safe. If used in conjunction with zythro and in a timely manner as a prophylactic it works.

    Show me the study please. Thus far I have seen claims of studies but no actual studies themselves.

    While initially thought to show promise in observational studies subsequent randomised studies had since dis-proven this theory. And Every actual most recent studies I have seen says that is shows no effectiveness as a prophylactic.

    If you know of one that is less than a month old Id be happy to look at it


    Well I wasnt talking to you now was I? Therefore it wasnt intended to be read by you now was it?

    So do everyone a favor and make like a good special needs retard and scroll on past till you get to some stick figure pictures or some other easy to understand artistry.

    You only complain likely because you are too fucking stupid to be able to comprehend what is written in it anyway.

    Now. Go away and let the adults fight in peace.

    Not sure what 'on the cusp' meant to the housepainter but 9 months out would seem to be on the cusp for timeline for a vaccine. certainly better than 18 months to 3 years.

    People died because of the hatred of Trump caused them to not allow a perfectly safe drug to be tried. They of course had useful idiots spreading their hatred on BB's and such. disgusting.


    The "cusp" to the senile one Im sure means however long it takes. Your memory is so shot Its a safe bet that like a dog you have little to no concept of time anymore anyway.

    It doesnt fucking work!

    The overwhelming body of legitimate evidence says so

    As for the study touted by the Australian shill in this thread. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to prove this so called study of study exists. and have been able to find nada. At this point I have to conclude it is likely to be a false claim.

    As for the safety. just within the last 3 days there are conflicting studies on this. One says it is perfectly safe. another says it isnt…eart-risks-230110425.html


    However the "safe' study only seems confirm that"hydroxychloroquine was not associated with deadly heart rhythms among patients with a low risk for arrhythmias"

    finally at the end of the article it says

    “The sooner we get answers from randomized controlled trials the better.

    “If it turns out hydroxychloroquine is effective for COVID-19, then let’s use it; if not, let’s abandon it. But this is not a time for speculation.”

    But..if you had watched the video I mentioned the doc there told us the results of randomized trials.

    THOSE trials. the ones taken more seriously have shown next to no difference between those that took Hydro and those that have not.

    STOP fucking counting on political hacks for your information

    And YOU missed the part where I said they were considering it. Which means that no decision had yet been made...


    No. I didnt. But even if they did. That does NOT mean what they put out there will be effective. (See quote in above post on FDA approval.)

    In this case. We all get to be part of a grand experiment because a drug will have been put out there for the general public that has been short cutted before it has been fully proven.

    and until we have one that has been proven effective. We dont have one.

    Again I want to get back to normal as son as possible too. There are plans I had and things I wanted to do that I cant now just like everyone else.

    But what is done has to be done responsibly. And we are talking about the well being of millions of people.

    Drediock, you are an idiot. There's no better description.

    Your arguments about the effectiveness of the medication are based solely on you hatred for one person. Prescription of this drug for treating COVID was made Illegal in a number of states... Dem states. Please find an example of a single other common prescription drug where that has happened. The drug wasn't pulled due to health concerns. It was banned for a treatment of a specific disease. This is pure TDS.

    You are a mere shill. Because you and some others base your arguments purely on political position.

    Im you think I hate Trump. I dont. I think he is an asshole. But I repeatedly have stated that I happend to also agree with a lot of his policies. There are also some posts here that i have made. Some fairly recently defending him. Sure doesn't sound like someone with TDS to me

    I dont hate anybody. My arguments are based on known data and known facts. Not politics. But. Ok. So if it was banned in Dem states. Then why arent the Rep states using it proving everyone else wrong? Why has most of the worlds nations stopped using it? Because in controlled studies it has been found to be ineffective

    Did you watch the video in the link I provided?

    Here it is again

    It is in easy to understand for most people a fair assessment of Hydro and the various studies and types of studies that have and are being done on the drug.

    He covers the two types of studies done. Observational and Random. Why one type is more relevant than the other type. Then he goes over the results of a bunch of studies. He also covers the pros and cons of the safety concerns where he does say it is generally safe. But does acknowledge there are some concerns.

    It really is a worthwhile watch

    You've missed the part where the FDA is considering waving the normally long and complicated testing criteria in order to get the vaccine into public hands quicker. That would be a first for them....

    And you missed the part where they hadnt done so yet. If they do, they STILL wont know how effective or safe it is because it will not have gone through the same rigorous testing necessary and done with every other drug to prove either. In essence the general public will then be the guinea pigs.

    To re use one of the quotes and links I used in one of my old posts on the subject

    "FDA Approval Does Not Mean the Drug or Vaccine Works Well

    However, a major caveat is that just because a drug or vaccine is deemed a success by receiving FDA approval does not mean it works particularly well. Why would the FDA approve something like that? Because there aren't any good alternatives. For instance, neither the antiviral drug Tamiflu nor the seasonal flu vaccine are particularly impressive. But, there's nothing better available."…nd-therapeutic-area-14845

    And liberals seem to be primarily concerned with getting "big government" regulating just about everything else in peoples lives.

    Dont think for a moment that liberals are one iota better than the right. You are both exactly the same with your insanities only in opposite directions.

    No matter who gets appointed the argument over guns and abortion isnt going anywhere because neither is going anywhere.

    Why? because both subjects are like race problems for Jessie Jackson. Neither side has a vested interest in the argument going away because as soon as they did. Like Jackson if the race issues were solved Each side would have to find something new to stump on to motivate their base just to keep them in business.