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    Was doing some work for a Realtor here. He thinks houses are over valued now and believes there is another housing bubble taking place.

    Not having looked into it I don know. Thats what he is saying though

    You tards have thoroughly bought into the notion that the crap you purchase makes you some kind of tough guy. Anybody can purchase pickups, gunz, and harley costumes. You're not impressing anybody except for other old, fat, weak, dumbfuck geezers. Nobody is scared of you. Nobody takes you seriously. Nobody is threatening you. We're just politely waiting for enough of you to die so that we can clean up the fucking mess you've created. Again.

    I know my past and some of the things Ive done. Things I am neither proud nor ashamed of.
    You go on boy. You keep underestimating the old fat geezers.

    Here is the problem with you waiting for us to die out though boy. In all of civilization..nothing has ever changed. you think you are going to? You're a joke. World history laughs at you. Its the same mess. Only the names of the people have changed. I see all you little cunts protesting. I get it. You want to be like your grandparents and stick it to the system with your counter culture bull shit. Rah rah!

    There is something you dont comprehend or notice. All those counter culture anti establishment protesters of the 60s went and got them some 40+ years of real life experience and now... THEY are the establishment. They are the same things now that they hated and protested so hard against then. Now it is them. In 40+ years its going to be you too. And you will be no different cept maybe you have some more real life experience to draw from then you do now. And it will be then you realize something.

    Its like that phrase or thing your parents always said to you that you HATED and swore you would never say to your kid. Then one day when you actually have kids you find yourself saying the same things that you hated...It is then you realize that they said them because they are true.... Boy

    We aren't the ones running through the streets like idiots torching and tearing down what we don't understand. Keep it on the fringes of the blue cities and have your tantrum. We'll happily ignore you.

    Not only that but In Minneapolis I heard the former mayor (also black) then being critical of them because they even destroyed the grocery stores.

    How smart they are to trash their own food supply.

    ACA was passed unconstitutionally. The SCOTUS exceeded its authority in changing a mandate to a tax after saying it and its "penalty" couldnt stand as a mandate. (Read Scalia's dissenting opinion.) The SC has no authority over taxation

    He went so far as to say "The court cannot rewrite statute to make it what it is not" which is exactly what the court did. The judiciary has no authority to write statute, Nor to declare or impose taxes.

    That is the responsibility of Congress. Thus the Court exceeded its Constitutional authority.

    ACA may be law for now. But that can be changed. So no. You dont have to love it or leave it.


    See. Now this is why I end up slamming you like you are an idiot. All I was doing was trying to have an intelligent conversation with you on this subject. Read it again. I didn't slap at you, put your or your opinion down, or call you anything even remotely derogatory. All I did was provide another point of view for discussion.

    I even used your own web search.

    And this is what you contribute.

    Had some company this weekend.

    The one laying down is the aunt of my lab(standing) and belongs to one of my sister in laws.

    I set the hose up just to send a small stream of water into the kiddie pool.

    The one laying down stayed there a full 1/2 hour just rolling around and laying there with the water running over her

    Annnd we also have one of my other sister in laws hawk bait.

    This one I get to babysit for a week while she is away.

    And since I have her. This is the first step into turning her into a real dog instead of just the cutsie prissy frail scared thing she came as.

    She is progressing nicely

    I've bought a few things from Harbor Freight. One time or infrequent use tools are often okay.

    Depends what you are buying and what you are using it for. Ive seen mixed reviews on power tools though Ive been tempted to pick up an HVLP just for chuckles.

    I've picked up a couple non mechanical things. like nut drivers for my cordless that I use to remove window treatments. Kinda hard to fuck those up,

    I did pick up a nice small collapsible lantern style flash light for camping that I use to hand inside the tent. Works remarkably well.

    They already know that answer. It has mutated several times already and become less deadly each time. It's thought that the East and West coasts got hit with different mutations of the same virus.

    Viruses mutate and become less deadly, it's basic science and evolution.

    Here's the link to my google search for "has the corona virus mutated?"

    There is conflicting thought on this front.

    The couple articles I briefly looked at seems ot be the the prevailing thought is the same as it was a month ago that while its becoming more contagious. It hasnt become more deadly. It also hasnt become less deadly either.

    Here is a couple of selected quotes from a link taken from your web search

    "The researchers believe this mutation is approximately 10 times more infectious than the original viral strain.

    Cho added, “The epidemiological study and our data together really explain why the [G variant’s] spread in Europe and the US was really fast. … This is not just accidental.”

    Although it’s certainly not good news, the positive aspect of the findings, at least so far, are that the genetic mutations do not seem to make the virus more—or less—deadly. The spike protein does not appear to have anything to do with the virus’ ability to reproduce (replicate) once it infects a cell. But it does make it easier for the cell to be infected."…ope-much-more-contagious/

    Of coarse this is a Chinese study, so....

    But, some of the other articles including the couple from the last few days that have mentiond the same type mutations seem to be mirroring the same general theme. Note they say the "new strain doesnt lead to more deaths" But they make no mention on it leading to less deaths either.…ID-19-strain-15391229.php

    My opinion it could be a combination of being better able to understand and treat and prevent the virus which is probably whats saving a lot more lives.

    And the virus could possibly be mutating in that direction.

    I was reading about this a while back where they mention virus's just like any other organism wants to survive. And it cant do that if it keeps killing its hosts. So it makes itself less lethal in order to survive.

    I was also hearing this is partially why Ebola And SARs aren't as widespread because they are so deadly they kill their hosts at a faster rate then they can transmit itself.

    Yep.... over 650k tests done a day now. I imagine that if we tested the common flu like that we would see far more cases than we have in the past.


    Which would in turn likely drive the known death rate down for flu too just as it does for COVID

    All things are relevant in this way.

    The Spanish Flu killed how many millions world wide? It killed at least 50 million world wide including 675,000 Americans before it mutated and became less deadly. 1 out of every three persons in the world got sick, the corona virus is nowhere near those numbers and likely never will be.

    Mutations of the flu now kill 250,000-690,000 people annually world wide depending on several factors including which strain is dominant that year.…die-of-the-flu-every-year

    Would the Spanish flu have killed as many people today?

    By the same token. How many would have died Had COVID hit in 1918?

    Our medicine and ability to spot trouble is light years better then it was in 1918

    Its likely a safe bet that had the two been switched we likely would have simply had similar results in reverse. I could easily envision COVID spreading at a similar rate in 1918

    Its unlikely we will see an event like we saw in 1918 because our technology and medical knowledge is so much more advanced