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    what's Facebook?

    I hear ya. I was on it for about 15 minutes like 5 years ago. the way I see it is other than being curious as to whatever happened to a couple of people from my long ago past I ave no use for it. People from my past that I want to be in contact with. I already am. And those I am not. I generally have a a reason to not deal with them. and those I have afore mentioned being curious about. I'm merely curious what happened to them. And not to strike up a new relationship with them.

    In my 15 minutes I accomplished that and have never been back

    That is accurate. however You realize that those red dots ONLY symbolize the vaccinatedNOT the un vaccinated.right?

    Something like 99% of the people dying from covid now are vaccinated and a similar percentage of those becoming severely ill are also likewise un vaccinated.

    The Trump vaccines are thusfar proving to be astoundingly successful and safe in spite of the lack of trust that was placed on them by the left like Cuomo who said he wouldn't trust any vaccine that came from Trump.

    The only question is the the long term side effects.

    But they dont even know that for about half the medication out there now that we all take regularly so...

    As for the vaccine. While it is true we dont know the long term side effects of the vaccine. they still dont know the long term side effects of many medicines.

    Those quacks are already being ridiculed for spreading false and inaccurate information.

    As for the clots. studies are showing people that do develop clots actually have less clots after the second dose than the first one. which means these clots are being absorbed by the body just as many clots to.

    As for the number of people developing clots or other adverse reactions. Thus far. A higher percentage of people have adverse effects to the blood pressure medicine Amlodopine and Losartan than the vaccine.

    You dont want the vaccine because you dont know the long (years down the road) term effects. Fine

    You dont want to take the vaccine because you dont believe in vaccines...fine.

    You dont want to take the vaccine simply because you dont want to take the vaccine...Fine

    But stop looking for any possible excuses you can find no matter how ridiculous.

    Between this and the irrational tantrums some of you are throwing on a myriad of subjects such as the election.

    You all need to rename this place "Buffoons & Loons"

    Yea. Because everyone knows Youtube is the epitome of accurate information.

    No mass in those areas?

    Nossa Senhora Aparecida Cemetery in Manaus,Brazil


    Iquitos, Peru


    Bekasi, Indonesia


    Rorotan Indonesia







    I had to rebuild the forum after the sever host upgraded the PHP version, causing the forum to crash. we were offline for a few days while I fixed it.

    ended up not being able to restore it as it was. I had to purchase the new version and make it work again.

    you're welcome.

    Ok. Outside of being absurdly busy, I was in Fla for a bit checking on my mother and taking care of some business down there.

    You give in too easily.

    I just got done with a week long war with Verizon which culminated with me getting an upgraded internet and TV package and over a hundred more channels I had before, most of which I will never watch for a mere $10 more a month, and a $150 Verizon gift card.

    All because they were supposed to at my wife's request while i was gone only take off two specific channels and ended up removing ALL my premium channels.

    The server host fucked you up. The server host should be the one to make reparations

    No he has NOT been proven right about Hydro. The study, which is a pre print only thus far has been criticized as being "poorly designed" and has yet to have been peer reviewed. The fact that its being criticized as being poorly designed likely means it will not pass peer review. Not to mention the study itself was only of 255 patients. And even the selection of those shows signs of being somewhat dubious

    The study itself states

    "This article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed [what does this mean?]. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice."…101/2021.05.28.21258012v1

    Furthermore. The study was not of Hyrdo alone but also a a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin

    He is most likely really confused as to how he can still claim that he has been right about everything all along.


    I largely have been right. Including the surges and including the one that is stating to take place now. In fact ,I have been able to predict every surge to within a week since last summer.(every 12-13 weeks almost like clockwork) I also predicted these newer surges would be progressively smaller.

    I'm still waiting for your senile and crippled ass to prove me wrong.... about anything.

    As for the vaccines and the side effects. When you were touting how Trump was going to develop a vaccine in record time I then stated how it usually takes 18 months minimum to develop a vaccine ( I can show you the posts if you want) When the vaccines were released I put forth that we were then all part of a grand experiment BECAUSE it was released so soon. I stated back then that there is no substitute for time For there to be unexpected side effects in real world applications is hardly to be unexpected.

    Fortunately major side effects thus far seem to be either very rare or mostly easily treatable. In this case its both. While higher than expected. only a very small portion is having this particular side effect. With over 80% recovering on their own and others being treated with anti inflammatory as basic as ibuprofen.

    Again you base every single one of your opinions purely on your politics. Not reality.

    Had Trump won the election. You would be touting how he saved the world with these vaccines you are now critical of. And fact of the matter is He is largely responsible for their rapid rollout and their success these vaccines started rolling out during his presidency. BECAUSE he pushed for them so hard (Warp speed) So if you want to say there is a problem now and blame it on the political leader. It can only fall to Trump This is the result of HIS policies.

    So far the Vaccines are showing to be a huge success (even Trump got one albeit secretly for some reason)

    He deserves credit for that…hlight=vaccines+18+months

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    this video is restricted because truth hurts feefees

    Bufoonish video by a raging buffoon on more then one level Just like the trained monkey that posted it here

    The Americas have been the home of the native Americans for over 10,000 years. slightly longer than Isreal has ever existed. However JUST like in Israel. portions of it and the ownership and control thereof have changed hand more then a couple times. Because the Native Americans claim the Americas as theirs. Virtually every treaty they made with the Europeans /whites was broken not by the native Americans. But by the Europeans/white Should we now revert exclusive ownership back to them?

    No innocents there. None. Including European involvement for over 1,000 years

    Trump was commenting on research being done at Sianai involving putting UV light through catheters inserted into the chest cavities of intubated patients to disinfect the upper respiratory tract.

    He probably shouldn't have been commenting on it at all given that his familiarity with the concept was passing at best.

    Hence I intentionally did mention the notion of using light. I know light in various forms is used all the time in internal medicine.

    When I worked at the hospital I called out once saying i had to take off because one of my ancestors died. When the Dept manager asked me the next day what happened and how they died I smiled and said "I dont know. it was like 100 years ago" It was THEN that he realized what I had said when I called out. He just shook his head and said he should have known.

    I've also called out sick saying Im taking a sick of work day


    That I was suffering from a bad case of "BASSitous"

    MIT study.

    Wrong. There is no such MIT study that makes any such mortality claim that you state. Likely you got it from some internet MEME

    Unless you can actually prove otherwise.

    Provide the study and quotes to back your claim

    Actually, an MIT study released recently says you and the CDC were wrong.


    Actually..,.No. It would seem you are the one who is wrong.

    I can find no such MIT study of which you claim. the best I can find is an MIT study on distancing indoors And also supports mask use

    “inadequacy of the Six-Foot Rule in mitigating indoor airborne disease transmission.”


    “Our study highlights the fact that efficient mask use provides an extremely effective means of
    limiting indoor transmission of COVID-19, in that masks mitigate both short-range transmission from respiratory flows and long-range airborne transmission,”

    Here is your actual study


    And here is an article by cnet which covered the study.…t-than-social-distancing/

    I saw that interview. Trump was asking about the possibility of injecting a substance into the body that would be deadly to the virus...

    Yes. He was stupidly suggesting the absurd possibility of injecting a disinfectant.

    The 0:23 mark

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