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    Wife just called. Seems there was a screw up at the hospital she works at and the computer system sent out emails to 400 people to come in this morning for the vaccine. All scheduled for 8:30 AM.

    She says the line is unbelievable. I wanna know where everyone managed to find parking.


    Best I can find is 6 women of 6.8 million people who got the vaccine developed clots, and at least one died. Seems improbable to me that would warrant pulling it

    Thats about the size of it. Course if you listen to the media. Its a major regular occurrence.

    Seems they really are pretty stringent in their testing and take all side effects seriously. Morso now probably because all of these vaccines are under emergency authorization only and have not been formally approved under normal testing standards.

    I'd like more information. They didn't just shoot because he had a sign.

    Looks to me like they shot him cause he didnt move fast enough.

    Also looks to me like the groin shot was 100% intentional. Kind of an asshole move by the cop.

    In the end each will likely get what they deserve. the kid should have split before being forced to. But the cop wasnt right either and the kid will be awarded something

    Ok. Same customer

    Like I said. the mother in law is now in assisted living. So I got to move all the stuff around so I could get at the walls.

    Came across this. These are NOT reproductions. Dated 1777 and 1802

    Little bit of a backstory here.

    Current job for a regular customer doing her mother in laws condo whom is now in assisted living. The Father in law died some years ago was a marine fighter pilot in WWII.

    Anyway. This is one of the things I was hired to remove. A home made Murphy bed designed by him.

    Turns out it was counter weighted with heavy gauge angle iron and bricks. As jury rigged as it is. Remarkable job he did though. So perfectly balanced even a small child could pull it down or put it back up again.

    Even more interesting stuff to come

    The JJ vaccine.. causing blood clots etc. just the JJ one? maybe not. It may be that those who have had the wuflu and recovered have antibodies and the vaccine is not good for them. Since more than half those who get the wuflu never show any symptoms and it is difficult to test for the antibodies.... we are putting a shit ton of people at extreme risk.


    Over 6.8 Million doses of the J&J vaccine have been administered

    How many people have had blood clotting?

    The answer will likely surprise you

    Wordy woodpecker.... that was a good one.


    I have to admit. Even I appreciated that one. I tip my hat to him

    However. I notice that nobody ever complains about long winded posts when they agree with the position.

    In civilized countries they send out socialism-checks to people who have lost income due to the lockdowns.

    Afraid I have to agree with Redwing on this one particularly now.

    Many of the businesses I know now are having problems finding people who are willing and wanting to work. Moreso than people wanting to work and cant find any. At least in NJ

    Many are just as happy just staying home and collecting the free stimulus and unemployment checks that keep getting unending extensions. I know of businesses who have offered and people who have turned down working for CASH simply because well. They are getting free money for doing nothing.

    Its comical because some of these people could literally be making out like bandits because they could be getting the Govt money AND be paid in cash meaning they likely would be making more money than if they were working strictly legit. My daughter could have stayed on unemployment but we wouldn't let her. We made her get a job. She ended up only at Barnes and Noble till her regular job at a local Museum opened back up. And they have partially re opened but are only having her back part time. So she is not allowed to quit her job at B&L until she gets a full time job again. Either at the museum or elsewhere.

    There is work out there for people that want it. Many people simply dont want to.

    This is not a drill. This is not a drill. General Quarters, General Quarters. All hands man your battle Stations. Set material condition zebra. Set circle William on ventiliation systems

    Who started insulting? Me or them?

    The fuck it was wordy woodpecker.

    Science says life begins at conception, there are two genders and masks are ineffective against the virus.

    The meme was very clear to anyone without an agenda.

    SCIENCE says otherwise with regards to masks. Moreso than it does for conception

    Ive already produced links to the studies that say so.

    Like I said dipshit. The ONLY reason you dont agree is because it doesnt fit with YOUR political ideology. And YOUR hurt feelings

    As for redwing and bronk. It wasnt me who started with the insults. Now when you get kicked in your cunts. (cause neither of you for sure have any real balls) I dont wanna hear it

    Thats deaths. Not cases. At least not yet. hopefully it stays that way. Cases however are indeed rising in Fla and elsewhere. In fact nationally, 33 states in the past week have reported rising cases and while Covid deaths nationally have shown a 7% drop.…-covid-19-is-increasing-2

    Deaths have always been a lagging indicator by as much as several weeks. Maybe it will stay that way. Maybe it wont. Same thing with the rest of the country. NJ was on the list of top states with new cases but our ROT has dropped again. In any event in spite of rising cases, deaths have essentially remained flat in many states or gone down. Except in Michigan where deaths are indeed rising. What is being seen in Michigan however is mostly younger people getting sick as more than half of the new cases are those under 39. Possibly due to the fact that most younger people haven't been vaccinated and they are the ones most likely to interact with one another. This also however possibly coincides with redwings assertion. However as i pointed out. Deaths there are also up. So there is that too.

    The question is, is it going to be unique to Michigan? Or is it just the beginning of a wave that is starting there this time instead of NY/NJ as was the case last April. Orrr. Is it that Michigan is the on the tail end of a wave thats already hit everywhere else?

    I mentioned several times now that I noticed this thing to be cyclic. And that it doesnt hit the entire country at the same time. I personally hope Michigan is the anomaly.

    Sorry to disappoint you. But ...YEP . that was a double edged sword you tried wielding.

    You ONLY don't like it in reverse because it doesn't fit your ideology.