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    Writing is magical... you can put your readers in any situation you want. Just remember to craft each letter, one at a time, like they're carved in granite. Take your time...every letter, every sentence, every paragraph needs to be thought out. It has to fit together, and if you rush it it'll show.

    That was very encouraging Airhead! I appreciate it.

    After tomorrow I'm taking some time off from the BBS. I didn't want anyone to wonder what happened and debate the reason for my absence.

    I've been working on a book. I have a whole eight pages and my goal is about 100 pages. Getting sick sure took some enthusiasm out of me but that seems to be coming back.

    It's been tedious at points. I know what I want to say but many times it just doesn't flow correctly or correctly convey my thoughts. Then again there are omissions that need added to make it more interesting and relevant. My last chapter seemed hurried and read like it. So that has to be rewritten. I've edited a couple of chapters more than once. It just has to be exactly what I want it to say. The first chapter is awkward and doesn't flow. In fact, I think some of the first chapter should go into the prologue. Which, for the record, the prologue hasn't been written yet.

    All of the book is from my personal experience on the job and from my life. A great deal will cover ethics and at appropriate times Bible verses will be inserted.

    As you may guess it will be non-fiction. It's not a tell all so no names of persons or companies will be used. Since quite a bit of it occurred more than 10 years ago, I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that they have learned from their mistakes. I certainly have learned from mine.

    In regards to the last paragraph, The Lords Prayer states, "Forgive our trespassers as we forgive those who trespass against us." I asked my son, an associate pastor, about what the Bible says about forgetting. He said it doesn't. That makes sense. If I forgot I wouldn't be able to write the book. LOL.

    I'm hoping to get it published in January or February. That's if I speed up.

    I've been watching quite a few of the Perry Mason episodes.

    One really cool thing I've noticed in several episodes is that Perry would open the driver's door and his passenger would scoot from the driver's side to the passenger's side. Definitely bench seats. I so miss those. That's when your girl could sit right next to you.

    The last episode I watched was "The Long Legged Model". His young lady client seemed guilty of murder. She had a weapon that was given to her by a friend. The gun had been fired once. Perry familiar with the client knew he had 3 identical weapons. So he heads to the son of his client for another of the pistols. Perry then fires it into the desk of the son. Takes it to his client thinking that the police would have the wrong gun.

    Turns out the gun he gave the client was the murder weapon. LOLOLOL. Holy Crap!


    I watched a video of a live stream by Mike Huckabee. A woman asked will they withhold checks from veterans if they don't comply with the mandate. Huckabee, wouldn't surprise me.

    I watched part of Outpost. I just couldn't get into it.

    I started watching "Sahara" with John Belushi. About 40 minutes in and it's pretty good so far.

    There's no car section so I'm putting this here.

    Just to get out of the house I was out driving today when my low tire light came on. I pulled to the side and held the Low Tire Light down until it blinked three times and went out. A few miles down the road it came on again. Crap, it must be losing air fairly rapidly. Thinking of Gina's experience, I head to a local shop that is also a junkyard. I sure didn't want to change a tire. It's just past 8:00 AM so I wondered if they would be open. When I entered the office I see the good ol' boys sitting around and talking in the office.

    I walk into the office and say, "Alright, it's time to put some of you folks to work." They chuckle. I tell them it's the left rear tire that's going low. I keep a gauge in my car. I call it the baby boomer gauge because the numbers are large.

    They get right to it and I chat up a storm with some of the others. For a tire repair they did an enormous amount of work. As it turns out it wasn't seated along the bead very well. They grab a grinder and lightly polish the rim and then added some type of goop to help it seal.

    When I arrived, the place was cold. I think the temperature was below 30 degrees outside. The owner before starting to work on my car climbed a step ladder to turn on turn on the heater. As worked on my tire the temperature warmed up rather fast and this was a large garage with high ceilings. The owner then told me that the heater runs on used oil. I said wow, that's impressive. Then added that with a yard full of junk cars you probably never run out of fuel. What a great source of energy for this shop. Clever if you ask me.

    Father Pavone, "When you put together Democrats and spending a red flag should go up."

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