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    Following the Portuguese, German and Dutch rulings, now the Austrian court has ruled that PCR tests are not suitable for COVID-19 diagnosis and that lockdowns has no legal or scientific basis.

    The Vienna Administrative Court granted a complaint by the FPÖ against the prohibition of its meeting registered for January 31 in Vienna.

    The prohibition was wrong,” the court said says in the ruling (read judgement below).

    The court stated on the basis of scientific studies that the grounds for the prohibition put forward by the Vienna State Police Department are completely unfounded.

    The court agrees with the statements in the complaint “on all points” and even goes far beyond the arguments put forward by the FPÖ itself.

    In particular, the criteria and definitions used to determine the number of corona infections are being massively questioned.

    It is expressly pointed out that, even according to the World Health Organization (which took a u-turn only after Biden took office), a PCR test is not suitable for diagnosis and therefore does not in itself say anything about the disease or infection of a person”.

    “However, the Minister of Health uses a completely different, much broader case definition for Covid-19 diagnosis, which cannot be used to justify the prohibition of a meeting.

    The court came to the conclusion that the “information” from the Vienna City Health Service, on which the prohibition by the Vienna State Police Department was based, did not contain any valid and evidence-based statements or findings on the pandemic”.

    Based on the definitions of the Minister of Health, “Case definition Covid-19” from December 23, 2020, a “confirmed case”

    1. is any person with evidence of SARS-CoV-2-specific nucleic acid (PCR test), regardless of clinical manifestation or
    2. any person with evidence of SARS-CoV-specific antigen that meets the clinical criteria or
    3. any person with evidence of SARS-CoV-specific antigen that meets the epidemiological criteria.

    Thus none of the three “confirmed cases” defined by the Minister of Health meets the requirements of the WHO concept of “sick / infected person”. The WHO refuses to rely solely on the PCR test (confirmed case 1).

    Best I can find is 6 women of 6.8 million people who got the vaccine developed clots, and at least one died. Seems improbable to me that would warrant pulling it…babbitt-at-capitol-riots/

    Prosecutors decline to charge police officer who shot and killed unarmed woman, Ashli Babbitt, at Capitol riots

    • Officials say they found no evidence that the officer, whose name they still will not release, violated criminal laws and did not fear for his life or the safety of others.
    • Prosecutors say: "Acknowledging the tragic loss of life and offering condolences to Ms. Babbitt’s family, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and U.S. Department of Justice have therefore closed the investigation into this matter."

    Well TX should be increasing with what is said to be all the illegals with the covid. And, FL is starting to increase.…t-time-in-almost-7-months

    On Monday, Florida state health officials revealed that the state recorded a single-digit increase in COVID-19-related deaths for the first time in almost seven months.

    “The state health department said seven more Floridians and two additional non-residents have died due to COVID-19,” The Palm Beach Post reported Sunday. “Over the past two weeks, daily reported COVID deaths across the state have ranged between 22 and 98, and the week-to-week reported deaths have been on a slow decline since January. Just five new coronavirus deaths in Florida were reported Sept. 28.”

    No new deaths were reported in Palm Beach county.

    “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida has administered nearly 12 million doses of coronavirus vaccine,” The Hill noted. Since last Saturday, almost one million people in Florida have gotten a COVID vaccine, as now anyone 16 and older is eligible.

    Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who refused to institute harsh lockdowns in his state, recently conducted a roundtable discussion with a group of physicians and scientists who were, as The Wall Street Journal reported last week, “critical of strict lockdowns to fight the coronavirus.” During the video, DeSantis and the experts criticized some responses in the U.S. as too strict and ultimately ineffective, citing the damage done on a public-health level by locking down schools and businesses. They emphasize unintended public-health harms from lockdowns and school closures,

    The video was censored by YouTube. The platform told the Journal it removed the video “because it included content that contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

    DeSantis blasted the decision on Monday, asserting, “The biggest media conglomerates, who claim to be avatars of the First Amendment and free exchange of ideas, they’ve really become cheerleaders for censorship. If something doesn’t fit the overriding narrative, then in their view it’s better that it gets left on the cutting-room floor. It’s best that you edit it out of existence rather than tell people the truth. So I think what we’re really witnessing is Orwellian; it’s a Big Tech, corporate collusion and the end result is that the narrative is always right. Well, I don’t think that’s what the American people want; certainly people here in Florida.”

    The editorial board of the Journal slammed YouTube’s censorship of DeSantis, writing:

    [I]t’s not even clear that the panelists’ opposition to masking in children contradicts the World Health Organization, which says “children aged 5 years and under should not be required to wear masks” and that “the decision to use masks for children aged 6-11” depends on context.
    But whether the panelists’ views are right or wrong should not matter. Florida’s lighter-touch approach to Covid-19 is a topic of intense public debate, and this video offers a window into the thinking of the Governor and people who influence him. Even the most committed lockdown and mask hawk should be outraged that YouTube is banishing videos that bear directly on democratic accountability, including taxpayer-funded public hearings.

    Lockdown: people in private sector go bankrupt, people who work for government get vacation paid for by previous group

    You never see lockdown advocates who will be harmed by said lockdowns

    Saw an article which explained how they wear their weapons--pew pew is supposed to be on the side of the dominant hand, taser, the other. She actually THOUGHT she had the taser on her hand when she fired.

    That being said, all Theotis had to do was fucking WHAT THEY TOLD HIM