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    And, that tarpaper shack transformed into a mini-rocket ship and zoomed up to the mother ship with 2 astro-nots on board.



    woo hoo

    sad that we lost that great technology. ;(

    fast forward to today,


    the final sci-fi frontier,

    the ISS

    International fake space station,


    Hold on there.

    Solar-powered tin cans and Tesla roadsters?

    How do they propel in absolute vacuum?

    Heavy boosters project exhaust which thrusts rockets off the launchpad.

    Then, when air pressure thins, they roll sideways and travel horizontally out of sight (around the putative curve).

    Airplanes fly horizontally, up to low air pressure altitudes.

    Space vacuum has no nothing to thrust against, much less achieve 17,000 mph.

    Space travel is all sci-fi hype, no evidence, zilch, zero, nada.

    There is no shortage of irony whenever you post a picture that completely disproves flat earth without even really realizing what you're looking at. One of the basic tenants of flat earth has to be that there is no universe outside of the dome... merely what is displayed. Here you are shattering that misconception.

    haha, irony. from a globeborg who goes with the spinning ball in an infinite vacuum.


    Little Duck makes a thoughtful observation,

    "no universe outside of the dome" -- yes.

    But it's the same dam' conundrum for all cosmologies -- flat/round/square/Matrix.

    In a computer program, anything is possible.

    I'll say it again. Advanced Beings of gnostic thought created the electric torus.

    I reckon they were also Artificial Intelligences who wanted to experiment with the physical experience. Life/death. Male/female, yin/yang. Joy/suffering.

    And here we are.

    Electric entities who "fall into the womb" and reincarnate over and over and .......

    Sextants? like compasses, which must be held level to find north. Which should point down to point to the North Pole on a globe.

    Spin? The sun moves across the sky, proving that the globe swirls. Round logic, lol.

    Vacuum? old science, P=m÷v

    mass per volume

    Gravity is particle density. 14.7 psi at ground level

    At Holden's 62 miles altitude, it's 0 psi.

    Gases must be contained to determine volume. A ceiling contains the atmospheric gases.

    Don't forget my real name,

    Auntie gravity:


    It is not a force, of course, but a property of matter. Specifically, density. Weight.

    Clouds float. Smoke rises. Butterflies fly, all the while laughing at this supposed mighty force that forces water to cling to a spinning ball.

    Holden claims that our atmosphere clings to the ball. The freemasons say that's the result of "gravity drag" -- another carnival ride in Nasa's fantasyland.

    The whole notion, that oxygen and nitrogen, that syncs speeds with the ground, is idiotic.



    Did y'all know that jets can only land on east-west runways?

    It's true.

    The globe spins 1000 mph from west to east.

    If a pilot tried to land on a north-south runway, it would slide out from under his plane.

    Then, oops, there goes another flyboy who forgot about the spin.

    And what does 'plane' mean?


    The ISS orbits (falls sidewards) at 250 miles up there, in "space."

    Where space cadets hang around.

    Get it? hang around. haha, I kill me.

    on acrobat harnesses.

    Which apparently are uncomfortable.

    The one astro-not, bless his heart, is trying to tie his space shoes.

    To walk around on the floor of the zero-gravity LEGO toy.


    The International Space Station is located in Star City Film Studios, outside Moscow.

    NASA used to fake space in the US, like the moon landings in the 70s.

    But I guess it was cheaper to outsource the movie productions to our commie pals. They keep a super-duper tight security in their facilities. Any smart-alecky outsider who thinks he can expose the plot will find out what gulag means. or maybe " smert" ?

    welladay, Nasa mos def has more money now. Their special effects are a whole lot better than they were back in the old days.


    That's it?

    grav bad, boo hoo, yadda yadda?

    Because I insult the fake science Status Quo?

    oh, look, Holden. The Artemis failed to launch. again.

    Nasa just can't seem to get it up there, if ya know what I mean.

    Amateur rocketeers got their GoFast to go up 70 miles.

    The Nasa racketeers manage a fraction of that with their big bad boosters.

    The "tyranny of the rocket equation" [their words, not mine] makes it impossible for a heavy rocket to hoist itself very far ~20 miles, much like Baron Von Munchausen, who pulled himself and his horse up and out of a slough.

    An engine can fire up and exhaust burnt gases all day long, but unless there is something to push against, the effect will be similar to a fireplace blowing smoke up a chimney.

    That is to say, Newton's 3rd law has more holes in it than a bullet-ridden slice of Swiss cheese.

    Bring me an astrophysicist to debate.

    These FW dopes couldn't hit a barn door with a bazooka.

    How does a rocket speed up in space vacuum?

    How does it change trajectory?

    How about showing us one (1) uncut video of a launch to space, which begins at 62 miles, where air pressure becomes zero.

    Especially since the sun never goes down below the horizon on an infinite plane.

    Ask the same questions of your own theory.

    Apply the Inverse Square to light and see how, over distance, it dwindles to nothing.

    which is why Einstein's emc = bs

    The Atom is more of the same bs.

    The Aether is the real basis of everything.

    Electric particles that create matter, radiation/energy, intelligence.

    The FE sun has a beam spread of around 3000 - 4000 miles.

    So far, no good.

    Globe defenders beat around the bush but never come close to explaining full moons.

    The sun is down, yet the yuuge floating ball is lit up like a Christmas tree from limb to limb.

    But why oh why is the night dark anyhow??

    Turn on an overhead light bulb in a pitch-black room.

    Now, look behind the sofa, which blocks the light. Is it blacked out? or just dimmer?


    The spelling should be > Olbers's Paradox


    Geometry says -->

    that a ball is fully illuminated when a larger ball blocks the light from another ball?

    Is that the New Math?

    and New Logic?

    yikes, no wonder kids are so dumb now.

    On an infinite plane when the sun and the moon are above the plane you would NEVER see a full moon.

    How not?

    First, you ignore my point,

    and then you make an unsupported claim


    Boy, oh, boy,

    flat-earth.gif if we had Nasa's $52,000,000 budget

    we could make better animations than this crude gif.

    Let's just say that the moon does not bounce sunlight back to earth. It's a different wavelength, maybe because "gravity' and "dark matter" make moonlight cold and unhealthy.