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    The worst thing about socialism is that it destroys motivation.... except the motivation to cheat the system. Can't think of any of the programs that are not rife with fraud.


    The corruption of collectivism is perfect for the exceptionally fraudulent nature of criminal liberal statists.

    I think you are being short sighted. I think that we were headed to driving over a cliff and Trump put on the brakes for at least a decade or so.. this fight we are seeing is waking up at least 40% of Americans... NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE DONE THAT I trust Trump to fight till the bitter end.


    I'm actually looking specifically at the long game.

    If you missed it, what happened to Trump, and did the most to handicap his efforts, was the deep state operatives that the liberal statists manage to install every time they hold the White House. Trump trusted too many of them, and let them hang around too long. That's absolutely typical of republicans. The democrats learned this time that they had not taken the process to a high enough level. Trump still made substantial progress. The odds of another Trump coming along are not good. The democrats will also be more prepared. They thought that they had Clinton in. Notice how much their efforts stepped up to try to make sure they got Biden (actually Harris) in? That's also how much effort they will spend on getting more hard core deep state operatives burrowed in deeper, in case they lose again.

    I'm definitely playing the long game here. I'm playing five to seven shots ahead.

    Don't get me wrong virg.... the things the monkey boy did were bad.... every single one of em but for 8 years he had little to show. Trump did more in his first year than they accompiished in 8 and all of it was good stuff... promises kept stuff.


    Even now, you're seeing the judges that he appointed causing problems. With Biden, you'd see more of that, and then another infestation of the DoJ that Trump has unfortunately scratched the surface of. And another round of appointments of Vindmans, etc. So, every time you get a Clinton, an Obama, or a Biden, you get a new infestation. Those cockroaches multiply. And the next republican barely gets 25% of the latest of them out. You also then get another four years of their corruption running at warp speed, unobstructed, mostly undiscovered, and un-investigated, which only emboldens them.

    I'm pleased and impressed with most of what Trump has accomplished. I just don't think that it is enough. And it will cause them to work even more feverishly for at least another four years. It ain't what you can SEE Biden and Harris doing. I ain't even what you see Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Waters, etc, doing. It's what you DON'T see, that creates the problem. Bet your ASS that if they get in, the level of obstruction the put in place in case another republican gets in will make obamagate, etc, look like child's play. They learned a lot from this past four years.

    What scares me is fraud was plan A, what's plan B?

    Fraud has ALWAYS been plan A, look at 1960.

    Plan B is obstruct.

    Plan C is investigate.

    Plan D is impeach.

    Plan E is the media, and their unequivocal support for all of the above, plus a massive disinformation campaign.

    All of those plans are executed constantly, at one level or another, and at varying levels of progress.

    Holy fucking shit. You just move on to something more vague. H1Bs is what's being discussed. Immigration and visas are a different subject. You're talking about 140,000 jobs for well qualified foreigners vs the millions of immigrants coming into the country each year. Those applicants are actually scrutinized and regulated. It's the kind of program that should be embraced.

    FYI, nothing vague about it. We're discussing a specific type of immigration visa, you're claiming they're not abused much.

    I'm saying the whole system they're part of is SEVERELY corrupted and abused, and those aren't a god damned bit less abused.

    I work for an international company, and deal with twenty more of them. I understand how the shit works, too. And the fucking indians aren't that god damned smart or useful, they're the same as any other group, plenty of them are fuck ups. The one my Dad had for a doctor at the VA was about as useless as any.

    The majority is not abused. There are exceptions... those aren't the majority. Any abuse of the system should be fixed. But each of these individuals are reviewed. This isn't a rubber stamp. This isn't a method for reducing cost. This is, by law, not allowed.

    And... I don't give a fuck who you're interviewing. If they're getting hired into an entry level IT position, it's not with an H1B visa. This is not the norm. It is not even close. It is, however, all that gets regurgitated. The simple truth is you don't know a single person who is working with an H1B and probably never will. Don't let that stop you from being an expert on them, though.

    Seriously? Jeezus Cheerist, if there's any system in the U.S. close to being as corrupt and abused as the elections system, it's immigration and visas.

    The way to end the abuse? End the system. No system, no taking advantage of the system.

    One single immigration application system, based on merit. No visas. You apply, you wait your turn, you get in on merit.

    The closest thing to a work visa or education visa that should be issued is if a foreign based company has a division operating in thew U.S., they should be able to apply for a work visa or an education visa for an employee to work here full time for a set period. And the family doesn't work. The employer assumes all liability and cost.

    You do not know what you are talking about. You only know what's been spouted based on ignorance.

    These aren't going to people from India who got their degrees in India. They're going to people who got their degrees in the US. Walk into any graduate program in sciences in the US and see what the demographics are. You'll begin to understand.

    I, one person, know at least 100 people who got their start with H1Bs. Every single one of them graduated from a US grad program except the Canadians (All of the Canadians come from a university renowned for its synthetic chemistry program). These are not people that are obviously dumber than the American scientists we hire. They are all intelligent well qualified people.

    Again, stop importing students and labor.






    Represent America. First.

    It would be different if we had nearly 100% employment, and nearly 100% educated or skilled citizens. And we were short of warm bodies that could be trained and educated. We have no such issues. Far from it. Fix that first.

    Look.. the monkey boy was lazy as fuck and got nothing done. Biden is worse. if he manages to steal? be prepared to be bored out of your skull for the next four years.


    I disagree. We're STILL paying for obamacare. We're STILL dealing with the aftermath of shitty foreign policy.

    There's a shit ton of stuff that they can and will fuck up. And there's a shit ton of stuff that will go unpunished.

    It takes four solid years to undo a year of democrat bullshit. And it could take decades to get their operatives out of positions to fuck shit up.

    Once again... pure lies. Entry level positions? Nope. Engineering level or better. Doctors. PhDs. These are not "entry level" unless you're referring to an entry level doctor.

    H1Bs are given out by number by country. This helps people from India in that it allows at most twice as many to get hired after getting their PhD... but it doesn't disproportionately help them. If anything, by population, India is one of the more restricted H1B demographics.

    H1Bs are not the immigration issue to be upset about. Wetbacks don't use them. Refugees don't use them. Nobody with a BS or lower uses them. It just doesn't happen. It can't based on the rules for H1B visas. If someone manages a loophole... that needs to be plugged. This should be obvious. Simply hating H1B on principal is fucking ignorant.






    Not sure I was clear. I am not waiting on investigations. I am saying round up the ones responsible (the little people) over the next year. The big fish like Dominion should be arrested right away. even so.. their trials will take years.


    Well, there has to be some sort of emergency relief NOW. I think it is possible, even probable, that the senate majority will be retained.

    Unfortunately, without Trump to lead, McConnell and Graham are likely to very quickly lose their spine that they grew with Trump.

    And worse still, with democrats in the White House, all investigations of democrats will cease by January 30, 2021, if not before. Durham will eventually get fired, even though he'll produce nothing. And, while Biden says he doesn't want to investigate Trump, we all know Biden will never survive 2021, and they'll go after Trump, so long as Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler are there. There's only so much the senate can do.

    Actually I think just promising free stuff is not enough. They have to target groups to give the free stuff. groups that are generally not too savy. College kids with a mountain of debt and a degree that is worthless. Negros who are happy with any handout.

    Trump does the 'free stuff' differently and less effectively (so far as votes) as he spreads it around evenly.


    Well, from what I've seen, a lot of what Trump has done is closer to an investment, rather than handing out free shit. Opportunity zones and education funding is not the same as food stamps, obamaphones, section 8 housing, etc.