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    If saving one of the individuals meant they'd be forever indebted to you, I don't see a problem with saving AOC. She might be deep-end leftist, but she's got a nice face...

    *oh and also why McD's? Arby's woulda been better. 6/10 meme

    Here in 'Merica, we're taught at a young age not to piss on our hands. No need to wash. Plus I know where my dicks been so I'm not really worried about it.

    No dickbeaters on the fuel pumps is all I ask

    We never needed to shut down anything. Just have people wear masks in enclosed areas, keep things clean and wash their fucking hands. That's it.

    I'm always shocked at the number of men I see walk away from the stall/urinal straight through tie door. I can't help but wonder if the closures had something to do with a realistic person, figuring out how many people either barely or simply don't wash their hands.

    I think that quote came from George Carlin, didn't it?

    The place they wish they could be but never get invited.

    I spend plenty of time south of the border.. I'm just more like the guy restocking the Coke machine and petting the dog, dodging flying beer bottles and turning down free meth samples as I go.

    If he manages to walk, so will the other three. And if that happens, I will probably be avoiding the states for at least a couple of weeks... I was already a little spooked last weekend, I missed the riots in St Louis MO by about 3 hours because I made a wrong turn lol I was through it before that FedEx driver killed the looter between his trailers.

    I loaded in Stuttgart AR at 1am Sunday and the only two big cities I was within 30 miles of were Fort Wayne and Lansing. Otherwise it was all backroads; it cost me an extra 12 hours but it was worth it for the peace of mind and the scenery.

    Are you really that conditioned?

    I'll bet you salivate at this image

    Well duh. I'm beginning to feel some desire myself. 😍

    She's on our 20$ bill, even if it IS only worth $14 US, plus some change.

    Hide your chalupas, Wisconsin just went full retard.


    ""I have a toddler at home and I'm a full-time nurse," she told WTMJ, "so it's been very stressful and hard to not be able to go out and be with my friends and family at the bars"

    Wait. She's a nurse. Huh? I get the drinking but damn I hope she don't get sick.

    Cities are where economic opportunity exists. That's been the story of Merica for decades... and most of the world.

    What engine does the Peterbilt have? I've worked on a few of those in my time.

    That's what I was getting at. Government may have played a part in everyone moving to the cities but that's just where the work is. And because they already have the infrastructure and all the hubs, that's where everything gravitated towards. But I've been saying that this whole pandemic whether you think it's real or not is gonna shake up the way out world runs. If a company can pay for 5,000sq ft of prime real estate instead of 25,000, they'll take that opportunity to save money. Urban centers might end up being a little more affordable to live in again.

    Truck is 2014 with an ISX, I think 500. 13 speed with 3.70 rears, little short for my liking but it does the job. Nicest truck I've ever driven

    Yet big brother has been pushing that and herding us like cattle to big shithole cities for decades.

    I think the free market mighta had more to do with that than whatever you're referring to as big brother...

    Living outside of the shit holes doesnt necessarily help you either.

    The problem, regardless if you move to less populated areas, or even how you get to work. Is unless you are a farmer or otherwise also work in isolated rural areas you still more often then not end up in more populated areas including your workplace itself unless you are able to work from home.

    I live a pretty isolated lifestyle in my truck, and the vast majority of our customers have all gone contact-less and paperless. Checking in and confirming load info can all be done over phone or CB radio, and paperwork all gets submitted electronically. I actually stopped going home because I live in an apartment building with 250 or 300 people. Can't have both me and the lady getting sick cause someone's still gotta pay the bills.

    If it weren't for using bathrooms and getting receipts for fuel, I could avoid being in public altogether.

    You realise he's probably nearly 30 now

    Just shy of 24 lol I'm actually looking at possibly spending some time down in your corner of the world.

    "We'll see" is almost as effective, and equally as ambiguous lol