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    Storch got it...going down the hills is (usually) more fun the going up because I get to make all kinds of noise:)

    I'm here for the same reason as you, Mr. announce to the world how overrated I think the Beatles are. Isn't that why we're all here or did I find the wrong website??

    Ouch. Someone think I oughta be denied from seeing pictures.

    "Access Denied. You're not authorized to view this page"

    Gosh it's been a few years now I think

    Lazs I like the mountains plenty, but everyone stuck behind my 20mph ass has a different opinion lol

    Razer you're right... Haven't been down that way yet. But anything is better than Canadian drivers sheesh

    Don't know how to do that but let me do a quick trawl of previous posts and see if mine size up to the level of fucked-uppery

    Boy if you guys want some fucked up memes I got em for ya. But how the hell do I attach a picture without putting it on a hosting site

    I think this worked properly. I've visited the majority of those red dots since May when I switched from local driving back to long haul. Florida was vacation, and Laredo TX and SC were when I first got my licence.

    Boy did I ever miss making rambling posts to nobody in particular77396060_2967405409940304_5798768408711397376_o.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_ohc=hFzUrLsPyUMAQlMLKccZ_OZ83cr3DRkvM46vgkwqCQN7Ejr88w1HQtx4A&_nc_ht=scontent.fyyz1-1.fna&oh=1f103d519645bc8c12ee089a91282a9a&oe=5E8CCC9D

    Since I started driving trucks, I've seen a fair number of the states. Haven't bothered to take an exact count but I'm likely pushing 40 by now.

    Favourites: pretty much anything west of Chicago (fuck that city), with the exception of Idaho and Utah and those big hills but only because my gutless truck has less in the balls department than Jeros. :biggrin

    Montana and the Dakotas, maybe Minnesota are Top 3 because Jesus Murphy, yous are just Canadians with cheap beer and grits for breakfast.

    WV is nice too I guess.

    Least favourite is likely Illinois...and Indiana...but only around Ft Wayne/Indy. And I-75 between Detroit and Toldeo will be responsible for a ruptured disc or two, 1 day.