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    Yeah, I wouldn't consider the bulldog a range gun. It's mainly for uppity niggers or some other various fuckwits I occasionally encounter. I have some Sig HP in it now and some wadcutter cowboy action stuff for the rare times I punch paper with it. Reliable, cheap, and small enough. I'm not sure if I can rely on the HP's to act right with that 2 1/2" barrel though, never really did the math but even if there's no deformation, it'll still get your attention. And it doesn't litter.

    I taught myself how to shoot. Whatever voodoo I picked up was from the odd old timer or what I saw somebody else do. Thankfully I was born with a second helping of horse sense so I managed to avoid most of the self abuse my contemporaries endured. But I am aware of a couple of self inflicted injuries and coincidentally they were all small caliber. Pretty sure the few ASW's I know of were also little guns....mostly .25's and .32's though....must be the crowd I ran with. I imagine the 9mm will catch up since there's so much mixing of platforms and caliber these days. Been lookin' for a good reason to have another pistol caliber lever gun follow me home myself..Although why anybody would willingly fuck with those moon clips is beyond me,

    I keep a couple of plastic auto's in .45 which are probably "better" concealed options. Skinny and light. But I rarely carry "concealed". Typically just throw something in a pocket. And for that we keep a few choices down to .380, depending on the pocket. I just gravitate toward reliability and with auto's there's typically a pretty high premium to match revolvers in that category. And I don't like the idea of self defense with particularly high dollar weapons. Actually, I'm not all that stoked on expensive guns for any reason. It never seems to improve my results even though they are pretty to look at.

    For a long time it was conventional wisdom that .22 long was among the deadliest man killing rounds available....of course seems like that was just based on gross results. I reckon a lot of those fatalities were self inflicted which helps with shot placement... Assuming it was true at all.

    Many years ago I had an acquaintance who's wife went after him with their little Ruger target pistol. It was reported around the neighborhood that she emptied the 10 rd. mag into him after he crossed the line one boozy evening. As I recall she was in the hospital almost a week longer than he was....I'll keep my Bulldog.

    My other 9 is a pure 1911 chassis with a smaller pipe. Not sure if the bushing will accept a .45 barrel but regular mags fit. I understand the change in geometry from the converted mags and chamber orientation has something to do with it (ftf's). The heavier rounds seem to cause the slide to cycle better, delivering a bit more force when feeding the new cartridge. I imagine a spring replacement might help. Wasn't that long ago I finally established it was a mass issue. I've got a few things to order when I have the time to tinker. Although I'm not entirely sure how a new spring will actually change anything if it's about the velocity of the return cycle. I drive 'em, I don't build 'em so maybe I should just feed her what she'll swallow. I had read a post on some board mentioning that the 92 could be fickle. No idea why. Looks pretty straightforward.

    And that kind of shit is why I prefer wheel guns.

    The avatar change was me playing with buttons, which I should realize by now, are not's that for an obscure reference? All my good gifs are "too small" for this new platform, evidently. and no way to just flip it over. Oh well.

    Yeah, that's an issue with a 9mm 1911 I have. And of course it's always the 115g that's on sale. Man it shoots like butter but again,..single stack. But as long as it's 147g she don't care. FMJ, JHP, all good.

    For the record, I've heard the term "dago" now, for some reason, is considered to be slightly pejorative in wop circles. I prefer "guinea" as in "guinea pig"....They can be fun to keep around for a while....almost all of 'em can cook pretty well...just don't ever let 'em know your a.t.m. pin #.

    Can't argue the 9 is a valid round. Especially these days. Been around a long time and is still spec'd world-wide. But they're all dangerous when delivered optimally. Handgun calibers, typically, to me, are all pretty tame though. Seems to me the best offense is when your opponent knows for sure they've been shot. Can't argue that doubling the size of the hole helps. Out in the world a 5 shot wheel gun seems more than enough to get one's point across unless you're involved in something spicy.

    This one is intended for recreation. I like the idea of fewer reloads. Just shoot and shoot...And from the looks of it she oughtta feed pretty nice. Just not sure if ejects are gonna be finicky.

    This one's a 92S..Yeah I guess they're some kind of overseas p.d. returns. Not at all uncommon but under 3 bills w/2mags at Southern Ohio.....15 rd., all metal...5" This one's got a new barrel, but I understand for whatever reason that's not all that uncommon. Otherwise it doesn't really have any wear save some scuffs on the outside grip. Super tight slide. Feels like glass. Real heavy d.a. trigger but that's an easy fix. I have no doubt it shoots better than I do. The last Beretta I spent time with did. But it was a much smaller gun. It's still lighter than a 1911 but...15 rds... It feels bigger. We'll see.

    I keep talking about re-loading but there's just no room for yet another distraction. My full size stuff isn't for plinking so a box goes a long way. And since there's no outdoor ranges around the long stuff only comes out a couple times a year when I get on the road. I buy as I go along.

    Yep. I'd pretty much sworn off smaller calibers but I hear they're good range guns. Got the F.i.L. a .22 Victory last week so I "needed" something else that was cheap to shoot. He won't go shooting alone.

    Yeah thanks. Typically I'm a little iffy on used pieces bought on-line but this one's got very little wear and couldn't be fit any better. First time with a double stack so that grip might take some adjustment but she feels like a shooter so I'm stoked to see what the fuss was all about.

    I don't get it. All dogs hate jews. The same with slopes. They eat 'em....and worse. That's why the only time you'll see a yid with a live dog, that dog ain't got no name.

    As they should be. Collectivism has proven to be a crippling approach to any human endeavor. They bear much blame for our current situation. Supporting the weak, lazy, and noncompetitive isn't even a viable strategy on paper. in the real world it gives us N. Korea. I find it ironic that in this recent "America First" environment some assholes actually admit to membership. But that's what happens when you forget why schools were built.

    I still don't really understand how those little trigger safeties actually prevent UD's and you gotta admit plastic mags have a sort of Mattel feel to them but I confess I've only picked one up one time so I really don't have a practical opinion. BUT I prefer single stack profiles and single action doesn't bother me at all. And if you use a safety, nothing beats one in the grip.

    I still prefer wheel guns.

    I uh,...know a guy who's got Sig, Bersa, Beretta, and even one of those plastic Kahrs, They all feel way better in my hand than that Glock.