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    Brain damage at birth. A fundamental defect from birth. Not kidding either... it has to be a mental condition.


    I see a couple of factors. First, the ever more extreme level of indoctrination in what passes for an education system. Second, a propensity, created by nature and/or nurture, to absorb, retain, and believe said indoctrination. Honestly, I believe it to be much like certain people have a serious propensity for various addictions. I believe the indoctrination, much like a drug, alcohol, sex, hoarding, etc, takes the place of, or fills the hole, that is either genetic or environmental.

    I wonder what the sailors on that ship think. I'd bet some of them will tell us.

    Not if they intend to continue a career in the military

    No, your civilian opinion does not matter. You fail to understand the Constitution

    Two things. Is it, or is it not, a lawful order under the Constitution and the UCMJ. If yes, then chain of command is ALL that matters, you obey the order as written. If no, then the order is outside of the UCMJ, and you break the chain of command, going higher up. Under NO circumstances do you go to the media.

    What the guy did was publicize conditions on a war ship and make them known to the enemy, and flip out a bunch of military families. Stupid, unacceptable, and in clear violation of the UCMJ. He torpedoed his career. Period. Had he not leaked it to the media, had he gone further up the chain of command, to CINCPAC, or even to the Secretary of the Navy, or as far as SecDef, he MIGHT have not screwed himself. Leaking to the media makes him FUBAR, and rightly so.

    Don’t skip payments if you don’t absolutely need to.

    Good way to bring about another housing bubble bust.

    You will make up any skipped payments, eventually, one way or another. Best to tighten up everything and keep making your payments. Saw a guy selling his Harley, because he got laid off. No sympathy here, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart, and every warehouse and grocery store are hiring. Might not be the job you want, or the job you like, but you can work, and keep your shit.

    My buddy has a fairly big mortgage.. he just looked and he has a 'forgiveness' of 6 months. meaning he can not make payments for 6 months.. he still has to pay taxes and insurance but he can build a cushion. you might check your terms. his adds the payments to the end of the loan


    Usually called "forbearance". Most often you accrue interest, and possibly late fees, but they won't foreclose.

    I started from scratch in 2018 after the divorce. Hope to not need it. Selling this one in 3-5. The next one I keep, barn house, shop down stairs loft above. Big. That'll get me by until the woman can retire, early, I hope. Then moving to the mountains, hope to buy some property in 5-7 years, and build.

    I just saw that too that it may need a serial number once it's finished. Federally anyway.

    I actually couldn't find a number to call about this so I emailed them. I have the number to the NFA branch on speed dial from a transfer I did a few years ago but they don't deal with this question.

    The more I dig it almost feels like it is intentionally hard to find the "solid" answer.

    That is exactly the case. Typical of an out of control bureaucracy with no real accountability for the "rules" that they make, which effectively become laws, when they actually have no legislative power.

    HOW much fucking power does a two-wheeled machine NEED? Christ, I thought when they came out with the 88" twin cam it was getting absurd. They finally had to build in a compression release at some point, to even crank the ones in the teens. (Admittedly a novel idea tho)

    My new toy has around 110/110, and I really like it. Might do a little more, as much for reliability as anything, as I don't have a lot of trust in Screaming Eagle valvetrain parts. It might hit 140/140. It's fun, it's pretty much what a Breakout is for, and mine is a CVO Pro Street, so it handles and stops better.

    You hold on to whatever you want. This has been made very clear with firearms manufacturing to close loopholes. Just saying "I didn't intend to do it" is not a way out of the law. This is pure legal ignorance on your behalf. It is rampant these days.

    The only way you prove manufacture with intent to resell is if the person manufactures and sells multiple times, OR you have an undercover agent buy while wearing a wire and get the guy to confess. If a guy builds a gun, and decides that he does not like it, he CAN legally sell it. He just can't build several and "decide he doesn't like them" as an excuse to sell them.

    Once the firearm is sold, it is "proven". They are non transferable. This is the pretense for the 80% receiver. There is no law regulating you manufacturing a non full auto weapon for yourself. Transfer proves it wasn't for yourself. The laws are set up to cover this very clearly for reasons you are demonstrating.

    The fact that it IS happening is an open invitation to massive regulation. The fact that someone used one to commit a mass shooting after failing a background check will be a catalyst for increased pushing of background checks for private sales and 80% lower regulation.

    Wrong. Selling it does not prove that it was built with the intent to sell it. Absolutely false. By that measure everything you buy or build is bought or built with intent to sell it.

    Someone sold it, so made to sell is assumed. Once again, the shooter did not make the rifle from an 80% lower. He bought a rifle made from an 80% lower after failing a background check trying to buy one legally.

    Assumed? By whom? Can it be proven?

    Can it be proven that the person who sold it knew that the buyer was not eligible to purchase a firearm?

    LOL. Again, the crime is MURDER. Method and motive matter little, if any.

    Criminals acquire guns by any illegal means necessary. How does not matter.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop gun grabbers from trying to grab guns. Attempts to compromise with those bastards have been made regularly since the NFA in 1934. They didn't stop. Again, in 1968. They didn't stop. Again in 1986. They didn't stop. Again in 1994. They still haven't stopped. Compromise with evil does not work. Every single time you compromise on the 2nd Amendment, they come back demanding more. Stop compromising. You cannot win by compromising. The best you do is slow down the eventual loss. If that's al you want, just do what the idiot in TX did and go give yours up now.

    The opportunity to answer my question to that I would be honor bound to answer yours is still open.

    He believes that he answered you. Like any good liberal statist, he believes that ALL money belongs to the state. Therefore, if the state either refunds money that it took from you, or it lets you keep some money, those are subsidies. Again, all money belongs to the state, as that is the basis of liberal statism and collectivism. Read everything the little faggot writes with that in mind, and you'll better understand him. Also, he believes that all rights are a gift, from the state, which the state may reconsider at any time, if those rights become inconvenient. All things belong to the state. That's the only answer that he has.

    Who gives a shit? The vast majority of so called "traceability" is far from being in accordance with the Constitution to begin with. Fuck liberal anti gun bitches if they don't like 80% receivers. Murder is the crime. The tool doesn't matter. It's like calling it "hate crime". The crime is the murder. Nothing else matters.