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    Democrats all around the country will try very hard to cheat on ballots to steal this election. That's an act of war.

    I expect election fraud on a scale never before seen in the U.S.

    There will be recounting, recounting, and more recounting. There will be "found ballots". There will be ballots received well into the 2nd and 3rd weeks of November, and court battles demanding they be counted. I honestly expect well over 10 million "magic ballots". However many they need.

    Nogame... You see what is at stake here? I see it about like you do on the whole map thing. I do think that 340 is hard to dispute tho. Unless at least 4 big states are close they won't even bother.


    There was a time when they might not have bothered. Now? Everything is different now. They're insanely desperate now. They suffered a great rebuke in 2016, and it wasn't fully reversed in 2018. Without the riots and the virus, they'd be utterly screwed. They know that if they don't pull off a win now, they're screwed anyway. The only way they don't contest nearly everything is a margin of 10% in some states, more in others, and a greater than 75 electoral vote deficit. And if they're not soundly defeated in congressional races, the margins will need to be even greater. If the house and senate are even close to democrat majorities, the fight will last beyond Thanksgiving if they cannot win by or before then.

    I expect several states to be contested, and several congressional races to be contested. I expect rioting. They had a massive taste of power under Obama, that they were certain they'd retain. They're desperate to regain it, at any cost.

    The upcoming confirmation hearings will be a good barometer. Their desperation will show there. And the street will show itself as well.

    The level of stupidity in this thread is sad, but not surprising.

    No knock warrant? No. Knocked and announced, verified by independent witness.

    Wrong house? No. Correct address, warrant was for the residence, automobile, and person of Breonna Taylor

    Victimless crime? No. Actually, body of an associate of Breonna Taylor's ex boyfriend was found in an automobile registered to Miss Taylor.

    Breonna Taylor asleep in bed? No. Current boyfriend and Miss Taylor awake watching television, and she was standing next to him when he opened fire on the police.

    Breonna Taylor was an EMT? Not for years. Fired for failing drug tests, and having a body found in a car registered to her.

    Fact: Breonna Taylor and her choice in men got her killed. She chose a drug dealer and murderer. Followed by a guy who shoots at people before identifying her.

    The one crime actually committed by the police? Really shitty marksmanship. Approximately 32 shots fired, none hit the boyfriend who fired at them.

    term limits

    They're a piss poor short term solution. How many of "the squad" are 1st or 2nd term "politicians"?

    There's no adequate substitute for an educated, involved constituency.

    A people who expect to remain free while remaining ignorant expect something that never has been, nor ever will be.

    Even with term limits, you get a never ending supply of "the squad", and other liberal statists, elected by fools like twat and twat jr.

    Politicians should pay for their own health care.


    Political office should pay no more than the mean income of the region represented. There should be no pension, none, not even a 401k or any other plan. There should be a regular health insurance plan offered, user pays the same percentage as the average employee in the region. Should be taxed for every lobbyist purchased meal and trip, at 100%. Any lobbyist or official caught failing to declare pays 1000% penalty, and ten years in prison. No entity receiving government funds should be allowed to make campaign contributions.

    No political salary or benefit shall be approved other than by public referendum.

    Let's make political positions true, part time public servant positions.

    First con: Government control. If you've been to the DMV, etc, you know better.

    That itself is really all that you need to know.

    Second con: Their prices are higher, they pay more for a liter of fuel than I pay for a gallon. A pair of wheels for a Harley Davidson cost them more than twice what I pay for custom wheels, new tires, mounting, balancing, and shipping.

    Stick your government run single payer health care squarely up your stupid liberal faggot ass.