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    Strange - Please tell me you didn't get the 4-cyl diesel option! I knew this really wealthy Indian guy once, when I had a e36 325is, and I told him I was going to get a 5-series. He gave me this big speech about how 3-series are entry level cars when you're on the way up, and 7-series are when you have made it, so never get a 5-series because it just says you are nowhere.

    For some reason I believed him for a long time, he had a convincing way of speaking. It's a stupid philosophy really. Especially the models in the late 2000s totally changed my mind though. There's been a few great "middle child" euro sedans. The flagships are often so overdone with useless electronics and weight anyway, it's just to say you could afford it. I'd get a 3 or 5 if I was getting a BMW. I hear the 4 series is the best one now though, I don't know, I don't keep up with them anymore.

    And Lazs - you know I am a Ripsnort level car braggart! Here goes, and I know you must have something with some grunt laying around. Post up-

    PS - that house in the background(bottom picture) was Hank and Marie's house in Breaking Bad. I'm told anyway, I never watched the show, but annoying people come by literally every day to take pictures in front of it.



    I like Gina, I'll go with that.

    I don't think we ever argued too much about mechanical things, did we Lazs? I took the distributor off my Lambo without marking it, and it was sounding like West Oakland with all the backfiring when I put it back. You are right that I was lucky not to blow the chains off. I don't remember that being contentious, but who knows.

    The late-2000s and early 20-teens was a shitty time for me generally. Blackout drinking, all kinds of other personal stuff. I was really long dark walk in the woods. I bounce back though. I don't remember where I left off with a lot of people actually. The best thing about sobriety is being able to drive in the afternoon.

    You are right about the population thing. I use an "asshole/square mile" metric, and that metric is much, much lower here. Only 2 million people in the whole state, whereas the Bay Area had 9 million just there. The demographics are better here. Many of the Hispanics here are descendants of the Spanish ranchers and have lived here since the 1500s. Smart, manners, all of that. Less of the peasant aboriginals that jump the border and pop out a litter of babies, like in CA, although we have that too for sure. Lots of white trash meth heads too, but for the most part everyone is polite and together. If I leave my neighborhood it's usually to go out into nature, and this part of town is all very nice. Postcard nice. I seriously love this place.

    That's madness Nuke. It literally makes my heart hurt to think of some deviant psychologist whispering in your ear that all of this is normal and fine, and not helping with the underlying problem. Is it Dr. Goldstein? Birnbaum? The whole field is acid and not helping you one bit.

    So now that I got my 2-cents out there, if it's support you need, then you'll have it from me. I doubt you would listen to anything otherwise, and you are my friend. I'm glad to see the rest of these old farts hanging around too. I'll have to concede that I know nothing about all of this other than my instinctive reaction, and am not walking in your shoes. I bet your shoes are dazzling now, by the way. It makes you happy and doesn't step on my freedom, so it falls firmly in the realm of things that are none of my business. So, what do I call you now? GG?

    Anyone still game, or do you just bitch about leftists all day? I just finished Kingdom Com: Deliverance. Crazy cool game - AND it makes liberals whine because it doesn't have any black people in it. Can you imagine? No black people in 1403 Bohemia? What were they thinking. They should go play a black Nazi woman soldier in COD:WII I guess. I just started Life is Feudal online MMO earlier today. Anyone on that? It's supposed to be hard to play alone. Been on ESO since it started too, probably where I spend most of my time. Haven't done any flight games though, oddly enough considering how much time I dedicated to AH.

    As for Lasz, I could see him having that view. The place is probably worth fighting for in his view. I really don't see it that way. I hope it is as attractive to minorties and liberals and socialists as possible so they will all be in one place. A place I am not. This place has its problems, but none of them are mine. Not where I live anyway.

    Not sure why you keep calling me a leftist. I don't really identify with either end of the spectrum and never have. As I recall though, anyone not in your camp was a leftist! What is going on with the right wing these days? Strong central government, outrageous deficit spending, strong opaque central bank, an effort to bring back earmarks, pointless foreign wars and an imperialist thanks. That's what the right offers, and the left offers about the same, but with a little more nanny spin on it.

    I'm in Albuquerque, guy who asked.

    What happened to Lasz? I moved because the place has lost its damned mind. it was always kinda left, but in the last few years it's like a constant purity test. On top of that it's crowded, expensive, and full of shitty people. New Mexico is awesome. I lived here briefly in 1983 and with what I sold my CA house for, I got quite a bit here. Much better atmosphere. No, not as many Jews, still too many, but I can live with it.

    Let me tell you a Bay Area story. My 6th grader daughter was being harassed by this boy, always tripping her at P.E. that kind of thing. One day she kicked his leg out of the way when he tried it and he went after her. The coach was right there, so no big deal. Later, he waited outside her band room, sneaked up behind her and hit her in the face 5 times. Trip to the E.R. couldn't chew, etc.

    Of course we filed charges, we pretty much had to since they auto call the cops if go to the hospital with a fight injury. Checked with the principal, she wouldn't return our calls. Eventually, the VP calls us back and tells us the boy won't even get one day suspension. But, he did have to spend an hour in a "redirection class" whatever the hell that is.

    Why? You asked, was he not punished? Well, since he was black, they felt it would be discrimination against him, since it isn't really his fault he is violent since he sees that kind of thing at home. He has a hard home life, and being out of school would make it worse. Really. Seriously, that's what they told me.

    Imagine this my friends - what if a white 6th grade boy had sucker punched a black girl in the same way? There would be TV trucks all over, he'd be tried as an adult, there would be new laws in place, candlelight vigils, Senators coming up with a new symbolic ribbon to wear, probably a benefit concert to "fight hate" - the whole shebang. That, in a nut shell sums up what's wrong with the Bay Area.

    I've been good man, congrats on your "evolution". I live in New Mexico now, just working and what not. Things are really good actually, but you know I hate saying that because of the jinx factor. How about you?

    I haven't checked in with you nerds in like 5 or 6 years? Longer maybe? I am guessing all arguments have been settled and there are regular tea and strudel meetings now? That about right?