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    They hate Zionists, but you're way off if you think liberals hate Jews. The Jews crafted their philosophy as it stands, were the founders of socialism and communism in this country, are the biggest champions of open borders, organized the entire civil rights movement...on and on

    Maybe my abhorrence of religion? I have kind of softened on that. Jews have an evolutionary survival group strategy of causing disunity in their host, like in America they make fun of Christians, make sure you say holidays instead of Christmas, encourage open borders, endlessly push diversity, while encourage marriage among their own people only, strict religious adherence, and have a theocratic closed border country, open to their own ethnicity only.

    2% of the population and you'd think they were 80%. Most whites of Western European descent are "Ethnic Christians" at some level, and it's a big part of what makes America what it is. It's stupid, but it helps with cohesion, so I'd rather it stay in place, and I'll be the odd man out.

    I am an atheist who married an immigrant, but I should really be a minority, and America should keep its identity.

    Consider the times too - GW Bush was in office. Not the absolute worst president in history(He'd need to fight Lincoln, Wilson, FDR and LBJ for that honor), but pretty bad. We got into a pointless war, and America's foreign policy was turned over to a bunch of neocons yamulkas - Feith, Perle, Libby, Krauthammer, Frum, Abrams, Kristol, Horowtitz, Bolten, etc. - as he sat there with that deer in the headlights look pissing away our legacy on these scheming shylocks.

    You guys were all 'Murka fuck yeah! Let's Roll! Woohoo! So, yeah, I probably seemed like a raging be-sandled liberal for not hooting along with you.

    How you treat individuals is going to reflect your civility, but truths shouldn't be avoided because someone's feelings might get hurt. It's unrealistic to think that all truths are some egalitarian fundamental that flatter everyone. Nature isn't like that. You don't make policy or let your culture change because some black guy somewhere is super nice.

    Integration has utterly failed. Ask anyone in a correctional facility. At the LA County Men's Central Jail, the Mexicans eat first, then the blacks, then the whites. In 2005 a white guy didn't get the memo, and got killed for daring to line up early. Race riots are constant in jails and prisons, and all of them want segregation. The government forces them to stay integrated and it costs lives. Does anyone come out of there not completely hating the other races?

    Or schools. Many blacks stay home on Cinco De Mayo in CA because they are targets of the Mexican gangs. Some schools hold multiple graduation proceedings and proms to avoid violence, and so students can be happy to hear things in their language or with people of their culture. Can you imagine a black sitting through a graduation ceremony where the speeches didn't rhyme? It would be very hard.

    Or how condescending is it to try every February to celebrate a people with no real legacy? Or pretend that they are the victims of the police. Or that they would be leaning over the hedge, giving their stupid white neighbor investment advice, like every commercial? It's time to be real, and do what works. Dumbing down a whole school system to make it seem like the blacks are doing better is stupid. Throwing money at the problem, when it is rooted in the culture is stupid. And expensive. We could start with voluntary segregation, not interfered with by the feds. In places like Berkeley, nothing would change. The dream world would persist. Parents wanting a decent learning environment could finally have some peace. Black schools could focus on basic life skills and teach everything to a beat with dancing and so on...whatever keeps the still for a minute.

    How'd I miss this thread? I'm surprised I wasn't burned on sustainably harvested, clean burning wood piles in SF for not conforming to liberal orthodoxy. I only seem liberal because I don't talk about guns 24/7 or ever used the word 'blessed.'

    For Americans- Why do we hate Iran? Why are we always on the verge of war with this country?

    You understand the concept of a median, right? If I posted one smart white guy and one dumb black guy, would I then make my point again? I'm guessing you have a special level of empathy for low IQ people for reasons very close and personal to you.

    We're all subject to the same conditioning and excuses. There's really not a point in even posting the whole "IQ tests tell you nothing" line, because we know the script. It's assumed that at least one person will parrot that. They perform horribly on every cognitive test there is, and have since cognitive tests were invented. Combine this with the skills and learning gap that doesn't budge no matter how much money is thrown at it, and is there really any doubt? Are they saving their super-secret intelligence for a special moment?

    I don't have any statistics on violence, but anecdotally it would seem that way. Have you ever heard of NewsOn? It lets you watch local news from all the different metro areas in the US. I flip around to different states for fun, and every channel I see, even ND has some black crime on every time. It's amazing.

    George Mason University's Law school almost lost its ABA accreditation because they didn't have enough blacks. They tried everything they could, then for three years in a row they gradually lowered their standards and got it up to around 17%. Of these blacks, 45% had a GPA of 2.1 or less, which is failing. Of the non-black students, only 4% had grades that bad. No amount of wishful thinking will change reality.

    Blacks in Africa have a median IQ of 70, which is 10 points lower than blacks in the US at 80, which itself is a full standard deviation below western Euro whites. Median white IQ is about 3-6 points below east Asians and a full standard deviation below Jews. If a white person went to school and scored 70 on an IQ test, they would be placed in special education. Keep in mind, that's a median, so many scored much lower, which is astounding. Compared to every other race on earth, they are at the absolute bottom end of the range. This is reflected in what we actually see, if not what we're required to believe.

    I don't see how this fantasy is going to give them self esteem if that's what it is meant to do. It's more like everyone at the Special Olympics getting a medal, whether they ran in circles and cried or finished 15th. They should make a heart-warning cartoon about a Dad that knew and supported his kids. That might have more of an effect. This will only sell Halloween costumes.

    "Safe Space" is an example of wordsmithing. It means echo-chamber. It's only applied to people who are serfs of the left, and within their ideological fiefdom. You never hear of a person involved in right-wing, white-ethnocentric, male issues, etc. needing a safe space. The word "safe" is a key part of its use as a rhetorical device, implying there is a danger posed by the opposing view. This paints one view as vulnerable and virtuous, and the opposing side as aggressive and threatening. It's an aggressive way to play the victim.

    As for this place being an echo-chamber, it may have self-selected as such, but that's not its intention or design. Nearly all of these people posted in the same way on other forums and got run off. I know, I was there!

    It's more like CNN, where Don Lemon will let the left wing guest talk for 5 straight minutes while he fawns on them, then when the right-wing guest tries to answer a question, he and the other guests angrily shout them down and argue with them. Or the opposite phenomenon on Fox. There's no presumption here, that anyone will tolerate your views, or hold their punches. Anyone can come here, but few are going to stick around after getting dog-piled.

    This country is too big Lazs. If we never had justices/presidents/interests-pulling-their strings that enabled the commerce clause and the general welfare clause to depart so from the original intent, and followed the 10th amendment, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place. States could have had some level of difference and the population could settle where they like. Look how corrupt it all is now. How distant the leaders are from the people. We can either get back to the way it was meant to be, or start carving it up. The current setup doesn't allow any real solutions.

    Did you guys know that we passed a law that allows ALL single party elections? Yep. Like there can be ONLY Democrat choices, and that's what it's become. I guess they weren't good enough with just having Dems dominate everything.

    The 2016 was the first time I ever left part of a ballot blank. Felt weird. It was a choice in CA between two Democrats, due to this law. Of course they will always get the top two spots, so yeah, it's essentially a one-party state now. I left president blank too, but I am glad Hillary didn't win. She could've been worse for the country than Lincoln. Actually, no, no one can be worse than Lincoln.