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    If I'm not mistaken the obsidian was traded by early Natives to make arrow and spear heads from the Mount Lassen area heading East. I could be wrong but I was told all those rocks were carried and then discarded by the early natives.

    Damn man- now I'm gonna have to look at the history of Fort Bidwell.

    No kiddin, huh? That's a cool story. It's everywhere up there.

    Right behind that house in the picture - which is diagonal from me - is where the city ends, and the trails start up into the mountains. So quiet. My last place literally vibrated from bridge traffic. Very different.

    Alturas is where I used to go hunting with my 2nd stepdad. Nice country. Lots of cool rocks too. We brought back piles of obsidian but never quite figured out what to do with it.

    Nice, I'll have to remember that.

    Remember, now that she has positioned herself as one of the oppressed, to criticize her would be racist. The history wipe will proceed unchallenged. Come on America...really. What bugs me most is that we are such a cow-minded host and let this brain-fuck go down without a whimper of protest. Helping it along actually. Maybe we deserve it if that's all we've got.

    "I’m the first woman and the first Jewish person—a member of two groups that also once faced discrimination here. It hurts to share the appalling stories from the magazine’s past."

    Yes, so oppressed. Great victim positioning. She will make sure you only learn about "right" things from now on. If some bare breasted mammy is sitting in the dirt hammering two rocks together while flies buzz around her emaciated kids, then don't worry, you won't see it. Instead they'll go find some shack where Bill Gates donated some laptops and give you some heartwarming story about young B'atoo and her friends that through sheer girl power are learning Excel and are going to be CEOs some day.

    Because the Catholic church has long had an outward position against homos. If you are a gay man, what better cover than to be a priest. No normal man gives up sex for his entire life. It isn't natural. They go to a place where all the guys are together, and all in on the game. They get to sin and do penance for it all at once. Nuns too. Have you seen many nuns? Raging bull dykes, one and all.

    Because fuck her a man. Move on. TXMom pretty much summed it up btw. Chicks don't dig weakness, and you haven't fulfilled your potential as long as you are weak. It's an evolutionary plus, so respect it. It's part of coming of age, so learn it and step up or get used to being beta.

    Meet me at the corner of Fifth and Munna and I'll show you.

    Bring a baggie for your teeth.

    So much anger kiddo. I don't piss in your mom's ass. When I see her pile her hair in that onion looking bun on her head, and those sweats, it makes me sad that she doesn't feel like there's any reason to be pretty anymore.

    I like to tease that hair down. That spot on her neck that makes her giggle. I loosen her up with a regular pound and stir before I start venturing into her ass. I like to put her in an especially vulnerable position before I go deep though. She needs to trust me and feel the strength of my man hand before opening that door. I like to give her some authoritative strokes, but it ain't a race. She need time to get there too, then I plant the flag, and that's what she's been waiting for.

    Pissing in need to take more walks.Walks clear the mind. Your fetishes are dark, man you definitely need some walks.

    It's simple, just give a description, like:

    A Bette Midler Concert that you can't leave, and it never ends.

    You have to listen to Debbie Wasserman Schultz talk about recent dental work for a millenia.

    You are in line at a Walgreens, your goal is to buy a single soda, and there are one million old filipino women in line ahead of you, their bags bulging with expired coupons.

    You made fun of my wife? I don't remember that. I make fun of her all the time because she can't reach shit. We have a whole level of cabinets with nothing there, and it seems wasteful. No, I don't care, man. She doesn't care. She makes a pile of money and is past the age of giving a shit. My daughter hates her, but I'm told that is common in the mother/daughter realm of things. I'm hoping that works out in time.

    I am getting a little worried about Storch though. Always saying shitstain, and now cuntstain in another thread. What's with the stains? I got this image of him scrubbing furiously in his all white house, crying and mumbling things about stains. Easy bro, it'll all come out in the wash.

    My first stepdad got a big ol' dose of that stuff in Vietnam. He'd lost his hair by the time he was 28, had multiple organ failures no one could explain, starting shaking all the time. He ended up going crazy and they shipped him off to a VA hospital in San Antonio. That's not supportable proof of anything of course, but it sure convinced me, watching him deteriorate like that.

    Thanks Assi, but I don't even remember that, so not a big deal. Quitting drinking and all other shenaniganery was off and on with me, but I just got really tired at one point and that was enough. After that it wasn't all that difficult. Cold turkey. I realized I hadn't skipped a single day in 2 decades.

    I also spent a weekend at the Oakland jail when they were overbooked like 15 to cell, only room to sleep on the floor. Bologna sammiches and kool aid. All of Oakland's best. That was a wake up. That and my black eye. Had to wonder what life would be like if I remembered every single day! Starting off each day finding my pants, trying to find out what had happened the last few days and starting the apology tour was getting to be a drag. I've known some of you around 18 years. Crazy huh?