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    Being an atheist is one thing, this is another. The parasites don't want western-euro white people to ever be to cohesive. It makes them safer. They do this by attacks on anything that defines that culture: religion, family, order, etc...

    It's not hard to be an atheist all to oneself. I do it every day. In the past I've argued with people because it seems so stunning that my people would hold onto some Jewish sect that has nothing to do with their ancestors. Our gods were strong, and we revered nature and the elements. After the Romans left, the their church was the only structure left and the nascent warlords made a deal with them: We say you are the divine leader, you give us land, money and all the peasants we can stand. Ever since then my own people have somehow worshiped the god of a nomadic tribe of Jews from the other side of the world.

    Jesus' brother James leading the early church in Jerusalem was not at all interested in filthy Gentiles being in the church. The Roman charlatan Paul, who never even met Jesus, was busy peddling this nonsense to bored Roman housewives and making up the rules as he went. They called him to Jerusalem twice to correct him, but he got the last say because they were all crushed when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. He wrote the bulk of the New Testament, which you believe today, and he was nothing but a a dilettante and a fraud.

    Yeah, I mean today I kinda don't care. It's just futile. My people are easily conveyed to those who'd manipulate us. We really don't deserve better if this is all we have. Peepaw and Meemaw believed, so I do too! It's about as far as they look back, and most believers have never spent 10 minutes actually learning the bible. It's a cultural thing at this point, especially for the right. A source of identity. It's frustrating, but there it is...

    They hate us because of Israel. I would too if a foreign power forced some country in my region. They've got us revved up against the Arabs, and seeing them as the boogie man, when we'd have no beef with them if not for Israel.

    Do you know we borrow money to give aid to Israel? Why not just pay it out quarterly like every other country? Because Israel wants it up front, and we do what we're told. We have to pay interest on it, and as it sits in their account they make interest off of it. Neat trick, that.

    That, and the money we spend staying at war with THEIR enemies makes them a very costly ally. A Theocracy that has nothing to do with our values. But, they own New York and DC and only have the stupid Goyim to brainwash, so they do what they want. If they want to own white liberals, they play the social justice angle, and play on their need to feel virtuous. To wrap up the right, they give you the friendly democracy, plucky little fighters who could bullshit and you jump in eyes closed. It's embarrassing that it is so easy for them.

    And by then the war in Europe was well underway. Had it not been, it would've been a different story. Provoking Japan with a blocklade probably didn't help matters either. Had your glorious leader told Benes and the others to go fuck themselves and deal with Germany, or accepted one of Germany's 26 attempts at a peace agreement, the dynamic would've been completely different. lend/lease? Come on, you know it was a matter of time. The only reason it took so long is because there weren't so many sheepish Americans back then that bleated along obediently to required groupthink bullshit poured on them from the top.

    Fun fact: Did you know FDR was in a wheel chair because he tried to take every Jew cock up his ass at once during a Haunnukah party in 1934? Morganthau confirms this and says that why he liked to choke fuck him. He was completely prolapsed and there was just no traction left back there.

    Not to mention when he got captured in S. Africa after planning a genius train raid! He wasn't exactly a successful naval commander either. I know the official story - we all say it in lock-step. It goes a little something like this, right:

    Hitler wanted to take over the entire world. Chamberlain was an appeaser. Churchill's sheer resolve and balls got Britain through their finest hour until the Americans got involved and saved the world.

    Is that it?

    He was drunken half-wit yahoo, who as First Minister during WWI made it protracted and costly, and wasted many more lives as Prime Minster in WWII. You are ass-deep in propaganda. Pick up a book.

    Or how about fuck you for getting us into WWI and WWII in the first place. What do I care about a German war against the Polish and Russian Bolsheviks? The only outcome was millions dead and half of Europe neatly handed to the commies for half a century. I would love a Churchill shaped toilet to celebrate that era.

    It is, but man we can't all be you! You set a high bar my friend. Everything about you screams smart.

    And if you haul stuff and live in a wide open area that probably makes sense, but you realize in many areas that much steel is kinda retarded for getting around town or driving on vacation right? Just get a 26' box truck and get it over with.

    It's the 385 hp 5-liter they introduced in 2009 and I couldn't agree with you more on the body style. Mine a coupe too, in liquid silver. She's in storage now; I'm just sitting here waiting for the snow to melt...

    Very nice. I was talking to a guy at the dealership, asking when are they going to stick a nice big naturally aspirated V8 in their cars. I like the Eaton supercharger on my XK, but the XE likes to kick into hyperdrive at weird times. So much of it is for emissions I know, but what a stroke fest, I mean no one drives a car like that in eco mode! That stop-start tech sucks too. I am glad there is a button for that, and I turn it off each time I start the car, but sometimes I forget and when it shuts off at a light I get this oh shit moment where I think the car is dead.

    Modern trucks are ridiculous. $60k, 9 feet tall, but the bed is so small you couldn't get a La-Z-Boy recliner in there without tying a flag on it. They are as aggressive, blunt and useless as the people who drive them. What is it about having a truck that requires you to tailgate? It's heavy traffic, where are you gonna go? One space? Take a breath Luke Duke...Anyway

    I sold my F150 XLT before I moved here to make life easier. This was a 2000, and the one I had before that was 1974. You know what it did well? Haul shit. It wasn't a showpiece, it was a tool. My last house in the Bay Area was further out from the metro, on a steep hill, old as hell, and it had all kinds of retaining wall problems and so on. They are so picky in CA that you can only throw away bricks in concrete in certain areas, so I had to load that thing up as much as possible because each run was so far, and I didn't want to pay a bunch of Mexicans to do it for me when I had a truck sitting right there. These tuck people today - would they even risk scratching the paint to actually use it? It seems like the main purpose of trucks these days is a pissing contest between truck owners.

    I think your XK probably has the 4.2? Mine has the older 4.0, and when you aren't pushing it hard it has a great v8 feel. Loads of torque and sounds like an old caddy or something. I like it around town as well out on the backroad when the supercharger noise starts kicking in and the sound changes. I don't like the X100 body style unless it's a coupe. I didn't want a convertible, it just kills the lines. The hood and curves are very e-type, and that's why I like the older XKs, but I have to say I love the newer ones as well - especially in person. They're more stunning than in pics.

    or - someone who doesn't need to compensate for any deficiencies with a big truck. Think about it. Be honest with yourself, that little acorn isn't going to get any bigger at your age. Better jack that thing up and put on some truck nuts Hoss!

    glad you guys like the poor old jags.. tow truck drivers need to feed their families.


    My Ford era Jag loves to have mysterious problems like the engine or transmission going into safe mode because some stupid 5 amp fuse blew somewhere. The XE is a Tata era car, and they piled shitloads of money into development. Yeah, the company that makes silly little Indian cars. I have to say it has been really solid so far. Most complicated cars are rock solid if you keep them sorted out, which is in itself expensive, but if you don't...

    If you're going to get an XF, might as well get an XJ. Better engine options. I fit fine in the XE though and I'm around 6'3". My head touched the roof in the XKR though. I always know it's time to get a haircut when it starts bugging me.

    He was also a rabid anti-semite ...

    This is such a fantastic example of how effective Jewish conditioning is, and explains it better than I could in a full book. He skips a conference in protest of how Israel deals with the Palestinians, and all the good doggies bark as instructed. Who's a good boy!

    Criticize Israel and draw the immediate wrath of everyone who belches ink to paper or pixels to screen. That's a pretty good trick to be able to make any criticism immediately toxic to one's career and reputation. Great survival tactic.

    I love my people, but they have nowhere near those skills. They're good at being submissive and obedient though, as demonstrated above. The Romans must've enjoyed our ease of subjugation, I'm sure our new masters do as well. This guy gets an extra cookie!

    Looks very nice indeed. Where is it?

    And nice Jag. XE or XF?

    Northeast Albuquerque, by Mt. Sandia's southern peak. It's an XE 35t. I ordered it before they were released and had a long wait, but got one of the first ones off the boat. It has the same 6cyl-supercharged engine as the F-Type. I'm glad I acted when I did though since they only did that the first year, and now it would be much more to get the 6-cyl version. All aluminum too. It's even faster than my 2002 XKR and handles better too, but I love them both.

    And Lasz, that's a good point about AZ. I couldn't endure their summers though!