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    It seems the pawnshop dudes have a secret handshake on those deals.

    He just texted me about one with kreigsmarine stamping for $1200.

    I think I bought one sadly it will be lost in an unfortunate kayaking accident in heavy surf later this winter.

    Not an expert, but I don't think they had specific Kriegsmarine stamping. They all look the same as far I know for Luftwaffe, SS, Heer, Police, etc. There should be an eagle carrying a swastika on the trigger guard and at the end of the barrel, and a number on the left trigger guard that says its series which is easy to look up online as to its date. They did get a lot of the ones with the grip that had that low screw I was talking about.

    Not to get off topic, but you're conflating issues. Money Creation by the Fed vs. How the US government deals with its debt. New money isn't created at interest, it's loaned at interest by the fed. It's akin to any other loan in the world except where a normal bank would have to have the money sitting in their reserves, the Federal Reserve literally printed up the money.

    What you are talking about is how the US Government churns the debt. Basically they pay off old debt which has a relatively short period, with new debt. This just compounds the interest and pushes the debt limit up. This is on top of new spending, which is borrowed at a rate of $1 in debt per $4 in revenue (approximately).

    If money is created via credit theory there is always going to be more due on the loan that currency that exists. It's not a 0% loan. The money you are speaking of as being loaned not created did not exist before. They simply enter a number in a ledger and it now exists. At interest. The churn the old debt by paying it off with money created at interest, same as the old debt.

    They try to keep the conversation on the deficit because that's easier for the proles to understand. The two sides of the coin prattle on about tax rates or whatever, some social programs, all the while the debt is paid with more debt. People put on hats or protest or whatever. It's a distraction and a circus.

    It puts us at a disadvantage and the only that wins are the (((globalists))). We probably stop saying "The Fed" because it makes it sound like some official entity. It's a group of (((private banks))). There's nothing Federal about it. Who in their right mind is for credit theory money!

    HSC has an exposed hammer too.

    As for accuracy, I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with this at first. I unloaded it, put the safety on and aimed and pulled. I noticed that when I squeeze, the gun pulls to the left or right(or both!). It's just the curvy shape as you squeeze. I had to sort of death grip it or at least be very intentionally about each pull. It's not super accurate not but it's on target.

    Check this out Storch, this is looking down the site, there's a little channel and the whole inside of it is cross-hatched so it isn't shiny when you are aiming. Little thing. Pretty cool. I doubt it would work long in a rough battlefield environment with mud. Tolerances are just too close.

    Yeah, the early Kriegsmarine ones had the handle screw in a weird place, those are rare. It's cleaner than the P08 and it's still a .32. Not gonna blow someone over but it's enough, no one wants to get shot. Nice glovebox gun.

    Art deco, pretty gun. Came with the original holster. Smells like Nazis. I have the bring back permission slip too. The guy was in the 45th Army, 157th Infantry. They fought from Anzio to Dachau. His widow didn't say where exactly he got it, other than from an SS guy surrendering. I like to believe it's offed some filthy Hebes. Could have been carried by a scared 18 year old and never fired either, but I like the 1st one.

    That Gewehr 98 saw action in WWI then got some minor updates for the Weimar period, then re-barrelled with new sites for the WWII era in 1935. Not a front line gun, probably Volksturm or something. Also a bring back. Iron site accurate, I love it.