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    So to prove that silly slogan you're going to what? Pander to blacks? Trot out some silly actors to repeat your talking points? Why are you playing by globalist and Democrat rules? You don't present an alternative to them when you take this losing strategy. I'd rather vote for a party that open cares about and promotes white well-being than trying to pretend to be diverse.

    So you're in on the whole DR3, "Democrats are the Real Racists" meme too? You don't miss a trick. Republicans today are basically the Democrats of the 90s. Happy with letting blacks out of jail to get votes, amnesty for bean people, faggot celebration...Again, I listened to a whole Trump rally and White people didn't come up once. Remember White People? Ya know, built the country, etc. etc. ?

    What are conservatives today other than mild Democrats? This hack is controlled opposition and an opportunist, nothing more. She likes to go on speaking engagements with gay Jew Milo Yiannapoulos and present the new gay Jew black face of the Reublican party.

    I'm not a caricature. Your predictable response suggests you might be though. It doesn't vary, from blue-haired college student, to desolate wine aunt, right down to you. Are you about to apologize for being white? Give me some warning if you are, I need to have the bin ready.

    I couldn't get more than about 20 seconds into that bit you posted above. Best I could tell it was about negro and mulatto lesbians doing drugs and crying.

    According to Wikipedia: "Euphoria is an American teen drama television series created by Sam Levinson and based on the Israeli miniseries of the same name originally created by Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin, and Tmira Yarden"

    Oh... Why? It is the electro-jew?

    Yeah, basically. It promotes everything that is bad and degenerate and mocks everything that is good as being square or silly. It's propaganda that forms public perception and it's mostly just filth at this point.

    He's doing the little thing where he says my people and all that. You're precious grandpa, you really are. Your jokes never get old, and I love your stories no matter how many times you fall asleep retelling them at dinner.

    I got this app on my TV... I mentioned it before. I a buttload of channels, but still don't watch anything.

    I "Favorited" two shows back when I got it. GoT and The Office. I got sick of GoT pretty fast and have been watching The Office.

    I'm about 6 episode into the last season and I'm getting sad that it's going to be over soon. That show is great. Great actors.

    This is 12 years ago?

    (I thought the obscure Austrian painter part would have given him lots of material to attack me with, but apparently my drywall is far more interesting. This one is far more incoherent than usual, clearly an adult male, most likely just finished jerking off and is now prowling the internet for entertainment. Fascinating. Let's return to the blind and continue to watch the Wild Sperg in action.)


    Think of the president as a 60s Motown girl group. A Jew owns the company, a Jew writes the songs, a Jew is their manager, a Jew produces the album, a Jew does the promotion, etc. but all you ever see is the girl group. No one reads the liner notes.

    Presidents do as they are told and give the public little bumper sticker statements they can understand. If they are pushing an idea it comes from way behind the lines, it's not theirs. Even the false promises they make during campaigns are group tested long before the lie is made.

    Really, you don't already know this shit? You think policy is a force of will thing from a single man? Government hasn't been that way since at least Nixon, and only sorta then. You'll never see much of who actually governs you.

    Wow, you guys are so conditioned that you see any criticism and immediately defend Trump.

    "I guess that is all on the Trump also."

    "damn that Trump. He caused this...SOMEhow"

    This has nothing to do with Trump. That is so Pavlovian, it's amazing to see it in action.

    Just kidding. This is about the Federal Reserve having to take emergency measures by injecting $75 billion dollars a day over the last week into the short term borrowing markets because of another liquidity crisis. Remember 2008? Like that, maybe not as bad this time, we'll see.…funding-markets-stabilize

    "NEW YORK (Sept 20): The Federal Reserve added liquidity for a fourth straight day to a vital corner of the funding markets, helping further stabilize rates as investors remain concerned that fresh bouts of stress may be felt in the weeks ahead."

    - In other words Buckle Up Goyim!