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    What speech about black people? I don't know what you are referencing. We didn't make them fuck ups, they have a median 80 IQ and should have been left alone to evolve. They're our problem now either way. They should probably have more autonomy in their communities, I'd probably carve out an area of the country where they can have some self rule if I had to devise a solution.

    So long as other communities are left to decide who lives there, get rid of discrimination laws. Some places would change others wouldn't, people could be around the ones they want to. Forced integration is a failure, it should be voluntary. With some area to control they would be out of excuses, if it fails blame yourselves. I don't have a strong opinion of blacks, they are what they are. They are just pawns anyway.

    Founders of the NAACP:

    • Joel Spingarn
    • Arthur Spingarn (brother)
    • Julius Rosenthal
    • Henry Malkewitz
    • Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch
    • Lillian Wald
    • Kivie Kaplan
    • Nathan Margold
    • Jack Greenberg
    • Julian Mack
    • Henry Moskowitz
    • Herbert Hill
    • Louis Marshall
    • Rabbi David Saperstein
    • Rabbi Stephen Wise
    • Herbert Lehman
    • Arthur Sachs
    • Herbert Seligmann
    • Martha Gruening
    • Felix Frankfurter
    • Herman Lehman (brother of Herbert?)

    Among others. "Broken Bond" by Kaufman goes into this. Stanley Levison wrote King's speeches, the ones that hadn't been plagiarized from someone else, arranged his schedule and so on. Read "A Dangerous Friendship" I forget the author. They don't organize themselves! LOL

    Europe will never learn to be "multicultural".

    You can't even say that out loud in Europe. Try it in America and watch the outrage. They won't have a choice. They didn't agree to be flooded with 3rd worlders but they will be. The other countries of Europe are just as flooded. If there are future wars in Europe it will be between Shia and Sunni or some African tribes. European men have already abdicated their birthright and accepted their fate, just like here in the US.

    Yup... They're just making shit up now fishy. Aside from your (self-admitted) antisemitism.... You're a pretty good guy.

    If a group is pushing to replace white folks and pushing degeneracy on the country and corrupting our values, yeah I'm against them. Anyone would unless they are blind or fragile or something. The rest of that lost me frankly.

    Grandma, what? Who? This is some stereotypical Jew pop-psychology if I've ever seen it. Self-Loathing is apologizing for being white. Or abrogating your birth right to your own country. Or letting a foreign body tell you what you may think and say.

    Still no warrant out for Ghislane Maxwell I guess. Daughter of Mossad Operative Robert Maxwell(born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch, of course). The Russians are a distraction, there's only one country effectively manipulating our elections. When you see all that Trump has done for Israel, I'm sure they have quite a bit on him. They, being Mossad, the beneficiaries of this honey trap. Russia has alot of insiders cozy with Mossad due to the Russian immigrants there, so I'm sure they know whatever they need to know.

    Thank you GScholz for being a voice of reason and your patience is much more than I could bring up up against such ignorance <3
    Still in Peeky Blinders mood:

    I really wish people could be more nuanced in their views because nothing is black and white in this world....

    Get impatient with me then. Or shut your fucking whore mouth.

    It doesn't normalize drug use or anything. It is a fucking tragedy based on real life that shows the suffering and havok drug addiction brings to family and friends. This show is almost a public service announcement to parents on the fucked up shit that is really going on right now. And it's not just about addiction, it's also about Jules' dangerous sex habits, Nate's abusive relationship with his statutory-rapist dad bleeding into his own abusive relationship with Maddy, sexual assault, teenage pregnancy and abortions and how that fucks you up, depression, social media, nude pics, dick pics, webcam porn, blackmail and just about every other fucked up thing you can think of. Euphoria is a horror show.

    Yeah, exactly. A pool of Jew filth from one end to the other. The result of our occupation. You don't need that garbage. Focus on something positive. People are now only as worthy as their struggle, so many weaklings will want some of these struggles as their own because it gets the sort of approved attention your masters allow. If these people had normal families, now cursed as an institution, none of this would be happening.

    James Fields gets surrounded by Antifa Bolsheviks at a Rally against removing a statue of General Lee. They have surrounded his car and are pounding on it and threatening him. He hits the accelerator and a human land-whale, Heather Heyer bounces off the hood. She doesn't die from her injuries, but a heart attack she has a a result of the excitement because she is morbidly obese.

    He gets 400+ years in prison for this. Trump disavows everyone that was there after cucking when he got pushback for saying there were decent people on both sides.

    A$AP Rocky though, gets into an avoidable fistfight fight in Sweden with his posse and they lock him up as they should have. Trump moves heaven and earth to free him. Then he is finally released and disses Trump when he gets home.

    Trump doesn't represent my people, nor does his weak and timid party.

    It doesn't need to glorify it, it only needs to normalize it, and the sort of relationships it portrays as well. Why would anyone want to wallow in a world like that anyway? They can't make a show that without interracial lesbians or whatever anymore.

    So in summary, Jew produced show about black lesbian drug addicts good, mrfish bad. There was a time when producing filth of that kind would get you locked up, and it was a far better time than now for my people, which is all I care about, not being liked.

    Your epithets are like being insulted by an NPC in a game. He'll keep doing as programmed until the power to the game is cut off. If I am remembered by anyone, it won't be as a collaborator. I'll ring the bell every chance I get - sleep if you like.

    So to prove that silly slogan you're going to what? Pander to blacks? Trot out some silly actors to repeat your talking points? Why are you playing by globalist and Democrat rules? You don't present an alternative to them when you take this losing strategy. I'd rather vote for a party that open cares about and promotes white well-being than trying to pretend to be diverse.

    So you're in on the whole DR3, "Democrats are the Real Racists" meme too? You don't miss a trick. Republicans today are basically the Democrats of the 90s. Happy with letting blacks out of jail to get votes, amnesty for bean people, faggot celebration...Again, I listened to a whole Trump rally and White people didn't come up once. Remember White People? Ya know, built the country, etc. etc. ?

    What are conservatives today other than mild Democrats? This hack is controlled opposition and an opportunist, nothing more. She likes to go on speaking engagements with gay Jew Milo Yiannapoulos and present the new gay Jew black face of the Reublican party.

    I'm not a caricature. Your predictable response suggests you might be though. It doesn't vary, from blue-haired college student, to desolate wine aunt, right down to you. Are you about to apologize for being white? Give me some warning if you are, I need to have the bin ready.