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    Storch has some unique takes sometimes. We rarely agree but I'm listening. The Libertarians here don't parrot as much, but their goal is a fantasy so it kinda doesn't matter. I'd like to see a stronger right wing, the takes here are ice cold.

    The Republicans are weak and much like the libs these days. Go grab a 90s Democrat and you have a current Republican.

    They could put pressure on Trump and control the agenda, but instead they're just clapping no matter what happens. It's unrealized power.

    You are not really getting the point again, surprise. The best outcome would be that people don't need anything to cling to. Less chance for them to be controlled. Christianity is the less damaging of the current choices, thus it finds my support. The best outcome can't be realized, so this is the better alternative than the religion of Cultural Marxism.

    Well, you got us down pretty good, fish.

    Turn that third eye on yourself and tell us what you see.

    Someone who eventually got over where you are now. Not you particularly, not everyone, just a theme here. It's just an effect I hate to see. Someone cooks up a talking point, gives it to Hannity who then repeats it every single day over and over, and then you go to Breitbart or something and you see verbatim that same thing over and over in the comments. It's a criticism of how come to think the things you think. I'm open to other criticisms if you like - impulse control and high time preference among them. We're all working on something.

    People need meaning, a purpose. Causes give them that.

    Yep, which is why I am pro-Christianity now even as an Atheist. I've done a 180 on this based on the facts.

    This secular religion of Cultural Marxism is a far worse replacement. I see signs in people's yards that have these slogans "No person is illegal! We believe in science!" and so on. In another time that'd simply be some old lady with a bunch of saint statues and crosses.

    They even have priests in this religion the late night talk show hosts, news shows, even YouTube. They dole out the dogma every day. People now virtue signal by hunting down heretics that don't follow the rightspeak and rightthink.

    They even have rituals where they get together n fellowship and paint their faces and bang drums and yell. Everything that Christianity offered has now been replaced with the Cultural Marxism religion. I still don't understand why people need this, but if a need exists I'd much rather see them in the framework of Christianity. There's just an element of society that needs a lot of structure and reinforcement, pats on the back, bumper stickers to believe.

    "based on hate" is another good trope I'd like to see the end of. Like someone's just standing there "I need something to hate and someone to scapegoat! Grrrr!" That's leftist language, and again you are using it. 'Based on hate' implies no truth in an argument. If someone punches you and you punch back is that hate? Don't punch me back, you're punching me in hate!! LOL

    You guys are like two old men on a porch out in the country trotting out the same old bullshit every day. Some car passing by can't tell the difference between you, rightly so. You don't need a site to instruct you, just use your head.

    Being American is more a state of mind instead of heritage.

    Holy fuck, first 'DR3' now the 'Propositional Nation' argument! This is like where old and tired ideas go to die. Constitution Preamble please: "...and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."


    • n. Future generations.
    • n. All of a person's descendants.
    • n. Descendants collectively; the race that proceeds from a progenitor.

    Not for a nation of immigrants, not for huddled masses, not for anyone who feels American, but a literal line of inheritance from the English settlers of that time forward. Even if you are Irish or German, this country literally was not made for you!

    It doesn't mean you don't belong or can't live here, it doesn't mean immigrants from all over can't live here, what it means is that this county belongs to those colonists and their descendants, period.

    This has been so skewed by propaganda. Like the Emma Lazarus poem about dirty filthy stupid people coming to America. The Statue of Liberty DID NOT COME WITH THAT POEM! It was not delivered by God himself! It was added later, by a Jewish movement to ease tension on their recent immigrants by associating liberty with filthy Eastern European refugees. Look it the fuck up, then ignore it forever more.

    You are helping them replace you with this bullshit! If there were no descendants left of the English, just a country of Latinos and Blacks only, but they still followed the constitution, that would still be America? No, it wouldn't! It'd be something else entirely. America is NOT a propositional nation for fuck's sake.

    This is the language they use to separate you from your country and hasten the replacement. No other people have ever rolled over so graciously for an invader, why don't you go make them a sandwich while you are at it. America has a racial component to ownership of the country, blood and soil not some vague ideas. That's all propaganda.

    I ask because in most places on the right DR3 is a meme or something people toss at each other as jokes. Seriously. When I see it used un-ironically it's like posting cringe.

    "Racist" is a power word of the left, you shouldn't even be using it. Their strategy was to make a "Racist" the worst possible thing anyone could be ever. Step two was find ways to make everything their opponents do "racist." Like, you've seen it - tests are racist, expectations are racist, the phrase 'work hard' is racist, that kinda thing.

    You help them when you play the "Racist" game because it validates their strategy. In other words, if they say "You are the worst thing in the world, a Racist" and you say back "No you are!" you are just confirming that "Racist" is in fact the worst thing in the world, which them helps them deploy this strategy more effectively.

    If you want to see how effective this societal pressure and conditioning is, look at GScholz and his highly emotional virtue signaling in that one thread. To be seen as a good person(which is the most important thing in the world, far above truth) you must adamantly virtue signal against any racism at all times. It's like spotting a heretic in old Catholic Europe or something. It removes actual racial problems from the Overton Window, or things allowed to be spoken in general discussion, and anyone who would use it is verboten.

    In summary, don't use the word "Racist" as a weapon! It helps their cause and you aren't moving a single vote! The good news if there is any, is that they are on the verge of overusing it which will diminish its power.

    Seems you don't remember a few things lately. Alzheimers perhaps?

    I remember one tried to set up a home in my $150/month parking spot and wouldn't move. I chased him off with a tire iron. Another one was aggressively panhandling and pulled a knife on me when I told him to fuck off, and I was swinging by backpack as an impromptu bum defense weapon. The police actually got involved in that one but they only gave him a ticket and didn't even take his knife. I don't remember the zippo thing though. I think Airhead or Funked embellished on that one.

    DR3 - Democrats R Real Racists - Who is that argument aimed at? Will it convince Democrats that they are racists? Is it going to sway a swing voter who really wanted to vote Republican but thought they were racist and now sees the error of their ways? Is it going it going to bring on minorities? Does it get the base to the polls? What is the core of the DR3 argument?

    Climate Change is just a trick to move energy resources to the third world. They want more production and consumers. The right opposes it because they'd like to have the companies accomplish this, and the left wants more of a global trust type entity set up. They are both going to the same conclusion, it's about control of resources, they just have different paths.