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    You support transgender ideology. Every last one of you. You aren't against it, you will not stand on principle. Why not say it out loud in support of this man you are calling by a girl's name? Make him cry with gratitude for your support. Hear yourself say it, and own it.

    That's fine. You are liberals though. If you are going to pretend a man with a sick fetish is a woman, understand what you are. You are progressives, progressing to a new understanding. Happy to accept any new notion of reality. More likely, you don't appreciate such thing but you are straight up raw dog cowards.

    Gina was as close to doing it right as anyone I have seen but... even then... she is human after all.

    "Gina" is a dude. A childless old pervert who indulges in a sick sissy fetish. She? Look at yourself Lazs. You're calling a sick guy "she." Ever think you would fall so low? You're a bunch of so-called conservatives who happily play along with this shit. You want to know why America is what it is? Look at yourselves. You're spineless. I was the only one here with the balls to tell the truth. Might as well go out speaking from here in reality world as well instead of pretend fantasy land where men can be women. .

    Just blame me. You can say whatever you want until it gets over the target. Then see how quickly it changes. ICOM is this man in women's clothing playing tea time with his dollies. You say things he likes and be a good little dolly. Everyone play pretend. Enjoy the absurd.

    I joined as Marvin Straighte. Get it? Even has the little e on the end. HP Hovercraft was a close second. Bigger Neater seemed harsh. Every site thinks they are tolerant until an antisemite shows up. That's the only third rail left. I don't know if I will post much.

    So... just to be clear... There's no way that 2 consecutive years of no school attendance would affect the first graduating class after COVID attendance rate. Instead, it simply must be race. This is because... well... narcissism.

    Where in the article does it say they didn't go to school for two years? Either way, no schools just shut down, the kids learned from home. My daughter went through the same thing, all kids did. If there was no school I'd simply teach her, and in fact have before when she was homeschooled.

    Should you weigh on on things like this, not having any kids yourself? Seems like it would be hard to understand, and you certainly missed on this one. Seems like it'd be hard to understand a great many things, having only regard for yourself and no future generations. I do it see it speaks about their bad attendance, but that's just niggers and beaners anywhere, Covid or not.

    Here is a symptom of the problem. Black people aren't the problem. They're the tool the problem works to achieve their stated aim.

    How about Africa? No wheel, no written language, no wells...nah, it's leftism. I'm sure they are just tools of leftist White people. Lotsa Christians there. Their prayers don't seem to do much.

    If you are a Jew, blacks are a tool, a golem to disrupt a White society that can potentially get tired of you and kick you out for a 110th time. Leftists pre-invasions were more tolerant toward blacks to be sure, but had no idea of letting them run wild. That was actually the Republicans that encouraged them to be criminals after reconstruction. And put them in token government positions.

    If you are a leftist, your ideology was more easily conquered by Jews, so you are just an extension of the Jew. The Jews had to exploit evangelical Christianity before they really made any in-rounds on the right. They were associated with the WASP before that, and now there is no such thing. There's no old money, just Jew money.

    The negro is simply a savage. They are a problem to be managed. Nothing more. They are now the tool of both "sides" if you can say that there are sides. It's because of mastery of psychology. They have managed to make a societal paradigm where your worth is based on how egalitarian you are. The more you like the margins, the better you are.

    Target doesn't have faggot stuff at the front of the store because they love faggots and grooming, it's because they are afraid of their iiBT and CEI ratings falling. Black Rock, State Street, Vangaurd, etc will crush them if they don't play along. You lose less money with the boycott. These are the masters of America and they are all Jews. Making it safe to continue looting America through this chaos and discord. Who's the last big White collar criminal you saw go down? Been a while. The only reason they got Madoff was because he broke the rule of not bilking other kikes.

    You can't see that though, so you need to pick something safe. Leftists. Democrats. Wokeness. When did it start? Who is pushing it? Who is writing about it and funding it and so on? You can't know because of your laziness when it comes to research, your low valuation of the importance of honesty and objectivity, and the grip that this huckster psychology has on you.

    Of course the article said that. Why isn't the problem then equally distributed among all schools that had the similar circumstance. And there were many. But hey...the article said! Lol It's painful.

    ...thinks that all races are inferior to his and hates pretty much everyone on the face of the earth for being inferior...

    Where do I say that? It's not like I haven't covered this. Over and over and over. Especially with Goatse. You are doing what he did. This is what your years of Jerry Springer consumption and all that conditioning tell you someone like me thinks.

    So you apply the meme at the expense of reality. It isn't surprising. It puts you right at the exact center of the standard distribution of expected beliefs. You have the most predictable and widespread view and make the most common error. Standard. Normal. Mediocre.

    Also, Mini, where did you get the cope that blacks and Mexicans fail because Covid? Who gave that to you? It was astounding and I kind of want to see what else whoever gave that to you to repeat has to say.

    It should be clear from my response, what I address in it, and the context, but since it wasn't let me give you some training wheels:

    "Fishy could not participate in any organized group unless he could lead it but everyone would hate him so that wouldn't work either."

    I've already told you I don't care about the narcissism thing. It is what replaces a proper argument with you, since you are inadequate in that department. Hear something that isn't system friendly -> Rush to defend it -> Have nothing -> Fall back to calling me a narcissist.

    Could a narcissist still make a valid point? Since the answer is yes, obviously, then your approach is inferior. If you refute the point itself, you don't have to make those amateurish arguments. It's basic logic. A person's personality or psychological disposition has nothing to do with whether their point is valid or not. If what they are saying is so blatantly wrong, then show it.

    When you can't it's sad, and makes you even smaller and greener.

    I don't care about that fort. Or beaners. Still don't know what this has to do with anything. The great contributions of nonwhites or something. None of that will make blacks less violent, and none of that will make the influx of beaners a good thing that doesn't wreck the culture. So it's irrelevant. And sentimental. Very conservative. Let's all suffer because this one guy is swell! Let's not solve a problem because this dude over here will get his feelings hurt.

    What feds would want any of you anyway? They need people that are extremely mental. Somewhat retarded even. None of you fit that bill. You are very predictable neo-conservative, neo-reactionary, or libertarian normies. They might fish here, but in the end they know you aren't useful. You aren't going to go shoot anything up. This would be a kickback assignment for a fed, but you aren't meeting your quota here.

    Oh, Bronk. The people in those pictures don't know what the fuck it's all about either. Do you know why? It's because none of them are Mr Fish. This is how narcissism fundamentally works. When you look down on everyone, any example of yourself provided to you is obviously inferior. Fishy could not participate in any organized group unless he could lead it but everyone would hate him so that wouldn't work either.

    If the goal is to insult, it should be something real. It I call you a Samoan for example, it doesn't really land, because you aren't. I do participate in an organized group, and I don't lead it. I don't usually join anything because groups are usually dumb. If I am impressed it is easy to follow. Even to set aside smaller disagreements and try a different plan.

    You literally think the majority black school is failing because of Covid. I don't have to guess, you said it. And now, nothing you say can ever be taken seriously.