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    Damn aunts and uncle Toms.

    Don't they know their place?

    No way man, Diamond and Silk are sassy and they really make black folks run to the party. And Tyrus, why he just drops truths that are so fundamental and self-evident that all debate ends and no counter positions are possible. Just Nuff Said and that's it.

    It's very digestible isn't it. Just fun banter and yay Trump stuff. They keep it at a level you surely understand, and they never say anything you don't want to hear. Their website is always thought-provoking too:

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    Jaw Dropping Jessica! Simpson shows off 100 lb weight loss in sexy dress.

    That kinda thing. I like Tucker, but they've already put him in time-out twice for saying forbidden truths. It's a matter of time before they replace him with an extra blonde robot woman they have in storage or something.

    I watch the FOX opinion and comedy shows.

    Yeah, you do. It's literally making you even dumber. You're from a generation that trusts TV and that's why the whole thing is a TV circus now. It literally works. My generation is not much better, but the younger ones are surprisingly free from all of this, so once you are finally gone there's hope. The TV channels will be ginning up the outrage machine and no one will be watching. Maybe in some nursing home, but zero shits will be given.

    Trump's polls are high, it is a dumb time to impeach. If it got through the house it would die in the senate. He won't be impeached and if he is impeached in the house it won't matter because since Clinton everyone realizes it means nothing. What are you not seeing when you watch the circus?

    It's the new normal, get used to it. If a Dem wins next time, the outrage machine will be in full swing against them. Fox on one side, the other Mainstream News channels on the other, then back again, and so on. CNN used to be neutral at one point, but they've gone full globohomo in the last few years. Two sides playing the outrage game. Turn it all off and don't participate in the outrage game. It's like a pickpocket distracting you. These aren't the droids you're looking for, move along.

    He’s been attacked more than any president in my lifetime, not even Ford put up with this much shit.

    Hell yeah, remember when they spent years trying to prove Trump was born in Kenya and not even an American to begin with? His challenges are the biggest ever, like nothing before, they are huge and beautiful and nothing ever never has been anything like this. He's so dreamy!

    He doesn't have anything to panic about, it's just a show. The usual circus to get the two sides riled up. Not very interesting.

    What is interesting is that we are still creating $75 billion per day and pumping into the banks. That's more than in 2008 in the first round of quantitative easing, or in any time since. Every day for the last week, and they plan to go through October at least. I remember when congress used to vote for bailouts, that's how old I am. With just the planned amount it'll $2.9 trillion by next month. There's no guarantee it'll end. Sometimes this happens with one bank, or at the end of a quarter, but not in this amount, and this is across the board.

    Don't worry though, it's just arcane money stuff, let's get back to the impeachment drama! I am sure it is totally real and sincere and I should follow every second of it and definitely not pay attention to anything else! At least until the weekend when I should definitely watch sportsball!

    I think the anger in terms of amount of people was the same, but lefties are much louder. And they control the media mostly, so you hear it more. I remember driving through Montana once and I stopped at this diner that had anti-Obama stuff everywhere. As for whether they needed to be obstructed, I imagine their side would say the same about you. That's kind of a point of view call there isn't it?

    Well, here's the new religion. Women are always the most fervent adherents of course. Look at the smiles, it's a religious experience. Hey refugees over here, come rape up before the planet burns up! Weird religious fervor.