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    It's not hatred per se. One needs a certain emotional sophistication for that. Which is a genetic issue. Moolies don't have the intellectual bandwidth nor the genetic compass.

    It's impulse control. Pretty much the exact same biochemical process that makes a dog snap if you grab their bowl.

    And like dangerous canines, the only humane solution is to put them down or at least make sure they don't reproduce. It's a kindness, really.

    Yeah well,

    As invasive as safety equipment can be, the hassle usually results in a reduction in costs and casualties that everyone welcomes..higher profits, less paperwork, but also lower premiums, and fewer invalids. The definitive win-win.

    Kung flu hysteria is about exploitation. There's no real benefit. Just as the most ardent advocates of food stamps are grocers. But this looks to be a more coordinated scam. Though I suspect the sickness industriy's hand is somehow driving. They're the one's to thank for Obamacare. Probably just a second attempt.

    Mazel Tov

    The key is cash. And as with all real estate, don't fall in love....and do not trust realtors. Land salesmen are worse than cops or career politicians.

    My second purchase was almost accidental. I'd made an offer on one place but the owners got greedy. On the way out of town I noticed a sign from the outfit that handled my first transaction. Stopped and pretty much worked out the deal on the phone standing in the driveway. That owner wanted out AND liked the idea of quadrupling his rate of return. If the house burns down I'm still in the money from the land value alone but with a structure I can take a loan back if I so desire. I'll probably set up an air bnb account once the hysteria has passed.

    It's an adventure.

    "why not?"

    Heh, you think my posts are long winded now...

    Cliff's notes version is about commitments

    already weighing on my free time.

    After picking up a second parcel down south along with the tract I'm almost done fleshing out, I reckon this year's occupied with that. Then I figure I should try to enjoy it a bit. Can't wait till I don't need to haul a truckload of tools and materials every's a steps.

    Besides, we always travel with our puppy dog...and that topic's been covered. Along with a seeming inability to..consumate any real vacation plans and my tendency to dredge up the worst in strangers recommends that I keep my sojourns modest and fairly unambitious.

    Sounds like fun tho. Can't wait to see those vids.

    "be there"..

    Not sure if that was directed at me but...thanks, but unpossible. Never gonna happen. Bad idea.

    Although I'd say L.A. would have to be on the itinerary. But I could see myself getting into trouble there. I could also see Vegas being part of that excursion..but again, not in the cards. Not in this lifetime at least.

    Yeah well,

    I really wanted to check out the west coast when my brother was out there. He had a few good stories. Sounded interesting. But that was years ago. His kid's up by Seattle...Went to spend a year or two farming in Ca. Been over ten tears. But he grew up in Gulfport. What the fuck does he know?

    Must be something to it..or was. The wife's been everywhere thanks to American Airlines. She speaks well of her times there.

    Buona vacanza.

    Yeah well,
    I've been using amtrak since I was a kid. Commuter rides, overnight, coast to coast.

    I find no more than 3 meals, and a room, even one of those 2 seat deals, is the ideal train trip. They're not comfortable enough for more than that. But 24 hour coffee helps. The key is to tip first thing. It makes a big difference .