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    No it doesn't.

    It describes an amoral opportunist devoid of integrity or conviction. One to which the ends always justify the means. Scumbag.

    It's just that they find that characterization flattering.


    After 1/2 my x-52 failed I let my sub lapse. When I re-signed HTC eliminated my previous cpid, points, etc. yet chose to deny even a brief trial..

    Seemed like a shitty way to do business. That and the incompetent tech support..

    Surprised it's still a thing. Glad to see some folks are still enjoying the game.

    Yeah well,

    It's a good thing. Not everyone understands the major justification for all these lockdowns are the niggers who won't stay out of the basketball courts, liquor stores, and street parties. Just like the storm. Too stupid to fend for themselves. Just like great-great-great grandpa always said.

    Yeah well,

    Experience tells us that once the warning signs derivatives offer have been validated producers tend to react poorly.

    Hopefully there's enough capacity to warehouse excess production. But once that imbalance has been rectified, expect a substantial rollback in worldwide production. I expect we're going to have to rebuild our oil business as we've done twice in my recollection.

    Yeah well,

    I gotta wonder if the fossil fuel pinch is going to be the trigger for testing that 18k low.

    I can see cherry picking the odd deal. We're seeing p/e's that are in line with what we thought at one time to be fairly optimistic. Usually after a big shock there's a period where we see fundamentals dictating prices much as I hate equities, I admit to the odd trade. But with the unpredictability of a completely novel climate, I'm staying mostly liquid.

    Yeah well,

    300 years of marriage and 3 daughters has blessed me with the superhuman ability to identify both stages of estrogen poisoning....

    Guess what?

    Yeah well,

    This is the point where we concede the misgivings of our parent's generation were pretty much spot on and now it seems opportune to focus our energies on eliminating the favorable climate for career politicians.

    But somehow I fear we won't.

    Yeah well,

    ...their livers can't process people food. It affects pancreatic function.

    We've known that since the 1600's. That's why we let them forage for their own diet. Plus, since they'll consume protein that would gag a maggot, you can feed the hogs top shelf purina and get tastier bacon.

    Yeah well,

    IF he was in command, I reckon he'd plot a course away from the ice.

    Instead, a kowtowing, arrogant, limey made the political decision in a slavish attempt to make the queen proud. Criminally unconcerned for the lives placed under his stewardship. No surprise, they do it all the time. And it's not like the peasants they shepherd are worth deeper concern. As fast as they breed, it's not worth getting attached to them..I doubt he would have taken the gig in the first place.

    Yeah well,

    Nice...articles. I guess it's a blessing these stupid, uninformed blowhards can find a ready audience among our nation's pinheads. Since the National Enquirer can't meet demand they evidently need other outlets to feed their idiocy.

    Yeah well,

    The syndrome has been explained on this board. More than once.

    Pretty sure even public school curricula touch upon the basic science. It's simply God's will. Everyone hates aborigines.