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    "So why are you a Teflon Don, the Orange Clown, supporter?"

    I wonder how many will grasp why I would call this a self administered i.q. test..

    "..hence you are a politician."

    So the answer is "none".

    Never had much time for fucking liars. No matter how pathetic their rationalizations. Stupid pieces of shit always make the mistake of assuming the rest of the world is as lazy and dishonest.



    Cub Cadet...

    Dad had one. All the accessories but we only used the leaf sweeper.

    Couldn't wait to get to run it once my feet could reach the pedals. The thrill died before the first 1/2 acre was cut. Some folks seem to find mowing therapeutic. Some folks call golf a sport..

    Yeah well,

    This stupid fuck bought into the collusion narrative thus giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Another hysterical career politician. His only value would be incumbent on his opponent. Pretty much like Trump.

    Problem is, this asshole's a career politician.

    Yeah well,

    Standard deviation isn't that much less than a full order of evolution, i.q. wise so that's a gimme.

    I've never met what I would consider an intelligent leftist.

    Oddly I'm pretty sure they'd all consider themselves near genius. Sort like the little kid that starts channeling John Holmes the first time their pecker gets stiff.

    I blame the parents.

    Pretty sure we're talking rowboats...

    If not, carry on.

    If so, all you illiterate pole smokers can put down you googlers. Nobody's impressed.

    No it doesn't.

    It describes an amoral opportunist devoid of integrity or conviction. One to which the ends always justify the means. Scumbag.

    It's just that they find that characterization flattering.


    After 1/2 my x-52 failed I let my sub lapse. When I re-signed HTC eliminated my previous cpid, points, etc. yet chose to deny even a brief trial..

    Seemed like a shitty way to do business. That and the incompetent tech support..

    Surprised it's still a thing. Glad to see some folks are still enjoying the game.

    Yeah well,

    It's a good thing. Not everyone understands the major justification for all these lockdowns are the niggers who won't stay out of the basketball courts, liquor stores, and street parties. Just like the storm. Too stupid to fend for themselves. Just like great-great-great grandpa always said.

    Yeah well,

    Experience tells us that once the warning signs derivatives offer have been validated producers tend to react poorly.

    Hopefully there's enough capacity to warehouse excess production. But once that imbalance has been rectified, expect a substantial rollback in worldwide production. I expect we're going to have to rebuild our oil business as we've done twice in my recollection.