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    Yeah well,

    The Tea Party was a tax revolt. I guarantee there's not a nigger in the whole of Minnesota that's ever cut a check to the I.r.s.

    Yeah well,

    As a kid I took shots about that long in my back yard with a high degree of success using a .22. Not with a moving target mind you scope.

    Mark Essex did a better job.

    Yeah well,

    Gotta love it when peasants try to think like a master.

    After the first war, there was a surge in development, not just private sector. Eminent domain was being abused in an almost bolshevik fashion and open land was a particularly attractive target. A city park on your seaside exposure meant no highways, waste treatment plants, or airports bordering your land. Along with the municipality assuming maintenance of the improvements as well as whatever civil engineering obligations, there was the tax burden many wealthy were straining under at the time. Donations were an easy way to reduce those liabilities. Plus, I imagine he liked being seen as a philanthropist in the relatively close community of the time.

    Guys like him provided pretty much every public attraction enjoyed by the masses. Shame their wasted hubris prevents them from showing a Christian degree of gratitude.

    "sounds like the dumbass screwed himself."


    That dumbass was a millionaire in the '20s. Started swinging a hammer as a child, became the largest distributor of the most desirable product in his industry.

    Now, I know that pales in comparison to a terminally self absorbed cross dresser living in a rotting camper amongst wetbacks and spooks, but I think he was a pretty good guy. A pretty good freehand artist as well, really talented...not "track some derivative shit in a bedroom" talented but good enough for the local market.

    Too bad we can't all rise to his level of dumdassery.

    Yeah well,

    Had a great uncle that did real well and wound up with a couple hundred acres on the Mississippi coast.

    Story goes he worked out a deal to donate a sizable portion to the town of Biloxi for the express purpose of becoming a municipal park. That way he'd have a buffer from both hurricanes and development that was blossoming at the time and he would still have a comfortable farm sized estate for his retirement.

    Then the depression happened. Needless to say, the park never got built and the land languished for years until he sued claiming abandonment. Miraculously, they found a buyer and an amusement park went up.

    He died during litigation and the claim died with him as his widow chose to let it go.

    Point is. No matter what you can never trust municipalities. They always screw the little guy.

    Yeah well,

    What the stupid lying sack of shit is unaware of is the it's pretty much guaranteed, by virtue of it's pharmacology, to produce desirable results.

    Kinda like saying aspirin will make a sprain worse because it was developed for headaches.

    Stupid, lazy, uninformed. And like always, desperately hoping everyone shares those shortcomings.

    Yeah well,

    The F.B.I. has never earned it's keep. Time for those assholes to get some private sector experience.

    Eliminating redundant federal programs is one of Trump's pet targets. There's lots of work to do in that arena. Maybe as much a a trillion can be saved just letting states handle their own shit.

    Plenty more, including supporting failure around the globe.

    It's time to rebuild the Empire.

    Yeah well,

    I guess it's pretty obvious one is never so uninformed than those who won't inform themselves..

    Fact is it's pretty clear hydroxcloroquin is a ready off the shelf solution for the majority of those affected. Those in the community that have real experience have reported universal success. All over the world. As much as I hate parasites, I will tell you physicians only lie when they've got a dog in the hunt. This therapy ain't that. It works and it's readily metabolized and carrys relatively few contra-indications.

    No surprise. It's just doing the job it was formulated for. Don't listen to dumbshits. It'll kill you one day.

    Yeah well,

    Everyone hates spooks. Spooks hate spooks. The most popular word in Niggerville is...nigger.

    I recall my horror at the revelation that my half Indian grandmother was most likely, actually Italian. The woman went to her grave protecting her secret. Along with cutting my mom's generation off from an entire branch of their ancestors.

    Probably a good idea. I can't imagine the toll it would take on our collective self esteem had we grown up knowing the disturbing truth..

    But at least there's the Feast of St. Joseph..

    And remember, without The Yellow Rose of Texas, we'd all be speaking mexican.