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    I recall we had one touch down in the yard back around '75..Don't think it did much damage. Took out a transformer and I think maybe dropped a branch on someone's Caddy.

    Ford was in office then as I recall....

    One can always gauge the efficacy of an administration by paying attention to those it offends the most. As it sits the baby raping, elder abusing, dim witted, drug addled parasites are losing it like never before.

    Good times.

    Yeah well,

    ICBM's are the apex standoff weapons. The ideal tool for projecting the superior American will on lesser, insignificant, populations.

    There's a reason why we have the preeminent culture on the planet.... Having Texas....and maybe to some small degree our language. Bolstered by a reasonable placid border status we are God's choice as the dominant society.

    American nukes are merely an extension of manifest destiny.

    Yeah well.

    When you've got families farming the same land for a couple hundred years the term cousin takes on a much looser connotation. And of course, it snows there so it ain't exactly southern..

    I'd presume it's much the same in any rural or isolated are. Islanders are the worst. My mother in law was from Bromley and the church graveyard pretty much only had a couple of family names represented...and the church is a few hundred years old..

    Well I spent a great deal of my early years in a city known for it's graves. We're used to seeing graves in all states of decay in spite of significant efforts to leave a lasting monument. Gotta wonder how many of those forgotten, elaborate tombs belie a commensurate, unrequited desire for consideration in life.

    Yeah I found it remarkable that there were so many properties with graves. But the stuff we were looking at had old bones. I guaranty they weren't all disclosed. I bet many are long forgotten. Some of that land will likely never be improved and the chance of someone recognizing an abandoned site is fairly slim. Kinda sad.

    Well, we spent a few hours cutting away brambles and hauling out deadfall. It's pretty much accessible now but there's a deep mat on the ground. A couple of stone stumps are still sticking up but so far the only reasonably intact example appears to be this one volunteer of The Texas Revolution. He was included in the household in the 1860 census but it seems he didn't own the property. The other listed burials are the owner, again born in 1803 and his two wives. One was 14 years younger than the other....They were all buried in the latter half of the century.


    I'll do a bit more cleanup. It's really overgrown. Hopefully we can locate the other markers....

    There's one spot of ground that's real soft. Don't really wanna know why.

    Got a ton to do there. Once I get a plan to get the cleared land squared away I'll likely seek out some advice.

    Yeah well,

    There's a few rules..

    Can't deny descendants access, can't relocate without consent or decree, can't molest markers or tombs....

    We're not obligated to maintain the grounds but plan to as best we're able. Seems like the decent thing to do. Not sure if there's any kin left about. As I mentioned, some of those interred were apparently born before the Louisiana Purchase.

    The last couple of owners haven't done anything with the land. Least of all the little hill the grave yard's on. Can't imagine what would have provoked the goof to eliminate some gravestones and leave others alone....weird.

    Yeah well,

    For the record, as usual, I could give a thin shit about anybody's affirmation. This is America, do with your own as you will. Just don't expect a pass from decent folks. I have little....strike tolerance for needless exploitation. Being of vastly superior human stock, I know better than most. Not my fault.

    So we spent a few days cleaning up our lot.

    When we first looked it over, we were told there were burials on the land but no details. Many of the properties we looked at boasted the same so we didn't give it much thought.

    So we uncovered an old headstone that was still barely legible. Come to find out he was a Mexican war veteran born in 1803....

    Also found out the cemetery is actually listed with a few registered burials. The neighbors tell us there are plenty more but the previous owner desecrated it and tossed many headstones into the us yet another challenge.

    Wonder why he'd do something like that.