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    Yeah well,

    I wanted an eady opportunity to verify the used parts I'd bought actually operatedcas ecpected so going to the only platform I ever used for comparison made sense.

    Since your profile gets wiped after you're last payment it seems you're now considered a newcomer irrespective of the years you've paid your dues. Not even the NRA pulls that shit. Seemed dumb to throw good money after bad so I logged into a new game for nothing and use it occasionally to this day.

    Just another shit business policy from a shitty company. Ashamed they hail from Tx.

    Yeah well,

    He probably reckons he's too bright to bother extrapolating take home from gross..

    I stumbled upon a copy of the offer my Dad made on our Bluff View house in '64. It was a little over the quoted figure.

    Probably couldn't cover the taxes for as much today.

    Yeah well,

    The n.r.a. is a business. They sell hysteria. Then they grab some low hanging fruit and pass it around like they're the second coming.

    There's far better organizations with more....appropriate payrolls and ad budgets that actually stand for what they claim to. I'm pretty sure the n.r.a. has folks that concoct the very laws they will then "fight" as loudly as possible. Yeah I know. Paranoid.

    But I've seen 70 year old ads that read like they were printed last month. And the only thing I've ever seen them do is beg for more money. Not an event, class, exhibition, just begging accompanied by some breathless appeal.

    I renew my f.i.l.'s membership annually. He's 92. Every time the longest part of the call is turning down the pitch for a lifetime membership...even if I falsely claim he's paying, I'm only making the call. It's like talking to an insurance agent.

    Fuck the n.r.a.


    Went to a show with some friends. One was ex-army from the 92 era. Being a country boy, he owned a safe full of long guns and his dad's old High Standard..maybe some old lemon squeezer..can't recall.

    Anyhow he comes home with a pretty nice Iver Johnson 1911. Can't find the take down lever...

    So we go through it quickly, not too slow cause we'd started drinking and drunks hate being patronized.."got it?"..."got it".

    Ok..I wasn't fast enough when he rotated the bushing and..

    Well, that spring went over his shoulder and way back into the corner of the garage. Back by the wood heater and the tore down tractor. Took him three days to find it.

    10 years ago, I think it's still his favorite.

    Yeah well,

    Foreigners are pissed cause even under lockdown our standard of living is better than they'll ever enjoy.

    Hard to blame them.

    Yeah well,

    Biting the hand that feeds is common with niggers and broads. Nothing new. It's discussed in the bible.

    It's just nowadays we've created a massive industry charged with supporting the parasites.

    Being too tolerant of one's dependents is a tough pill. Too often it only leads to regret....just look at England.

    Having trouble covering hosting costs?

    Invoice the fucking shitstains that post more than a couple hundred words along with the lazy assholes who, unable to form their own ideas, rely on cut/paste to provide the text walls they're too illiterate to compose themselves.