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    Yeah well,

    I didn't read every post but will assume they were consistent regarding accuracy.

    Kinda reminds me of the spooks that used to come in and complain that their glasses' " medicine" wore out even though they took good care of them..

    Photo-chromics come in either glass or plastic. 20 some years now. Glass still works better. They react to u.v. light so behind glass of any sort the reaction is diminished. The thicker the lens, the deeper the tint. Plano lenses with an add for presbyopia won't react like the ads imply. Can't. Too thin.

    Anti-reflective coatings need to be multi layer coatings or they can look funny. As they need to be on the outside surface the lens, no matter how it started out, is only as scratch proof as the coating. Which ain't much.

    Scratch coatings, even without a/r, are really about the warrantee. Lens blanks at the surfacing labs are all over the map. If it's a discount place the lenses are usually sourced from overstock or salvage inventory from another lab. They mix them all together so with cheap glasses you never really know. And if they're coated, it doesn't matter.

    If you do most reading at a screen, even a tablet, that arm's length distance is about twice what a typical bifocal add is calculated for. No big deal if you're at +1.00 - 1.50 ish. Which is common for otherwise standard acuity affected by age.

    More than that and you might want the add tweaked. And a d segment may be the best solution. Especially if reading is the only time you need help.

    If you're hard on stuff or don't have them on always stay away from rimless or semi-rimless.

    You owe me $300.00. Take my $5 out of that.

    Yeah well,

    Aboriginals are by definition, under evolved.

    Our modern culture is the product of inspiration and innovation only found in one persuasion.

    Only one.

    Black hair/brown eyes is a recipe for a slave race. And now it's irrefutable.

    The proof is obvious all over the world.

    Yeah well,

    Game shot will pretty much decapitate the snakes we encounter. Since they rarely sit still long enough for a follow up.

    Switch to brass and it's ready for hunting.

    Point that thing at an uppity nigger and they 'bout turn white.

    Fun gun.

    Yeah well r

    Low rates fuel prices even in thin markets.

    It really is all about the payment.

    Problem is, everything reverts to the mean eventually so yeah, a bubble's pretty much a given.

    Yeah well,

    This local outfit, Four Seasons, in case anyone was curious, tried to get my 91 year old f.i.l. for just over $1500.00 for a draft inducer and a cap. And they half assed the cap replacement. All he called them for was a filter change. And of course there was nothing wrong with either component.

    They'll steal every chance they get. Worst trade in the game.

    $700 seems real high. It's easy to do. Just make sure it's not just a cap.

    "Instead of acting like some entitled, petulant shit, you could have called their offices.."

    Yeah well,

    Figures some shit for brains like you would assume they were in the room.

    You don't know shit you worthless fuck. Least of all what I did or did not do.

    No doubt a dickless little twerp would go begging for a favor. I'm not some self absorbed nigger constantly begging for special consideration. If you weren't such an asshole, I'd feel sorry for you.

    But I did take the time to ring and let them know why they list my custom. In the middle of the bullshit excuses I hung up.

    The game was beginning to suck anyhow. There's plenty as good or better now that don't cost a penny.

    "I lived on this street in the relative heart of Dallas decades ago.."

    Kinda depends. When we were in Highland Park I'm told the neighbor lady complained about my nursery that was across from her bedroom.

    When we were in Bluff View we never actually saw the folks across the street. Almost 20 years there.

    Both are considered to be decent neighborhoods.

    Yeah well,

    In theory it seems like different members of a household could create individual accounts. I know in reality the opposite was common but..

    Doesn't matter. They had a cool game for a while. Shit attitudes though. Shame.

    Yeah well,

    Spooks are famous for chimping out and demanding something for nothing for as long as they've infested the western hemisphere.

    The only remedy is a liberal dose of the strap. They don't possess the cognitive ability to process cause and effect considerations like most sentient beings like dogs or rabbits..
    It's God's fault.