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    Yeah well,

    The obvious answer is "depends". Part of the problem is the nebulous nature of our economy coupled with the even more vague effect of overseas commerce.

    The inertia of our domestic economy will be a benefit if things start to normalize early and be a massive obstacle if, for whatever reason, this dilemma runs on....or the amount of stimulus and how it's applied might (will) retard recovery.

    On the ground it's already a bloodbath financially. Especially for small businesses. Many of which initially incubated for a long while back when things were normal. Add that to those that made major capital investments recently. They started out short of cash and tapped out credit wise. Along with the myriad producers that aren't conforming recipients of whatever "aid" ultimately materializes.


    But it will also present a ton of opportunity for those able to capitalize. The key, it seems will be if the assistance is primarily top down: loan guarantees, corporate aid, large scale debt abeyance..

    Or direct, like individual payments.

    Since there's nothing physical to rebuild which in itself creates limited opportunity while burning massive capitol we may find the timeline abbreviated. As long as we don't recover ourselves into an even deeper welfare state.

    I still have my old Bear Alaskan. Been telling myself to grab a string for it since I'll soon have the time and space to fuck with it. I wonder if they still make stuff for plain old recurve bows. Seems all I see are set up for taking game.

    It could be. There was a pretty strong rental market as well as solid demand for lodging. Either way once we're back on track it's a good opportunity.

    I'm hoping they will entertain my terms and carry the note for a substantial premium, rate wise. I'd like to stay as liquid as possible for the time being. I have other plans for our cash.

    "Oh yes it will. Thanks to thruster and his ilk."

    When the challenge we face is overcome and behind us it will be due to the contributions of "Thruster" and his ilk.

    You whining punks often forget where the blessings we all enjoy originate. Here's a hint for those stupid, hysterical weaklings...

    It ain't the lowest denominator shitstains like scummy or his little band of shrieking pussies. Those pieces of shit are only capable of consuming and complaining. Couldn't shit for themselves if their lives depended on it. Incapable of sustaining themselves, not to mention any poor fuck who winds up dependent on their limp dicked judgement and impotent bleating.

    Funny how the same pack of weaklings always pop their mouths off to snipe at their betters. I guess it's just how the underclass placates their terminal insecurity. Sad. But thankfully not my problem.

    Ok swishy.

    Although there's a new development. Seems another parcel we had been thinking about is still available and it includes a 2 br. prefab. In November I made a shirttail offer that was dismissed without a counter. Now they want to talk..

    The story I'm told is the owners went to the coast to help with grandkids and decided to relocate. This looks almost as good as $21 crude.

    Wish me luck!


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    Sorry if I hurt your feelings....ok , not really. I really do like abusing my inferiors. Not my most attractive trait but I work hard and I've earned it...ok not really. I probably earn as much pushing buttons as driving nails these days but still.

    Maybe one of you little salty bitches try telling someone what to do with their property or how to protect their own face to face. Don't blame me when you're coughing up your teeth.

    Yeah well,

    Like I said, yapping masses.

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    Yeah well,

    Considering the direction rates have gone, a few extra months of pre epidemic accruals is good for the balance sheet. Unless it all goes to FNMA. Not sure what the secondary market handles that shit. I doubt servicers are floating the deferrals.

    Yeah well.

    Fortunately I belong to a part of the gene pool that's evolved beyond the grasp of a non-motile molecular least now that I'm aware of it's existence.

    But I can see how the inclination to cower in place resonates with the peasantry. It's a strategy that's served so well in the past. Unfortunately, among those of us who actually make things happen, we're not inclined to be influenced by cowards, weaklings, or idiots. Nor are we usually tolerant of some mindless peasant with the temerity to tell us how to best protect our interests.

    Too many moving parts for the yapping masses to grasp. I get that. But I remember how incompetent and useless the public sector had proven themselves to be....3 weeks ago. Now they speak with the credibility of those inclined to listen.