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    I won't have that problem.

    I also think it's counterproductive. It angers people when you get in their faces about things that should be private business. Nobody cares if you're gay or transsexual. If you are being recognized for something that should be for the person you are not for your sexuality. First gay this, first transsexual that. It's all bulshit. If you've done something great then you will be recognized first thing you did. If I did something great I wouldn't want to be labeled as the first transsexual to do whatever it was. I wouldn't even want it mentioned.

    One would think gina would be happy to see such a coin.

    Well you would be wrong about that . My stance is always been to stay out of people's faces with things like this . I also don't want special rights or recognition for anything . I want to blend in and be a normal person in a normal society . I won't wave a banner or being a parade or anything like that . I think that all people should be treated equally anyway . Sexuality is not a badge to wear

    one of the things that's hard for me is being around people that knew me from before. Everybody else has no idea and they accept me as female. It's hard you hear anything about how I used to be from people who know me from before. And I'm not a selfish bitch oh, I know that it's hard for everybody that knew me. The thing is sometimes I just wish I could move somewhere where no one knows me.

    But things have worked out really wonderfully for me. I'm lucky in so many ways the other people like me or not. I was telling my psychiatrist when he asked me, I didn't really have any negative situations during my transition. I told him that everybody treated me very well and I didn't get rejected by anybody. But then I thought about it and that's not really true. I think I lost my friend Lisa because of this and recently my best friend since second grade pretty much disowned me. I wouldn't say he disowned me but he disassociated himself with me.

    But I can't complain. I'm so much happier than I ever was before.

    back when ICOM was having all kinds of drama, one of the things that really frustrated me was that people assumed that I knew about people and situations from other forums. I never did follow any drama from anywhere. I don't know any of the famous at other Forums, except Mister Obvious and Elaine. Those two ladies I consider friends.

    Gina, you ever have this many new people sign up in such a short period of time.

    All with really bad user names?


    Well Excel has been a member of forever . There's a lot of Bots that sign up .

    But hey I hope a lot of the people from The Fringe come on over. I think this is one of the best forms that ever was. In our Prime we were a lot busier and we are missing a lot of great people oh, but it's still a great place and there's still a potential for great people to come over.

    Same here . I just don't watch the news anymore . Actually I watch the local news when I get up in the morning starting around 5 a.m.. they're pretty good and I like to get an idea what traffic will look like and to see what's going on in the city . There's always something interesting to watch on the news locally

    Look at the older posts, see if the data (likes, post count) adds up

    It's not a shade account. If I were to do something like that, which I never would with a real user, it would be humorous and not trying to act like somebody for real