The Ceiling Fan Installation Saga

  • 3 years ago I bought a ceiling fan. At the time I lived in my old house. There never seemed any money to have someone install it and their weren't any dedicated outlets.

    About 2 years ago I started building my new home with glee! They asked where do I want the ceiling fan outlets installed. Ceiling fan outlets. Oh joy, I have a ceiling fan in a box that I have never opened. I'm excited all the more. Put those outlets in the great room and in the master bedroom. One of the easiest decisions I had to make in the buying process.

    About a month ago I start installing the fan, probably 6 weeks ago. After agonizing over the wiring I started. Not too bad with the help of YouTube. I get the base up and the wiring connected.

    And then, and then, I attempt to put the fan bracket up. That task was beyond reason. I tried probably a dozen times to get the screws through the fan bracket and into the ceiling base. It was to the point my arm was going into exhaustion. I grabbed my glasses and took a closer look. The threads were recessed too much in the ceiling base. The screws weren't even reaching the threads.

    Okay, I'll get longer screws. I run to the local hardware. There they have m6 12 and m6 20. The 12 is what I already have. They were out of the 16. I'll try the 20. I thread one in. The holes in the bracket are drilled at a slant instead of straight. Hmmm, will just have to force it a bit. Then I realize the split washers on the screws that came with the fan don't come off the screws. Another run to the hardware store. Then sense they are longer I would should get some regular washers to take up the slack. The hardware store didn't have any lock washers that fit.

    I went to another hardware store and they had the lock washers. While I was there I thought I would pick up some m6 16 screws. They didn't have any either. Oh well, on to the task.

    I put the lock washer and washers on the screw and insert them into the bracket. Alright, here we go. I climb the ladder of a thousand rungs. Get up there and realize because the head of the screw is bigger than the factory screw the screw won't fit into the small recess of the fan housing bracket. Right about now I'm disgusted with the process.

    I'll go to a third hardware store and I took the original screw to just be sure. Nope they had none with the smaller heads.

    That does it, I've had it with that fan. Right from the start it had problems. They sent 3 wire connectors when I needed 4. The holes were drilled at a slant, the threads were recessed too far, and the screws too short.

    So just a few minutes ago I bought a new fan and kept that receipt. let's hope a $250 fan is much better than an $80 fan.

    I sure hope it installs easier.

  • LOl... my ceiling fan saga is as bad. Sooo..putting 6 fans in two units. No actual wiring for em. No actual lights or whatever.

    Soooo I buy the simplest brackets.. the ones adjustable made for fans. I still have to go into my 4' high attic to install the brackets and run the romex.

    Where to get power? from the wall socket or from a dedicated source? Got to drill through the plates to get to the sockets on the wall.. run the romex down and then go back down and fish it through the hole and wire to the socket and put everything back. but that is not the bad part.. the bad part is crawling on ceilng joists for 50 ' or more to find the light from the small hole I put in the ceiling where I wanted the fan to go. All the while dragging a drill and screws to install the bracket that they fan would eventually hang on.

    Actually wiring up the fan and bolting it up after enlarging the hole was childs play compared to that shit.


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  • I worked as an electrician's helper out of highschool and before I joined the AF. I got all of the dirty jobs. The worst was in the middle of a Texas summer and a lady wanted flood lights installed at each corner of her house. I had to crawl through insulation to get to the edges of the house in that hot oven of an attic. I was drenched from sweat and covered in the fiberglass insulation but got it done. It made me pretty sick.

  • Fascinating.

  • I have, when I was a kid.

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  • One ceiling fan in my house, downstairs in the gym, took the other two down. I’ve got to replace it but I HATE ceiling fan installs, always something not quite right about the hardware.

    I even got the nice one with a remote.

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  • I have, when I was a kid.

    I saw one when I worked at the hospital He was one of the union guys that was being used when they did the $50 Million addition.

    He didnt start that way though.

    Hospital electrical panels use a lot more juice then your standard house panel. And he, from what I was told, must have forgot where he was and backed into an open one and touched something he wasnt supposed to.

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  • One ceiling fan in my house, downstairs in the gym, took the other two down. I’ve got to replace it but I HATE ceiling fan installs, always something not quite right about the hardware.

    I even got the nice one with a remote.

    I do them for regular customers sometimes.

    Real pain in the ass some of them.

    We have one in almost every room of the house here cept the one I mostly hang in. Im not a big fan of ceiling fans but the wife wanted em so..

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