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  • Hi Guys

    Please have a look at

    We are working on this website to get more information and make it easy to find ammo online.

    We are listing the ammo from various online ammo retailers. We are adding new ammo retailers. Some top retailers added like Outdoor Limited, Target Sports USA, Ammo Fast, Foundry outdoors and many more.

    We are looking for suggestions to make this website better to find ammo and make user experience better.

    Thank you.

  • Is this James from the old site?

    MNN on 6/18/19

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    MNN on 6/24/19

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    MNN on 11/14/19

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  • Na. We need to vette this cat.

    Wanna buy a fuel filter?

    You can identify an unknown force by firing one shot and judging the response.

    - If the unknowns respond with precise, regimented rifle fire, they are British.

    - If they respond with heavy machinegun fire, they are German.

    - If nothing happens for a few minutes, then your whole position gets leveled by artillery, they are American.

    - If they surrender, they're French.



    I'm just glad I don't have a sales job where I have to cold-call by joining forums and posting in directories with less than 10 participants. That would kinda suck.