I might look for a rescue Chow when the time is right.

  • I cry when I see or read about dogs that have been abandoned by their families. It crushes me. Especially older dogs - like when their family decides to move and just leaves them in the backyard. Lonely and afraid. Looking for their people. Looking for the only family they've known. How anyone could do that I'll never understand.

    Cases of abandonment with Chows are especially heartbreaking to me because Chow Chows are really a one person, one family dog. They are loyal and trust that one person with all of their being. I've seen that happen. Heartbreaking. Adult Chows are quickly put down too.

    So I was crying like an idiot the other night looking at the Chow rescues. When I'm ready I think I'll look for a senior Chow to take home.