civil unrest, communsts uprising.

  • Sounds like a stupid rip off of a really bad Tom Clancy book.

    19 years ago I came home after bringing my daughter to school and as I passed through the livingroom where my daughter had been watching Sesame St while she ate breakfast the TV showed snow. Thinking ot myself that cable much be out I then walked into my office where I had the news on and saw a tall building burning and from the description heard about what happened I literally said to myself "What is this? Some stupid trailer for yet another ridiculous movie?"

    The date was 9/11. The building was one of the twin towers, and the words spoken by the host that made me think it was a trailer was they weren't sure if the pilot didn't see the tower.

    "Truth is often stranger than fiction" as the saying goes.

    A few moments later the announcer said they had gotten hold of footage of the plane hitting the tower. When suddenly a plane showed up in the distance. In what best is discribed as a surreal moment The announcer thinking this must be it mentioned as much. Momentarily forgetting the first tower still had smoke coming from it we both realized it wasnt as the plane banked and ran into the other tower.

    What movie or book of fiction prior to that date would have been deemed believable?

  • If the leftists want a fight in the streets with the po po sititng out, I favor our chances. :dunno

    Im not supporting the left by any means. However just from what I know I wouldnt count my chickens before they are hatched and consider this a warning. Or at least just consider it. Folks in red areas. What do you use your guns for? Mostly hunting deer, elk, or whatever other game you may shoot at.

    What do people with guns in the blue areas use guns for?

    To shoot other people.

    Talking about shooting people is one thing. Doing it is another. How many here if it really came down to it would really have the stomach for it.

    We all know of stories of people who were all gung ho about going hunting for the first time but when it came time to do it. Struggled with it.

    Those leftists would likely be well versed and used to shooting at people and they feel no remorse over it. They've moved past that point culturally and emotionally through experience.

    We ALL like to think about what we would do in a given situation. but the fact of the matter is. Until you really are in a situation. You don't really know unless you have already done it before.

    Initially. Experience will be on their side.

  • How much inner city time do you have?

    I have years of inner city time.

    They are predators. They size up and don't take risks.

    Your wife is from NJ. Ask her about the fine reputation New Brunswick had during the late 60s through the 1970's. If you look. the historians wrote the history one way. Myself and my wife and her family remember it a bit differently. Including her brother having the last rights read to him after he had been stabbed.

    In 4th grade I was one of 4 white kids in my class. That didnt change much over the years

    When I was in Jr High school I witnessed one of our fine upstanding darker skinned children citizen pull a gun out during recess outside, hold it to the head of a white kid and pull the trigger. The gun didnt go off which was bad news for the fine upstanding darker skinned child citizen because that white kid beat that boy to a near pulp before he managed to run away.

    Ive had guns pointed at me, knives pulled on me. Been attacked with everything from pipes to even one time one of those finer young dark skinned gentlemen break a piece of cinder block on my head.

    Its only very barely visible now but for a long time I had a nice defensive wound scar on my left forearm just below my elbow from where I was attacked with a broken quart sized colt 45 beer bottle.

    They are predators. I wouldnt say they dont take risks. I've known more then a couple with balls too. But they will try and create or seize upon what they perceive to be an advantage. Including psychological if they think they can pull it off. in fact that is often their first tactic.

    I've seen some good ol boy tough guy rednecks go full blown crybaby when a black man got in their face too. Seems some of them aren't used to having a fine upstanding darker skinned gentleman stand up to them when they didnt have sufficient back up either.

    Whats one of the first things you learned in AH?

    Never underestimate your opponent

  • Yep, no veterans in the red areas.


    What a maroon.

    I never said that.

    You ever actually shoot at a living person?

    I'd be willing to wager some here have. But the vast majority have not.

    Of those that have not I think only a small percentage would have the type of life experience that would allow them to shoot at another person.

  • I'm polite, I'm respectful, I'm calm.

    I'm sometimes by myself in those environments but I'm never alone.

    I'm there to do a job. As of yesterday not one has been incompleted.

    We go. We solve. We get paid.