• Her surgery went well and they removed 3 foreign objects from her stomach, all three of them were little rubber feet from the back of a wireless charger we just bought. We have no idea where the 4th rubber foot is and we've looked everywhere.

    We'll have to take her back to CSU in 10-14 days to have her stitches taken out. Oh, no Cone of Shame so far....so far, she hasn't messed with the incision at all, let's hope that holds.

    Her pet sis Nibbles was out when we got home and both ferrets went nuts, one trying to get out of the crate and the other furiously trying to get in. Besties they are. We did let them say hi and spend a couple minutes together before putting Misbehavin back in the travel crate where she will stay for the vast majority of her time before her stitches come out.

    CSU is giving us a small refund, they were able to complete all procedures under budget.

  • Ferrets for pets? Why didn't you get something normal like Chimpanzees, once they are trained they can be handy for chores around the house.

    Washing cars, mowing lawns, climbing up on the roof to clean the gutters.

    A chimp will rip your nuts off if it gets mad enough at you. A ferret can't even reach your nuts.

  • I had a mountain gorilla. Amajuon. Almost seven feet tall and docile. A very kind hearted man and strong. Every day was a new adventure because he had to relearn today what he was taught yesterday.

    He died at 42 from complications with diabetes.

  • We just got the ok to let Misbehavin and Nibbles sleep together in the big cage as long as they are supervised. Supervision is key here because there is no rough housing, wrestling or climbing allowed.

    Sleep time, even limited as it will be, will still help them keep their business going. In the wild, ferrets are generally solitary but domestic ferrets are very social animals and social interaction with others of their kind is a very real need.

    When we got Nibbles we knew it was highly likely that we'd end up with at least one more and maybe 2. Now we're discussing getting a third, the business will get larger and it will be more likely that if one ferret wants to play that at least one other member of the business will too. And (god forbid) if there was ever another situation like this one, the two healthy ferrets could still satisfy each others social needs.

    As things stand now, Nibbles is very despondent because she doesn't have her bestie to play and sleep with. Depression is real in ferrets and can kill them.

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