That cunt that parks close just hit my trailer

  • I'm sorry that Oz doesn't make gun-strokers feeeeeel welcome.

    Y'all know that no guns are actually 'banned'

    We have pretty severe restrictions on some types though.

    And we currently have more gune in private ownership now than we did before the 'gun ban' ever happened.

    Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.

    Celebrating those happy times when the penis is an internal organ.

  • Karen said the property manager was out here today when this lady was home with both of her cars parked. I guess the guy knocked and she wouldn't come out. He left notices on both cars and on her door, plus took pictures. Karen said as soon as the guy left she came out and got the notices, then left.

    I was wondering. When I got home I took more pictures and planned on following up with the management when Karen told me they were out.

    I'm just tired and sad. I don't want or need any kind of hassle or conflict. Hopefully she just cleans it all up.

    The structure she had built ids made of wood. I'll bet they're going to make her take it all down, which really sucks for her. I feel bad about that, but still... she seems like she doesn't give a rat's ass about any of her neighbors or the rules.

    She still has never even apologized for ruining my pop out., Didn't seem to even feel bad about it, and of course did not offer to get it fixed.

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