That cunt that parks close just hit my trailer

  • That bitch just hit my trailer. Lucky I was home.

    I went out and told her "that's why you don't fucking park here!!!

    I understand... I'm so sorry

    yeah Fuck you..

    I;m stressed with work. I see my bedroom pop-out is now bent.

    fuck everything and everyone

  • yeah. like I said. fuck everyone. I'm so pissed and upset and stressed right now. work is backed up, people are not being nice to me, the system is messwd up, I',m late... blowing commitments... Ziggy is on my mind. I want to shut down. I feel like my mind is going to shut down

  • That's when you press on,

    Lee nails.

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  • I just went outside and went off on that fucking bitch. he had some beaner park a truck there he's going to build something there probably illegally and a fucking guy was blocking me in and wouldn't move a fucking truck and I went to her and I told her to stay off I fucking property

  • I told this motherfucker move your fucking truck. he looked at me and he started to try to back up and squeeze between my trailer and there's not enough room there and I told him get the fuck out of my way. Move your fucking truck. now I'm driving to my first job and I left my glasses at home. I tried to call the property management I'm going to fuck her a new asshole

  • this bitch has been literally wedging her truck sideways between our two properties and she goes underneath my pop out for my bedroom and I sometimes am home and looking out my window as your truck is underneath me. I fucking knew this was going to happen and I'm glad that I'm home when she did it. when I get home I'm going to take pictures and show you guys you would not believe the crap that she puts right up against my area. This fucking beaner that she had in a pickup truck - full of wood beams and stuff and I know she's going to build something which will not be legal so I will let that be built and then I'm going to call the city and the property management on her.

    I'm going into the property management company tomorrow morning. This bitch is not going to be happy with me when this is done

  • Trump: “Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.” 3:01PM Nov. 8 2013

    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power" ~ Abe Lincoln

    tRump is the Master of the Con with 70 years of practice/experience. It is sad that so many supposedly intelligent and educated people fall for his cons.

    DJ Trump: while I support the Dems, if I ran I would run as a Republican because those people are easy to fool.

  • I literally told them off just like I said. Didn't hold back... used that exact language. I told the fucking guy "move your fucking truck. NOW. Then turned to her and told her to keep her shit off my property. Then I turned back to the guy and told him not to block me again.

    I just got home and that guy is there and she's outside. They're building something. His wood and tools are here and his truck is nowhere to be seen - lucky for him. I would have pulled right behind him and went inside for the night, or until I had to leave.

    What really pisses me off is that I was nothing but nice to her after initially establishing with her that she cannot park her shit on my property. She slowly creeped everything back and stupid me.... way too fucking nice, never said anything.

    Just yesterday I went over to chat with her. I'm friendly. She seems nice too, but she fucking does not seem to give a fuck about respecting my property.

    Even after she slammed her truck into my bedroom (and bent the pop out) she didn't offer to fix it or anything. All she said was "I understand. So sorry"

    Of course that might have been because I ran outside and told her, verbatim, "that's why you don't fucking park here!"

    I'm pissed, hurt, lonley and sad. I come home to no Ziggy. I parked my car and looked into the yard and for a second I though the steps were his head looking up for me. Fuck

    I'm not in a good mood and this bitch will pay if she does one hint of anything else. Right now I hear them yapping in Spanish. The cops are coming if she keeps building past 9 or whatever the legal hour for noise is.

    I don't give a fuck what she thinks of me. She does't give a fuck about her neighbors. She does the same shit on the other side of her place.

    Fuck her. I'm going to make her tow the fucking line at this place. I'll be at the property manager if she's 1 inch into the driveway with her pile of shit truck. I'll call the fire chief too. It's not legal to park where she does and that's why she tried to wedge her fucking truck between our places.

    I'm tired and drained. I don't like feeling this way. It totally sucks. I feel out of control.

  • Why do they still call them "Trailers' when typically they arent on wheels and you cant just hook up a truck to them and take them someplace else on a whim?

    They need to come up with a new and more properly descriptive name.

    Dunno. maybe something more like "Tornado pucks"

    As for the lady. the answer is simple. Next time you go out. Back into her trailer

    either that or take some of those spike strips like the cops have or those things you see at airports that puncture all sorts of holes in your tires if you run over them and line the perimeter around your tornado puck with them

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