Well, Well, Well

  • It's a bit more serious up your way.

    It targets leftists.

    I shit you not. Its a LOT more serious up this way and it shows no political preferences.

    My Son works for FEMA and the Dept of Homeland Security.

    Good news is its become obvious that he is climbing the ladder in leaps and bounds. And he has gotten to do things, go places, and rub elbows with some folk that a lot of people dream about

    The bad news is the government now has him and his co workers working 10-12+ hours a day on this.

    While he doesnt and I get the feeling he cant tell me everything. I also get to hear a little bit of inside info what he can tell me as to whats going on. Also my wife still works at the hospital where I used to work

    I can tell you this.

    This aint no joke or hoax. And Im not saying this to be a ball buster. Hopefully you wont. But you will likely find out soon enough.

  • Staying home another week for a total of 4 weeks off. I go back on the 13th. They’re going to take our temp at the gate and make us wear masks.

    Backyard Commandos INC, HMFIC

    I disagree but I respect your right to be stupid.

    Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.

    It's hard for liberals with mental disorders to think that other people don't also have the same mental disorders. - Danneskjold 2018

  • hiya dred

    Governments rest on the consent of the governed, and that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish them at will whenever they become destructive of the ends for which they were established. - President Jefferson Davis

  • Yeah, the coast is full of yankee runaways. They are dragging it there.

    We retreated back to the swamp but it is what it is and it will kill far more leftists because the leftists are herd animals.

  • So Dred, where have you been? Why did you stay away for so damn long?

    Been doing and dealing with a bunch of things.

    On the down side

    A couple of folks here may remember I was having some IRL issues on the home front and a couple of other some issues here that needed more attention then I was giving and a few people that needed to be dealt with in a definitive way. Couple things I learned. Paybacks sometimes are worth it.

    And call it God or just plain old Karma Sometimes just watching someones life fall apart both by chance and their own hand can be very...satisfying.

    Also had to put down my Lab which really sucked.

    Thats the down side

    On the upside Ive largely been really REALLY busy with work. I have zero complaints about the Trump economy. Picked up a new/er work truck. Hired a few people, Helped a couple guys move on to bigger and better things, fired a few people. (couple interesting stories on that front)

    Saw my daughter through college

    Got a new lab.

    My son took me in a trip to Minnesota to a Vikings game the weekend before the 2016 election (interesting story there)

    Where we drank a LOT of beer and visited a LOT of bars. Keep in mind. Im not normally a big drinker. I plotted it all out and we walked about 10 miles just going from one bar to the next.

    Still seeing how long i can go without a cigarette. This July it will be 5 years. funny but there are still moments when I feel like I just stopped yesterday. but those cravings Dont seem to last long. or they last about as long untill the opportunity is there. Then I look at it and say.."naaa" and the craving goes away. the money Im saving on that alone is paying for my van as I was buying up to 3 packs a day...7 days a week. Do the math.
    Did a fair amount of camping, fishing, canoeing .

    Watched my son take off and really become his own man, get engaged and more recently married the beginning of March. The better of the two best weddings I have ever been too. Great wedding. Bad timing though as everything in his non professional life is on hold now. And his honeymoon will have to wait.

    Made a big push to pay off my house which has now been accomplished and now enables me to be able to move in any direction I wish. While far from wealthy. I can ease back a bit now if I so choose or do any number of other things.

    Really mostly work more then anything

    I havent even been flying.

  • Yeah, the coast is full of yankee runaways. They are dragging it there.

    We retreated back to the swamp but it is what it is and it will kill far more leftists because the leftists are herd animals.

    I think you are in for a really really rude awakening.

    That swamp aint likely gonna protect you.

  • Congrats on quitting smoking ....

    D9 fag

    If politicians only got paid according to their district's economic success, there would be no more Democrats.