• Mom, we found the brother I was looking for a while back. I had gotten information that he committed suicide in Alaska in 2006ish. That was bogus information, he is alive and well in Omaha NE and he tried to call me last night but I missed his call.

    One of my cousins (that my son found in 2012) called to tell me the news. She also told me that my biological mother has been found as well. I didn't get a whole lot of information about her other than her surname.

  • Life changing.

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  • At some point I will have to tell them Rex is gone and Cindy is a permanent ward of the state of Wisconsin. I'm not looking forward to that part.

    I was taken from my parents in 1965 at the ripe old age of two along with my older brother Alan (5) and younger brother Rex (1) due to severe neglect. I'm not sure how bad things had to be in '65 to warrant that kind of action by the State but it was a long time ago and I only have a couple of vague memories from that time so I choose to not hold that against them.

    He's gone, died in 2006 on the sidewalk at 34th and Leavenworth in Omaha NE from some sort of heart disease. I have his ashes, autopsy report and the few items he had in this world, mostly receipts, deposit slips, bills and such.

    My cousin Joy thought she'd spotted my mom at bingo but it was only one time a few years ago. Now I know she is alive and need more information. I haven't seen her since I was 5 and I'm 57 now. I haven't seen Alan since I was 9.

  • Wife has similar. Her and younger sister were put in the separate foster homes in 1976, (younger sister, 14, was raped the first night) Younger sister was eventually adopted by an upscale Jewish family elsewhere in Mass. New parents did not want her interacting with older sister who was a bad fluence, they lost track she never saw her again until after 911

  • Thanks to #1 we had a lead on my sister Cindy but unfortunately it didn't pan out.

    Saturday evening I talked with my brother Alan for about two hours. He found Cindy at one point and sent her a letter but she never replied. He found our father a few years before he passed and came away less than impressed with his alcoholism and selfishness. He would come home drunk and beat his wife for reasons known only to him.

    Our mother was no better and really wanted nothing to do with Alan. Alan was sent back to our parents 4 times and during one of those times he walked in the door to find our mom getting boned on the couch by a bus driver. (She was still married to our father at the time.) Her last known location was York NE and her name is Nancy Gonzalez now, although Mr Gonzalez passed a few years ago. She'd be 80 now if she's still with us (I think my cousin was overly optimistic in reporting her still being alive).

    Alan did not retire from the USN, he was active duty for 6 years as a "yellow shirt" on the USS Constellation. Now he regrets not retiring but he is a CNA in a local hospital and doing pretty well for himself. He married a good woman he says and she worked in health care also until she had an aneurysm.

    Alan said something that I hadn't really thought of before. Larry and Nancy could have provided better for us if they had chosen to do so. Nancy was more interested in getting fucked than she was in taking care of us, Larry was more interested in drinking and beating his wife than he was in taking care of us. By their attitudes and actions they robbed us of a normal childhood and family. They robbed us, deliberately, and in doing so they fucked us all up in one way or another.

    Alan was moved around more than any of us and as a result he learned to not make friends. I think it's probably going to be up to me to get any kind of relationship off the ground with him. I'm not saying he is opposed to a relationship because I don't think he is, but it will be up to me to maintain contact at least in the beginning.

    I'm looking forward to this and I have high hopes.

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