Good info on the coronavirus

  • China has lied from the start about the origins of the virus and the extent of the epidemic in their own country. They have disappeared those who have tried to speak out and warn others. So yeah, you're totes smart believing them.

    When other studies from other parts of the world show nearly the exact same results. And they do. You can believe them.

  • If any study correlates with a chinese study it only proves that they're ALL lying.

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  • I can get it if I wanted it but unless I'm advised by my Doc,not a chance I;m gonna take it. Blindness,renal failure and liver damage are just a few of the side effects,since I have cancer and I'm on a slow release chemo drug. I;ll wait until advised and then only if i test positive but like most Canuks I'm just staying the fuck at home.

    Definitely the way to go in a country with a first-world healthcare system.


  • MNN on 6/18/19

    "chump will assuredly lose 2020 barring an event that cancels the election - he just cant keep his scummy yankee mouth shut"

    MNN on 6/24/19

    Chump is going to tote an ass kicking nov 2020

    MNN on 11/14/19

    fact is it is within a year of the election, the Senate will not allow him to appoint her successor. Nov 2020 he will lose.

  • Well it is that time of the year. Not enough snow for the dogsled and not nice enough for the motorcycle.

    Havent you ever hooked up dogs to an old burnt out ATV? It's one solution to in-between times. Now when the ice isnt thick enough on the lakes,that can be a pain in the ass! I wanted one of those new fangled air boats but they are too expensive so I just tied 2 dogs to the front of the canoe and told them to fetch!:biggrin

  • No one has mentioned El Chumpo's and some of his cronies financial stake in the French company, Sanofi, that makes the anti-malaria drug. Could it be the reason why he is touting the treatment so much in the absence of medical fact the treatment is effective?

    as much as i hate chump - no, that is not it... plaquenil went generic ages ago, I know because my mom took it over 25 years. It is dirt cheap, available from many sources and can be produced as cheaply as a nickel a dose.

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