I think I discovered why so many people are dying in Italy

  • They're healthcare system sucks.

    It's because they only have about 5000 ventilators. I've been scouring the net trying to get a number and that's the only number I was able to find.

    We keep hearing how advanced Italy's healthcare system is and that despite that, they are overwhelmed. I'm thinking that the real reason they are overwhelmed is that they don't have anywhere near the number of supplies they need. Another example of social medicine. Meanwhile, the US has lots of everything and they're telling us to look at Italy's example and that "it's coming"

    Well, my theory is that the media is not going to be telling us that Italy just does't have the equipment and supplies.

    Remember this video?

    It looks like those people just have bags on their heads and that they're using pressurized air. That's supposed to be their wonderful healthcare.

  • keep on chanting "we have lots of everything" if that makes you feel safe and sleep at night.

    If we had "lots of everything" we wouldn't have had a shortage of testing kits, ventilators, gowns, masks, etc.

    “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official.”

  • https://www.pbs.org/newshour/h…-hospitals-at-virus-limit

    Earlier this week, an Italian group of ICU specialists hosted a video conference call involving some of the front-line personnel who were on duty when the first wave of patients started arriving over the weekend of Feb. 21.

    “Clearly we ran out of ventilators, masks … on Day 2,” said Dr. Pier Giorgio Villani, who was on duty in Lodi when Patient No. 1 was transferred from Codogno. “It was a big mess.”

  • keep on chanting "we have lots of everything" if that makes you feel safe and sleep at night.

    If we had "lots of everything" we wouldn't have had a shortage of testing kits, ventilators, gowns, masks, etc.

    I'll bet we have a shit ton more than anyone else. We have more resources than those socialist dumps.

  • keep on chanting "we have lots of everything" if that makes you feel safe and sleep at night.

    If we had "lots of everything" we wouldn't have had a shortage of testing kits, ventilators, gowns, masks, etc.

    I said we have more and better everything, not that we have lots of everything. In other words, Italy has 5000 ventilators, we have a million. Things they have, we have MORE of a Better equipment.

    We have more hospitals and we can come up with more places to treat people than they could dream of. They were asking for US military help. We haven't even begun to tap out potential to deal with this and they were dead after day two because they have a shit system, like all socialists do. Shit military and shit healthcare.

  • Italy's healthcare system isn't the reason why that country is overwhelmed. It's because the government didn't act fast enough to deal it's borders, by the time Italy did, it was too late.

    I know, you're going to say that Trump did, blah blah blah but again, you're just sipping out of the koolaid fountain. While flights originating out of China were banned, Chinese travelers or westerners leaving China on other airlines flying through Europe weren't. The Village Idiot's ban was like putting a band aid on an arterial wound to stop the massive bleeding.

    “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official.”

  • I didn't say anything about Trump. The fact is that Italy has over 9 percent mortality rate with this and I'm saying it's because they have a limited healthcare system ability. I'm saying we will not have close to that kind of mortality rate because we have a much better system.

  • And you are wrong. Italy doesn't have a limited health care system. Much like what is going on in some parts in this country, the system got overwhelmed. On top of that, Italy was caught flat footed and not prepared, just like this country was caught unprepared for an epidemic, let alone a pandemic like we are facing now.

    “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official.”

  • My bet is the germ has an easier time infecting aboriginals. As with every other crossover pathogen, the lack of genetic diversity encourages successful mutations.

    Most Italians are better than 50% spook. It's a trend that started before the Punic wars.

    It's nature's way of moving things along.

  • Boom! There's 39 MILLION N95 masks, all for $5 a piece to the union


    The union said it will be selling the masks to states, counties and hospitals for $5 apiece and claims it “has no financial interest in the transactions.”

    Similar N95 masks are available on the Home Depot website for $23.97 for a box of 20, or about $1.20 apiece.

  • The United States has shitty healthcare compared to the advanced European variety. Look at the UK. Where is Canada???

    We have about 200,00 ventilators. I know that we don't have enough of everything if this gets really bad, but we are many times better off than any other country that has limited healthcare due to socialism and "free" healthcare.

    The United States has the best and most capable healthcare system on the planet.


    As for the ventilators, we probably have more than 200,000. I'll bet that's MANY times the number any other country has. I'm also guessing that we have more than what these numbers suggest. I'm thinking we have military resources somewhere.

    Mechanical ventilators: Reports from ICUs worldwide suggest that the most common reason for COVID-19 patient admission to the ICU is severe hypoxic respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation.

    Supply of mechanical ventilators in U.S. acute care hospitals: Based on a 2009 survey of AHA hospitals, U.S. acute care hospitals are estimated to own approximately 62,000 full-featured mechanical ventilators.10,11 Approximately 46% of these can be used to ventilate pediatric and neonatal patients. Additionally, some hospitals keep older models for emergency purposes. Older models, which are not full featured but may provide basic functions, add an additional 98,738 ventilators to the U.S. supply.10 The older devices include 22,976 noninvasive ventilators, 32,668 automatic resuscitators, and 8567 continuous positive airway pressure units.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) and other ventilator sources: The SNS has an estimated 12,700 ventilators for emergency deployment, according to recent public announcements from National Institutes of Health officials.12 These devices are also not full featured but offer basic ventilatory modes. In simulation testing they performed very well despite long-term storage.13 Accessing the SNS requires hospital administrators to request that state health officials ask for access to this equipment. SNS can deliver ventilators within 24-36 hours of the federal decision to deploy them. States may have their own ventilator stockpiles as well.14 Respiratory therapy departments also rent ventilators from local companies to meet either baseline and/or seasonal demand, further expanding their supply. Additionally, many modern anesthesia machines are capable of ventilating patients and can be used to increase hospitals' surge capacity.

    The addition of older hospital ventilators, SNS ventilators, and anesthesia machines increases the absolute number of ventilators to possibly above 200,000 units nationally. Many of the additional and older ventilators, however, may not be capable of sustained use or of adequately supporting patients with severe acute respiratory failure. Also, supplies for these ventilators may be unavailable due to interruptions in the international supply chain. Alternatively, ventilator manufacturers could be encouraged to rapidly produce modern full-featured ventilators to allow experienced clinicians to use supplemental ventilators that are familiar to them and can be readily incorporated into the hospital ventilator fleet and informatics systems. An analysis of the literature suggests, however, that U.S. hospitals could absorb a maximum of 26,000 to 56,000 additional ventilators at the peak of a national pandemic, as safe use of ventilators requires trained personnel.15.


  • I hope you're right gg. But I know two doctors in hard-hit areas who say otherwise.

    Who do I trust? Doctors? One of whom I've known since I was a kid? Or somebody on the internet who's proven that they'll bend reality however they can to justify the Trump-cult?

    I hope you're taking precautions. I've been quarantined for two weeks... no plans to change that any time soon. We'll get the virus all in good time, but I will not have my family get sick during the first wave when our ICU capacity *will be* overwhelmed in some parts of the country. Not if I can help it.

    What concerns me is that the old people I know just aren't taking this seriously. Because they're all in the thrall of FoxNews, which has been downplaying the threat along with your Mango Messiah.

    There will be blood on Trump's hands when this is over. How many of his geriatric fans will die... based on his shitty advice?